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Charitable giving gives back to businesses in many ways

Giving back not only feels good, but it can also be good business. Many companies and business leaders see charitable giving as a benchmark of success when they have the resources to give back to the community.

Knowing your diurnal rhythms

A common trait of a successful businessperson is their ability to play to their strengths. Yes, they are constantly trying to improve their weaknesses as well, but the focus is on leveraging strengths.

Employers should take steps to prevent sexual harassment

Since Anita Hill brought the issue of sexual harassment to our national attention during her testimony regarding allegations against Clarence Thomas in 1991, many a powerful person has been accused of using position and power to harass others in the workplace. Decades after Hill’s testimony and Bill Clinton’s re-defining of the word “is,” sexual harassment allegations are surging.

Cyber security tips for businesses

Data breaches are a common occurrence with even the most secure companies being infiltrated and we have to hope these places are protecting our personal information.

Invest time in planning for higher education

Today, a post-secondary education is a minimum requirement for most high-skilled occupations and many parents expect their children to continue schooling after age 18. Unfortunately, the nationwide average cost of a college education continues to rise more quickly than the rate of inflation. Costs for trade and technical schools are also on the rise.

How to strengthen a nonprofit’s internal controls

In small organizations, internal controls are often sacrificed for the sake of delivering quality services. This is especially true for cost-conscious, small nonprofit organizations. However, ignoring internal controls is very risky and should never be completely abandoned regardless of how small an organization.

Wineman’s Toast | La Toscana rescue coming to fruition

Our La Toscana Vineyard rescue program went well over the summer months. Since writing about my effort to recruit some amateur winemakers to revive the half-acre vineyard near Dryden, a few of us have done well in bringing it back to life while teaching each other what we know and learning through doing.

Employee cell phone use for work could mean overtime

Employers in today’s modern world face a variety of legal issues relating to the use of smartphones and other mobile devices in the workplace whether the employer provides the mobile device or the employee is using her own device to perform work for the employer.

Rural issues coming into focus

It’s a familiar story. Young people grow up in a small town, graduate from high school, go away to college and never come back, at least not to stay.

Small business means big impact

Small businesses may seem small, but they have an enormous impact in local communities as well as the U.S. economy. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, creating two out of every three new jobs each year.

Washington meal breaks: A win for employers

On June 29, 2017, the Washington Supreme Court issued its decision in Brady v AutoZone Stores, Inc on how Washington’s meal breaks regulation should be applied.