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Nathan Cacka | What are your odds of being audited by the IRS?

Though the fear of an audit is great, the risk is actually extremely low. Fewer than 1 percent of Americans have their Federal taxes audited. In fact, the percentage has been declining recently due to Internal Revenue Service budget cuts. In 2016, just 0.7 percent of individual returns were audited (1 of every 143). That compares to 1.1 percent of individual returns in 2010.

Cheri Dudek | Beware the no authority gauntlet in your organization

A common trap we as leaders set for ourselves and our team is delegating responsibility without sufficient authority to be effective. I never felt more at the receiving end of this lose-lose scenario as when I was a school teacher responsible for so many young minds with expectations to reach standard, but very little authority (either with parents or with the system itself) to do what I believed would be most instrumental in real progress.

Todd Radwick | ‘Return of premium’ disability insurance forces saving

Disability insurance with a “return of premium” rider (ROP for short) is a type of insurance made to protect your income if you get sick or hurt and cannot work, but where you can get a 100 percent refund of all your premiums paid, typically at age 67, if you don’t have any claims.

Heidi Myers | A trusted banker is an orchardist’s best-kept secret

The agriculture industry is anything but predictable. Growers and packers must navigate unpredictable weather, volatile crop prices, changing consumer demand, international trade politics and much more. It is challenging to manage it all. However, every farmer needs a team member that can be counted on to help them through feast or famine – a trusted banker.

Cheri Dudek | A good leader knows how to listen

As humans, we want to be understood. As leaders, we often believe it is imperative that our team members understand us, because if they could just understand what we want and our point of view they would be as dedicated and passionate as we are toward our vision.

The downside to life, disability insurance

One huge downside to life and disability insurance is that it requires “insurability” to obtain it. This means you have to pass underwriting which could include medical exams, lab work, and with disability insurance financial documentation proving earned income.

Wineman’s Toast | WineGirl mellows into one of Manson’s finest

MANSON — Angela Jacobs skated into the world of winemaking wearing kneepads and a crash helmet. A decade after starting WineGirl Wines, Jacobs has mellowed a bit, along with her sure-footed presence in Lake Chelan’s burgeoning wine industry.

Time to celebrate accomplishments

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed. — Mia Hamm