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For the Record | Building permits

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Chelan County

Nov. 1

135 Holdings LLC/Rory Turner, 135 N. Wenatchee Ave., $50,000, new office and retail space in existing structure

Margaret L. Maynard, 1635 Rainier St., no valuation, residential elevation certificate

Steel Structures America, Inc., 412 Union Valley Road, Chelan, $40,500, accessory structure

Axis Construction, 34 Purtteman Gulch Road, Chelan, $30,375, accessory structure

Eastern Washington Construction, Inc. 401 Ridgewood Drive, Manson, $109,207, single-family residence

Patio Pools of Chelan, LLC, 18135 River Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, pool/spa

Nov. 2

David Rodstol Inc., 12 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, commercial renovation — demolition

Harper Homes, LLC, 87 Dusty Lane, Malaga, $118,810, single-family residence

Nov. 5

Aurelios and Rosa Garibay, 1015 Cherry St., $1,000, rebuild exterior stairs

Judy Hunter, 719 Kittitas St., no valuation, residential re-roof

Lexar Homes Wenatchee, 83 Earl Lane, Monitor, $125,137, single-family residence

Lopez Design, LLC, 25714 Camp 12 Road, Leavenworth, $64,896, single-family residence

Newell Family LLC, 19115 Chiwawa Loop Road, Leavenworth, $15,000, new construction

Bradley S. and Tammy Savage, 7543 Colockum Road, Malaga, no valuation, mobile home

Western Ranch Buildings, LLC, 4326 Ivan Morse Road, Manson, $15,480, accessory structure

Nov. 6

Local Tel Federal Building LLC, 301 Yakima St., no valuation, building mounted sign

Randall H. and Beau H. Koshiol, 543 Chrisand Lane, no valuation, gas piping and appliance

Thomas J. Taylor, 4337 Searles Road, Malaga, $192,224, single-family residence

Nov. 7

Casa De Miller LLC, 1118 N. Miller St., no valuation, commercial sign

Elbia and Omar Mora, 814 Ferry St., $19,299, remodel single-family residence

David L. Page, 627 Yakima St., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Geoffrey Bullis, 718 Cherry Court, no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Nov. 8

Wenatchee Valley College, 1300 Fifth St., $380,000, chiller and cooling tower replacement

Richard C. Bliggenstorfer et al, 616 Meadows Drive, no valuation, flood elevation certificate

Betty I. Avery et al, 1220 Cherry St., no valuation, residential re-roof

Triple P Orchard, 17 Miller Road, Chelan, $187,187, single-family residence

Beazley Construction, 2175 Summit Blvd., Manson, $378,254, single-family residence

Nov. 9

Brenna J. Thomason, 815 Monroe St., no valuation, gas line installation

Michael T. and Paige E. Thurman, 19290 Westside Drive, Leavenworth, $84,533, accessory structure

Steel Structures America, Inc., 315 Henderson Road, Chelan, $33,024, accessory structure

Barn Pros Construction, LLC, 4284 Old Monitor Road, Cashmere, no valuation, mechanical

Lexar Homes Wenatchee, 4768 Brisky Canyon Road, Cashmere, $171,495, single-family residence

Nov. 13

Aubree Pottorff, 1116 Cherry St., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Robert F. Regelin, 414 Pearl St., no valuation, egress window

Black Forest Finishing, 962 Matthews Road, $111,864, single-family residence

Brian R. and Lacee Pahlow, 1989 Sleepy Hollow Road B, $68,267, accessory dwelling unit

Powder River Development Services, LLC, 151 Balsamroot Lane, Cashmere, $20,000, addition/alteration

Axelson Construction, LLC, 21806 Colt Road, Leavenworth, $18,576, accessory structure

Western Ranch Buildings, LLC, 2225 Sleepy Hollow Heights, $27,000, accessory structure

Stanley and Robin Engler, 11751 North Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, plumbing

Stanley and Robin Engler, 11751 North Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Nov. 14

Scott T. and Christy M. Hensrude, 625 S. Wenatchee Ave., $200,000, office and workspace

Wenatchee Housing LLP, 1545 S. Mission St., $10,000,000, 67-unit apartment building

Kevin B. and Gina M. Mulhall, 600 Ramona Ave., no valuation, replacing wood stove

Prestigious Patios, LLC, 312 Clos Chevalle Road, Chelan, no valuation, pool/spa

Prestigious Patios, LLC, 312 Clos Chevalle Road, Chelan, $30,327, accessory structure

Stacia and Garret Brown, 189 Growers Lane, Manson, $166,537, single-family residence

Muleshoe Properties LLC c/o Brant Pierce, 12605 Wilson St., Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Nov. 15

George D. Rohrbach, 1131 Ninth St., $22,724, patio cover/carport

Gregory S. and Jodi R. Cowell, 24 Mackenzie Way, Chelan, $160,128, single-family residence

CMH Homes, Inc., 3855 Selfs Motel Road, Monitor, no valuation, mobile home

Nov. 16

Dennis S. and Sharron J. Johnson, 211 Fifth St., no valuation, backflow

Mission 411 LLC, 411 N. Chelan Ave. Unit A, no valuation, commercial backflow

Erin J. Bergin and Margaret Neighbors, 306 Marie Ave., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Dale Penk, 15817 River Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, mobile home

Nov. 19

Chris Loeken et al, 1219 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, miscellaneous inspection

Complete Design, 4301 Knowles Road, $357,937, single-family residence

Axelson Construction, LLC, 18217 Sunland Drive, Leavenworth, $93,684, single-family residence

Derek and Lana E. Carlson, 5074 Upper Hedges Road, $20,250, accessory structure

Erik Van Eaton and Amy Morris, 19501 State Road, Leavenworth, $147,528, single-family residence

Nov. 20

City of Wenatchee, 140 S. Mission St., $50,000, non-bearing wall removal

Erin Andrade, 2247 Ashley Brooke, no valuation, complete airhandler unit

One-Way Construction NW, Inc., 149 Clos Chevalle Road, Chelan, $260,416, single-family residence

Marc Flack, 18033 Nason Ridge Road, Leavenworth, $28,454, accessory structure

Nov. 21

MRT Properties LLC, 200 S. Columbia St., $200,000, tenant improvement

MRT Properties LLC, 200 S. Columbia St., no valuation, plumbing upgrades

Zach and Linda Keller, 12245 S. Lakeshore Road No. 5, Chelan, $6,653, accessory structure

Rookard Custom Pool, LLC, 110 Via Vista Lane, Chelan, no valuation, pool/spa

Rookard Custom Pool, LLC, 340 Hawks Meadow Road, Chelan, no valuation, pool/spa

Nov. 26

Porters Real Estate 1 LLC, 153 Easy St., $63,000, exterior remodel and bathroom addition

Jennifer L. and Darryl E. Pittman, 535 Swanson Gulch Road, Manson, no valuation, mechanical

Jon and Jennifer Robinson, 2631 Cottonwood Lane, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Nov. 27

Gavin Nicholas et al, 2057 Braodcrest Court, $306,249, single-family residence

Edward Felty et al, 408 S. Franklin Ave., no valuation, re-roof — sheeting

John J. Vaccaro, 14506 Morning Sun Drive, Chelan, $63,180, accessory structure

Christopher Wall, 308 Evergreen Drive, Cashmere, no valuation, mechanical

Nov. 28

Stemilt Growers LLC, 3135 Warehouse Road, $825,000, structure modification for packing line

Luis A. Nunez, 420 Douglas St., $14,667, family room addition

Ryan C. and Emily R. Morgan, 19 Harrison St., no valuation, wood stove

Nov. 29

Port of Chelan County, 434 Olds Station Road, $1,500,000, building modifications/plating lab

Justin C. and Holly J. Pickens et al, 1012 First St., $6,093, remodel and adding apartment in garage

Nov. 30

Start Again LLC, 219 S. Wenatchee Ave., $15,000, demising partitions — basement

Numerica Credit Union, 812 N. Wenatchee Ave., $2,400,000, new banking center

Danny B. Salas, 747 S. Chelan Ave., $50,000, residential remodel

Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, 1584 Pitcher Canyon Road, no valuation, mechanical


Douglas County

Nov. 1

Jesus Capi, 1385 3rd Street N.E., $54,682, addition to existing residence

Jessup Home Design Inc., 2777 N.W. Arlenes Court, $272,230, single-family residence

Jessup Home Design Inc., 2784 N.W. Arlenes Court, $409,745, single-family residence

Nov. 2

Kim and Susan R. Wohlhueter, 5009 N.W. Cascade Ave., $47,601, barn

Blake G. and Karla L. Edwards, 2022 Autumn Place, $7,000, LPG Fireplace and tank installation

Aaron Joes Construction LLC, 899 S. Lamplight Lane, $301,592, single-family residence

Roger and Stephanie Funston, 22 Pine Grove Road, Orondo, $574,172, single-family residence

DJ Custom Homes Inc., 453 Spruce Court N.W., $270,398, single-family residence

Nov. 5

Joseph and Tamara L. Baity, 1981 Road D. N.W., Waterville, $38,676, garage/shop

Nov. 6

Michael A. Lackner, 1766 Highway 174, Grand Coulee, $73,219, garage/shop addition

Nov. 7

Speidel Property, 176 Grant Road, no valuation, mechanical permit

Jose and Emily Lemus, 2524 Sunset Highway, $5,620, deck

Robert Cumming, 24 Ivy Lane, Orondo, $607,878, single-family residence renewal

Sage Homes LLC, 2291 S. Mystical Loop, $189,330, single-family residence

Nov. 8

Pinnacle Custom Builders Inc., 2590 Fancher Landing, $327,003, single-family residence

Nov. 9

Plateau Mini-Storage And More, 25 Beacon Drive, $121,748, mini storage facility

Alyanse Properties LLC, 2307 N.W. Alan Ave., $3,000, addition of egress window

Nov. 14

Kissler Enterprises Limited Partnership/Norco, 360 Rock Island Road, $1,216,257, Norco distribution center

Danielle and Jeffrey Kayler, 2296 Canyon Hills Drive, $21,076, covered patio

Nov. 15

Harvey and Linda Buntin, 76 Barber Road, Orondo, $134,133, detached accessory dwelling

Dennis Kirby and Brandon Parker, 2830 Mikayla Lane, $30,756, joint use dock

Carolyn F. Black, 401 23rd St. N.E., $26,820, retaining wall

Nov. 16

A Plus Construction LLC, 29 McElmurry Lane N.E., $21,817, manufactured home and detached garage

Nov. 19

Lyle and Priscilla C. Moore, 2580 3rd St. N.E., $5,500, LPG tank and line

Teresa Marshall and David and Colleen Miller, 2416 8th St. S.E., $40,000, new manufactured home

Nov. 20

Double D Vineyards LLC, 415 Pond Lane, Orondo, $920,813, rocky pond venue/pavilion

Timberwood Homes LLC, 863 S. Lamplight Lane, $405,138, single-family residence

Nov. 21

Van Lith Developments, Inc., 4886 Hurst Landing Road, $488,915, single-family residence

Nov. 26

Paul R. and Brandi J. Larson, 2018 N. Baker Ave., $8,000, install LPG tank and fireplace

Nov. 27

Phil Satterfield, 626 13th St. N.E., no valuation, mechanical permit

Robert A. Bossen, 142 25th St. N.W., $35,700, garage/shop

Nov. 28

Chapel of the Valley LLC, 378 Eastmont Ave., no valuation, demolition of single-family residence

Tyler and Lacey Crockett, 1740 Country Club Drive, no valuation, mechanical permit

Nov. 29

Patrick and Julie A. McCall, 18 Howes Landing Road, Orondo, $49,584, pole building

Patrick and Julie A. McCall, 18 Howes Landing Road, Orondo, $79,334, pole building

Nov. 30

Chamberlin Distributing Inc., 3845 5th St. N.E., Bldg. A, $955,002, Chamberlin distributing main office

John Botts and Howard Carlson, 180 North Shore Drive, Orondo, $34,346, joint use dock

Jorge and Lorena Sanchez, 4200 N.W. Cascade Ave., $70,300, heated swimming pool