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The downside to life, disability insurance

One huge downside to life and disability insurance is that it requires “insurability” to obtain it. This means you have to pass underwriting which could include medical exams, lab work, and with disability insurance financial documentation proving earned income.

Wineman’s Toast | WineGirl mellows into one of Manson’s finest

MANSON — Angela Jacobs skated into the world of winemaking wearing kneepads and a crash helmet. A decade after starting WineGirl Wines, Jacobs has mellowed a bit, along with her sure-footed presence in Lake Chelan’s burgeoning wine industry.

Five steps to success with new hires

Hiring and firing are two of the most challenging activities we do as leaders. It is in our best interest to do all we can do to assure we not only hire well, but are diligent and consistent in our onboarding process to foster short and long term success of our employees.

Internal control for small businesses catches fraud

We have all heard horror stories or read headlines regarding the 30-plus year bookkeeper, the disgruntled employee or the nephew who fell on hard times, each of which being charged with fraud, embezzlement or the like and the owner of the business was perplexed as to how something like this could have happened.

When fences don’t make good neighbors

Whether you own a house, an orchard or a shopping mall, you have neighbors. If you’re like the rest of us, you want to have good neighbors and you want to be a good neighbor. But, even with the best of intentions, conflicts between neighbors can arise.

Wineman’s Toast | Baroness Cellars makes its move

LEAVENWORTH — Whether you’re hiking, snowshoeing or simply browsing with the crowds of tourists in Leavenworth this winter — soon to be spring — you deserve a stop down the stairs to Baroness Cellars.

Success breeds complacency

This time of year, I start a lot of fires in our wood stove. When starting a new fire, as I am closing the door to the wood stove, the velocity of the airflow increases, creating turbulence in the firebox that promotes the growth of the fire.

Build up and maintain that trust account

At a recent speaking engagement, I shared a practice we do as part of our way of operating our business (EOS®) called Quarterly Check-ins. In a nutshell, I (and anyone with direct reports) have an informal off-site meeting with each of our direct reports. During this meeting, we share what’s working and what's not working.

Tech support scams are global threat

It’s not a matter of if you will become a target of computer technical support scammers, but when these scammers will try to victimize you. Thieves, many of whom are located in India, are using sophisticated advertising and carefully crafted sales techniques to scare consumers into buying phony fixes for their home and business computers. BBB warns consumers to be on the look-out for these scams so they can combat fraudsters.

A portrait of Gen X retirement saving

How would you guess Gen X is faring when it comes to retirement saving? Americans born between 1965 and 1980 are approaching what should be their peak income years, and many of them have actively contributed to workplace retirement plans, IRAs, and investment accounts. At the same time, Gen X is becoming the new “sandwich generation” — spending time and money to care for kids and aging parents at once.

Time to throw out the carrot and stick

Many leaders struggle with how to effectively motivate their team. Why can’t they be more like me? Where can I find motivated people?

Here’s what the Legislature’s Hirst fix means

A long-awaited fix to the 2016 Washington State Supreme Court decision, Whatcom County v. Hirst, et al, (“the Hirst decision”), Senate Bill 6091 was signed by Governor Inslee on Jan. 20. The Hirst fix is a result of a bipartisan compromise by the state Legislature to secure water rights for rural development while investing $300 million on water conservation projects throughout the state.