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Chelan County commercial sales

Dec. 4

Gellatly Family Office Property LLC and Bruce A. and Janet Rae Gellatly, 22 N. Chelan Ave. and 11 Adams Ave. (two parcels), Wenatchee, $615,000, sold to Mitchell, Reed & Schmitten, Inc.

Dec. 6

Eric R. Worthen, 203 S. Division St. 1, Cashmere, $295,850, sold to Nordic Vistas LLC

Dec. 20

TIAA FSB DBA Everbank, 1904 Northwood Road, Wenatchee, $210,002, sold to Jon R. Picard

Dec. 27

Renderfrance I LLC, 213 N. Mission St., Wenatchee, $750,000, sold to Cigroup LLC et al

Dec. 28

Donald P. Huber, 445 N. Mission St., Wenatchee, $416,500, sold to EN Investments LLC

Christopher J. Mussen, 212 S. Mission St., Wenatchee, $195,000, sold to Saddle Rock Property LLC

Dec. 31

Huldreich and Lin Schmid, 11775 Highway 2, Leavenworth, $490,000, sold to Alder Holdings LLC


Chelan County residential sales

Dec. 1

Lyle Stewart and Erin Wylie-Stewart, 5715 Airport Road, Cashmere, $600,000, sold to Sean and Rainie Whitesitt

Dec. 3

Hauff Orchards LLC, Property ID 30910, Jeske Road, Peshastin, $613,000, sold to Corporation of the Catholic Bishop of Yakima

Mario C. and Jacklyn D. Johnson, 1740 Central Ave. F, Wenatchee, $325,000, sold to Joseph Alinzo and Carole Stone

Dale and Lesil Lehrman, 407 Oregon St. 122, Wenatchee, $99,500, sold to Nicholas W. Sowle

Judy Styles, 1121 Splett St., Wenatchee, $395,000, sold to Carl and Tamara R. Christiansen

Dec. 4

McIntyre Family Trust, 11144 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $495,000, sold to Keith A. Von Vreckin

Fred L. and Janet Sharp, 322 Highpoint Place, Chelan, $870,000, sold to Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Trust

Mitchell R. and Karla J. Hanan, 413 Allison St., Wenatchee, $530,000, sold to Allen Creek and Ann Fleming

Dec. 5

Andrew P. Big Bull, 2116 Orchard Ave., Wenatchee, $320,000, sold to Jared and Jannetta Meharry

Gene Kent, 16080 River Road, Leavenworth, $687,000, sold to Chris and Brook Nunn

Ken Lamb, 848 Kittitas St., Wenatchee, $219,500, sold to Karin and Lee Bloomquist

Dec. 6

Shelli Hansen, 320 N. Garfield Ave., Wenatchee, $233,000, sold to Mitchell W. and Sarah L. Butler

Robert L. Landon, 2622 Indy Lane, Wenatchee, $317,000, sold to Carol F. Gemkow

Carolyn Hope, 22213 Arabian Lane, Leavenworth, $125,000, sold to Christopher N. and Angela M. Stay

Specter Equities LLC, 110 S. Water St., Chelan, $616,500, sold to Kathleen A. Ferrier

David M. and Mary J. Corrigan, 112 S. Emerson Ave., Wenatchee, $580,000, sold to Andrew and Connie Toth

Debi A. Clark, 827 S. Bradley St., Chelan, $245,000, sold to Thomas Funk and Andrea White

Cherilyn Sencenbaugh, 331 Cascade St., Leavenworth, $485,000, sold to George G. Fletcher III

Dec. 7

Toby Kilbourn, 1318 Ninth St., Wenatchee, $230,000, sold to Heidi R. Larsen

Douglas W. and Debra J. Kunzman, 19589 Nason Road, Lake Wenatchee, $402,700, sold to Margaret Cunningham

Dec. 8

Jeri D. and Steven L. Cole, 3019 Memory Lane, Leavenworth, $120,000, sold to Charles A. and Susan V. Zimmerman

Dec. 9

Robert F. Busk Jr. and Heidi M. Busk, 119 Long Drive, Chelan, $785,000, sold to Douglas W. and Rebeca S. Stubsten

Dec. 10

Pamela G. Isaminger, 1535 Castlerock Ave. 13, Wenatchee, $139,500, sold to Karen Johnson

Dec. 11

Joseph J. Sauer and Julie N. Brumleve JTROS, 1343 Fairhaven Ave., Wenatchee, $339,900, sold to Samantha Littrell and Cody Martinez

C & C Investment Properties LLC, 1726 Ninth St., Wenatchee, $324,000, sold to Bettyjean Schweitzer

Michael J. Strutzel, 3949 Ayers Road, Monitor, $160,000, sold to Tamera A. Jones

Robert G. and Jacqueline M. Wilt, 1310 Easy St., Wenatchee, $2,250,000, sold to Mark C. McBride Trustee

Dion Gotti et al, 2003 Broadway North, Wenatchee, $535,000, sold to Andrew and Camille Canning

Daniel Speer, 2109 Sage St., Entiat, $170,100, sold to Michael and Stephanie Greening

Gerald A. McClellan, 2955 Manson Blvd., Manson, $275,000, sold to James Curtis McClellan

Jonathan M. Flores Zapata and Lenda P. Gutierrez, 1201 Summer Hill Place, Wenatchee, $400,000, sold to Perry and Hannah Azevedo et al

John Howard Linder, 1916 Lion Place, Wenatchee, $360,000, sold to Ruben and Kimberly Ornelas

Dec. 12

Betty A. Strong, 404 Valley View Drive, Cashmere, $385,000, sold to Toby Lee Johnson

Paul D. Darrow Jr., Property ID 34503, $635,000, sold to Douglas W. and Debra J. Kunzman

KLN Property Investments LLC, 20 Dietrich Road, Chelan, $450,000, sold to Bret A. Henry

Anh D. Nguyen, 1206 Gossman Lane, Wenatchee, $334,250, sold to Mark E. Haugan

Stacy J. Speer, 406 Mission Creek Road, Cashmere, $250,000, sold to Jordin L. Swallow

Dec. 13

Matthew D. Johnston, 1103 Madison St., Wenatchee, $275,000, sold to Lisa A. Baker

Henry W. and Ellyn M. Parkins, 510 Cedar St., Leavenworth, $369,000, sold to Maximillian A. Kyllonen

James M. Lyness, 2111 Sage St., Entiat, $239,000, sold to Jodi K. and Joseph Savoie

Dennis E. Walcker, 322 W. Woodin Ave. 712, Chelan, $140,000, sold to JTC Investment Holdings LLC

Michael P. Bradburn et al, 21279 Beaver Valley Road, Lake Wenatchee, $290,000, sold to Richard A. Mecke

Kevin J. and Janine E. Sanford, 386 Porcupine Lane, Chelan, $1,000,000, sold to Downtime Chelan LLC

Dec. 14

Rudy A. Joya, 105 Parkhill St., Cashmere, $340,000, sold to Darin and Jacqueline Eversaul

Randy Borman, 85 Willow Point Road, Manson, $740,000, sold to Philip W. Tracey Trustee

Evan W. Picton, 220 Antles Ave. 112, Wenatchee, $167,500, sold to Cari L. Vereb

Robert Frankhouser and Tamy Rayfield, 5550 Pine Flats Loop Road, Dryden, $133,887, sold to Robert Frankhouser

Patrick and Desilee Valeri, 912 Pioneer Ave., Cashmere, $430,000, sold to Davis J. and Laura J. Halle

Kyle W. Peer, 405 E. Chelan Ave., Chelan, $355,000, sold to Kevin J. Sanford

Dec. 17

Charles M. and Lindsay D. Quiroz, 1246 Millerdale Ave., Wenatchee, $225,000, sold to Juan J. Castaneda

James and Patricia Oddie, 2115 Avenida Way, Wenatchee, $305,000, sold to Leonard J. and Molly E. Caruso

Ralph and Gayle Johnston, 65 Helios Hills Lane, Manson, $820,000, sold to Craig and Jill Sjolin

Elsa I. Godinez, 206 Saratoga Lane, Malaga, $255,500, sold to Francisco J. Montes and Olga M Alvarez

April J. Velilla, 13555 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $150,000, sold to Michael and Sandra Culver

Dec. 18

Rodney K. Logan Trustee, 1904 Aspen Creek Lane, Wenatchee, $339,500, sold to Michael and Linda Day

Bryan Robert Ishida, 103 Julie Ann Court, Cashmere, $245,000, sold to Nicholas and Sharon Ruffer

Derril A. Lamb, 18700 Highway 2, Lake Wenatchee, $587,700, sold to Stephen and Angela Halsey

Kenneth R. Howard Personal Representative, 18595 Karl Road, Lake Wenatchee, $218,000, sold to Rudolfo D. and Brennan M. Sias

Dec. 19

Mark Delise and Delphina V. Delise, 9325 Olalla Canyon Road, Cashmere, $180,000, sold to Santos Acevedo and Maria Mendoza

R. Brent and Cinda Faulkner, 397 Lars Lane, Wenatchee, $89,117, sold to Donald Lee and Linda Jane Rollings

Stumpf Farms Inc., 3272 School St., Wenatchee, $894,000, sold to Washington Sunnyslope Apartments I LLC

Clinton J. Fillman, 8660 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $450,000, sold to Icicle Road LLC

Peter Sanborn et al, 9610 Eagle Creek Road, Leavenworth, $475,000, sold to Lori J. Way

Jon and Carrie Bendokas, 20687 Miracle Mile, Leavenworth, $670,000, sold to Kenneth and Janelle Brown

Ronald Bruce Lee, 676 Circle St., Wenatchee, $526,000, sold to TL Nissi Enterprises LLC

Anita G. Janis, 1711 Toaimnic Drive, Wenatchee, $345,000, sold to Lauren Reinhart

Dec. 20

Van and Corrina Gideon, 3140 Bermuda St., Malaga, $589,000, sold to David Hutsell and Maya Wiest

William Dorsey and Barbara Leming, 2106 Sage St., Entiat, $158,300, sold to Michael Smith

Michelle M. Demmert and George G. Fletcher III, 10595 Merry Canyon Road, Leavenworth, $372,000, sold to Gabrielle Page and Phillip Lehmann

Patrick F. Sprauer, 420 S. Wilson St., Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to Susan S. Burgoon

Mary A. Loomis, 1103 Okanogan Ave., Wenatchee, $306,000, sold to Bret S. Mulholland

Sascha A. Smith, 742 Cascade St., Wenatchee, $230,000, sold to Jose A. Mendoza et al

Lovitt Mining Co. Inc., 2780 Methow St. and Property ID 57748, Methow St. (two parcels), Wenatchee, $24,000 (boundary line adjustment), sold to Edward Hillman

Dec. 21

Karen L. Garrett, 1833 Jefferson St., Wenatchee, $355,000, sold to Silias J. and Jamie L. Hilliard

Ronald L. and Nicole M. Lyman, 935 Vassar Ave., Wenatchee, $256,000, sold to Ana A. and Ana Manzano Urias

Thomas A. Coleman, 17960 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $184,000, sold to Zachary A. Muhly

Gilbert E. Yost, 1222 Leanne Place, Wenatchee, $295,000, sold to Richard D. and Gail L. Trimble

Joseph C. Simonet, 2634 Union Valley Road, Chelan, $300,000, sold to Zach Holder and Dana Kimbell

Dec. 26

Michelle M. Key, 505 Birch St., Wenatchee, $130,500, sold to Brie C. Key Darlington, Michelle M. Key and Dorian Shapiro

Jay D. Hauger and Christine L. Trigg, 200 Joseph St. 301, Leavenworth, $475,000, sold to Maury E. and Tina Sachsenmaier

Michael and Carie Lawrence, 3015 Memory Lane, Lake Wenatchee, $245,000, sold to Dannielle and Landon Oslanski

Jose I. Lopez and Veronica M. Tamayo-Rodriguez, 800 Kittitas St., Wenatchee, $235,000, sold to Christine Trigg and Jay D. Hauger

Heinz and Janis Ebert, 95 Riverfront Drive, Cashmere, $402,500, sold to Craig and Bonnie Dodge Trustees

Dec. 27

Dale L. Strom, 1005 Lindy St., Wenatchee, $140,000, sold to Miguel and Elizabeth Cardenas

Vivian S. Berg, 1834 Heritage Drive, Wenatchee, $369,000, sold to Sandra Sturtz

Dennis Lillis, 7569 Highway 97, Peshastin, $260,140, sold to Dorian J. and Jenifer L. Blanchard and Lesli J. and Richard L. Bergren

E. Louise Mahugh, 911 Idaho St., Wenatchee, $311,000, sold to Robert T. Jansen

Matthew Dolan, 1350 Cranmer Road, Wenatchee, $75,000, sold to Timothy J. Sparling

Don L. and Kathleen A. Files, 451 Cherry Lane, Wenatchee, $198,000, sold to Alexandredavid S. St. John

Dec. 28

Dan and Delaine Tyner et al, 24618 Spur St., Leavenworth, $301,500, sold to Shannon Martin and Eric Swanson

Thomas J. Halverson and Kathleen MacPherson, 580 Ivan Morse Road, Manson, $515,000, sold to Ron E. and Diana R. Gustafson

Thomas P. and Kathryn R. Hickey, 9285 S. Lakeshore Road and Property ID 48966, Old Granite Falls Road (two parcels), Chelan, $260,000, sold to Laurence Noclain and Steen Ostenson

Douglas Stewart, 1153 Appleland Drive, Wenatchee, $380,000, sold to Jacob N. and Kasandra L. Gillaspie

Andrew L. Toth Jr. and Connie E. Toth, 1024 Columbine St., Wenatchee, $395,000, sold to Roselynn Gentles and Fandhi Irawan

EXR LLC, 1141 Cranmer Road, Wenatchee, $10,000, sold to Omar and Cristal Ornelas

Springwater Homes LLC, 181 Burch View Lane, Wenatchee, $825,000, sold to Robert G. and Jacqueline M. Wilt

Donald M. and Susan L. Taylor, Property ID 66790, W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $124,000, sold to Sunset Marina LLC

SSM Forty Investment Inc., Property ID 66824, W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $185,000, sold to Donald M. and Susan L. Taylor

Margaret M. Adams, 1904 Wellington Place, Wenatchee, $255,000, sold to Robert Brooks and Janice Ramirez

NBS Properties LLC, 212 Perry St. A, Cashmere, $220,000, sold to Daniel C. and Sarah J. Scott

Dec. 29

Mark T. and Dawn M. Cundy, 428 Porcupine Lane, Chelan, $670,000, sold to Daniel and Dana Mumme

Dec. 31

Randy and Patricia Strawn, 3797 Knowles Road, Wenatchee, $350,000, sold to Francis and Michele St. Dennis

U.S. Bank N.A. as Trustee c/o Citi Mortgage, 291 Ski Hill Drive, Leavenworth, $376,596, sold to Jesse H. Boyd

Nicholas W. Willson, Property ID 34663, Nason Ridge Road, Lake Wenatchee, $105,000, sold to Christopher J. and Kahla M. Perry

Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc., 313 Village Drive, Manson, $459,000, sold to Robert S. and Margaret E. Thornton

Ricky A. Strickland Jr., 904 S. Miller St., Wenatchee, $228,616, sold to Stearns Lending LLC

Richard and Rebecca Allen, 513 Ross Ave., Wenatchee, $249,000, sold to Denis L. Rollins

Bruce Bergey, 1059 Poplar Ave., Wenatchee, $221,500, sold to Brian and Diane Sand


Chelan County land sales

Dec. 4

Pinedale Ranch LLC, 207 and 250 Pinedale Lane and Property ID 66610, Stemilt Loop Road (three parcels), Wenatchee, $1,188,400, 61.64 acres, sold to KMO Holdings LLC

Triple P Orchard, 17 Miller Road, Chelan, $120,000, 2.22 acres, sold to Joseph B. and Emily J. Britton

Tyee L. and Amber N. Zacher, 105 Hassan St., Cashmere, $115,000, 0.36 acres, sold to Levi and Andrea Heyen

Pinedale Ranch LLC and Stanton D. and Viola E. Shiflett, Property ID 67574, $1,188,400, 19.68 acres, sold to KMO Holdings LLC

Dec. 5

G. Grant Fletcher III and Michelle M. Demmert, 157 Sundog Lane, Leavenworth, $265,000, 2.64 acres, sold to Eva S. Westerlind Trustee

Richard L. Pipkin, 6418 Hay Canyon Road, Cashmere, $50,000, 5 acres, sold to Nichlas and Sara M. Pipkin

Carolyn Lee Johnson et al Trustees, 554 Cloudless Drive, Manson, $110,000, 0.28 acres, sold to Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc.

Donald M. and Ann V. Frothingham et al, Property ID 50549, Windy Ridge Lane, Chelan, $139,500, 15.99 acres, sold to Michael W. and Theresa L. Koens

Dec. 7

Richard C. and Julie M. Ryan Trustees, 5135 Vista Heights Place, Cashmere, $200,000, 1.12 acres, sold to Ronald and Tracy Franklin

Anthony T. and Janelle Kevin, Property ID 35508, Highway 2 and 79 Graham Lane (two parcels — boundary line adjustment), Leavenworth, $10,000, 11.65 acres, sold to Yvette M. Nameth

Timothy E. Ong et al, 26103 Bronco Lane, Leavenworth, $43,000, 0.3 acres, sold to Joseph and Kris King

Crystal Acquisitions LLC, 147 and 151 Waterview Drive, Chelan, $335,000, 1.82 acres, sold to Rodney L. and Carolyn I. Anderson Trustees

SQ Forest Resource LLC, Property ID 67263, Alder Creek Road, Leavenworth, $123,000, 9 acres, sold to Ryan and Dani Showalter

Dec. 10

Prusik Investments LLC, 225 Pinegrass St., Leavenworth, $129,900, 0.15 acres, sold to Kirk and Jenny Pesce

Dec. 11

Patrick and Lucille Green, 10010 Eagle Creek Road, Leavenworth, $110,000, 7.77 acres, sold to Marshall T. Baxter

Shelly Keen, 22135 Appaloosa Lane, Lake Wenatchee, $35,000, 0.23 acres, sold to Preston and Tosha R. Mackness

Dec. 12

Donald M. and Ann V. Frothingham et al, Property ID 50550 and 62829, Union Valley Road, (two parcels), Chelan, $200,000, 23.41 acres, sold to Edwin A. and Cherry L. Fallon

Robert W. Sessous, 1000 Highway 150 37, Manson, $89,900, 0.06 acres, sold to Lawrence J. and Yvonne K. English

Dec. 13

Whiskey Ranch LLC, 157 Dietrich Road, Chelan, $135,000, 0.99 acres, sold to Zuluaga Family LLLP

Dec. 14

Glen and Shelly Stefanko, 12364 Ingalls Creek Road, Peshastin, $157,000, 5.2 acres, sold to Jamie T. Bellian

Eastern Washington Construction Inc., 559 Village Drive, Manson, $290,000, 0.1 acre, sold to Maite Molina and Ana Martinez

Kevin M. and Kaila S. Brownlee, 264 Sunny Meadows Loop, Wenatchee, $516,500, 0.43 acres, sold to David and Shayne T. Rennie

Joseph V. Matt, Property ID 34557, Highway 2, Leavenworth, $20,280, 2.69 acres, sold to Michael and Theresa Pinneo et al

Dec. 17

David A. and Tammy L. Robertson, 18970 Highway 2, Leavenworth, $73,000, 1.07 acres, sold to Psymunhys LLC

Dec. 18

Susan L. Raley, 3188 Hansel Lane, Peshastin, $33,500, 7.06 acres, sold to Ramona M. Norton

Dec. 20

Jim M. Feiten, 2345 A Albin Drive, Entiat, $40,000, 0.26 acres, sold to Coleman Sherman Real Estate Investments LLC

Dec. 21

James B. Carver, 140 Tarn Place, Wenatchee, $114,900, 0.38 acres, sold to Builderman Construction Inc.

Kenneth and Linda Sinibaldi, 14620 King St., Entiat, $54,983, 0.3 acres, sold to David Head

Pinedale Ranch LLC, Property ID 19020, 19300, 19302 and 19305, Stemilt Loop Road and Property ID 67573, Pinedale Lane (five parcels), Wenatchee, $987,400, 132.37 acres, sold to Pete’s Place Orchard LLC

Dec. 27

Element Homes LLC, 10003 Numeral Pointe Place, Entiat, $269,900, 0.19 acres, sold to Matthew Lawson

Dec. 28

Brock and Marni McMahon, 12765 Ranger Road, Leavenworth, $140,000, 2.72 acres, sold to Nicholas J. and Tyree R. Fender

Rosewood Estates LLC, 243 Shales Lane, Plain, $299,000, 2.07 acres, sold to William McDonnell

Otis C. Henderson, Property ID 67575, Henderson Road, Chelan, $300,000, 5 acres, sold to Public Utility District No. 1

Dec. 31

Barclay Family Trust, Property ID 23449, Adel Lane, Wenatchee, $107,000, 2.08 acres, sold to Kevin M. and Kaila S. Brownlee


Douglas County commercial sales

Dec. 13

John William and Jill Walker, 1128 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport, $152,000, sold to Manuel Ramos Palomino


Douglas County residential sales

Dec. 4

Charles R. Cousineau and Rebecca C. Heffner, 651 N. Keller Ave., East Wenatchee, sold to Charles R. Cousineau

Robert E. Eller, 116 Ironwood Place, East Wenatchee, $275,000, sold to Marc B. and Sandra E. Asimakoupoulos

Kevin B. and Cory A. Johanson, 725 Vista View Place, East Wenatchee, $366,900, sold to Shawn T. and Melissa G. Fletcher

Javier and Silvia Sanchez, 1983 Peach Haven Court, East Wenatchee, $399,900, sold to Donald S. Phillips

Dec. 5

Newman Living Trust, 979 Briarwood Drive, East Wenatchee, $699,000, sold to Mark A. and Michelle Crowell

Dec. 6

Jarrod and Kassie Wright, 1301 Bel Air Drive, East Wenatchee, $293,999, sold to Christopher L. and Karen K. Lynch

Margene F. Barr, 2231 Grant Road, East Wenatchee, $204,000, sold to Aaron and Charmaine Rosenberger

Lindsey M. Metcalfe and Sam Hooper, 126 W. Ash St., Waterville, $169,900, sold to Steven and Rachel Knemeyer

William R. and Sandra J. Stoddard, 514 E. Locust St., Waterville, $299,900, sold to Gregory A. Johnson Jr. and Shannon Lyn Johnson

Aztec Foreclosure Corporation of Washington, 410 29th St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $221,426, sold to Wells Fargo USA Holdings Inc.

Carol F. Gemkow, 1381 N. Douglas St., East Wenatchee, $257,500, sold to Rhonda Perez

Dec. 7

Michael D. Brown, 100 Simon St. No. 34, East Wenatchee, $167,500, sold to Jessica L. Kennedy

Richard Rahn, 121 Hamilton St., Mansfield, $110,000, sold to Ruperto Vazquez Jimenez

Jonathan L. Goyne, 422 11th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $225,000, sold to Aaron and Charmaine Rosenberger

Arthur J. Arndt, 3020 N.W. Cascade Ave., East Wenatchee, $308,000, sold to Judy Styles

Eric Duffey, 1014 N. Devon Ave., East Wenatchee, $290,000, sold to Colby A. Thorpe

Claudia J. Weitz, 1630 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $387,500, sold to Derek and Carrie Engebretsen

Chad Noah, 17 Elgin Ave., Rock Island, $230,000, sold to David T. Sawyer

CMH Homes Inc., parcel number 12300600100, E. Second St., Waterville, $50,242, sold to Eduardo Arce Jr.

Brandon L. and Holly A. Wells, 2202 Maryhill St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $309,000, sold to Kelly J. Anderson

Dec. 10

Fabian Pulido, 1416 Bel Air Drive, East Wenatchee, $347,000, sold to Christopher S. and Amanda J. Dodds

Jose Angel Carrillo Soto, 401 S. Kentucky Ave. Space 62B, East Wenatchee, $9,500, sold to Cecilia Gayton

Joan Trefry, 225 19th St. N.E. No. 28, East Wenatchee, $285,000, sold to Stanley G. Marr and Maria Chang-Marr

Marcie D. Eaton, 1494 Eastmont Ave. No. 52, East Wenatchee, $319,000, sold to Aaron R. and Joanne Rosenthal

Dec. 11

U.S. Bank National Association, 1056 Corum Circle, East Wenatchee, $258,508, sold to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

Rodrigo Madrigal Solorio, 929 Maple St. Space 71, Bridgeport, $1,500, sold to Elva Edith Bravo

Dec. 12

Andrew and Camille A. Canning, 1960 Bluegrass Ave., East Wenatchee, $339,900, sold to August J. and Kelsy J. Bendtsen

Dec. 13

Violeta R. Feleus and Teddy J. Kincaid, 515 N. Baker Ave., East Wenatchee, $219,842, sold to Ray and Maria Perez

Dec. 14

HCD Homes LLC, 146 Lloyd Place N.W., East Wenatchee, $262,000, sold to Nicholas B. and Mary F. Poellnitz

Laura C. Bell, 1217 N. Ashland Ave., East Wenatchee, $283,000, sold to Theodore L. and Barbara S. Leroy

Joyce M. Roberts Estate, 909 Palisades Road and parcel number 22232220005 (two parcels), Palisades, $329,000, sold to Salvador Martinez Rico

Dec. 17

Karen Madison, 3417 Ashwood Drive, East Wenatchee, $470,000, sold to Andrew J. and Adalid Barker

Devon Earl Petit, 667 4th St. N.E. No. L-204, East Wenatchee, $155,000, sold to Darin S. Petersen

Blake and Melissa Soreano, 503 E. Birch St., Waterville, $270,000, sold to Logan and Valerie C. Smith

Whiskey Ranch LLC, 700 S. Kentucky Ave., East Wenatchee, $229,165, sold to Luis E. Ocampo, Marisa Perez and Francisco and Blanca E. Mendoza

Dec. 18

Douglas Hughes, 1425 1st St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $265,000, sold to Daniel P. and Olivia L. Welch

Sage Homes LLC, 2284 2nd St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $289,900, sold to Charles O. and Debbie I. Gallaher

Prime Properties LLC, 2284 2nd St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $29,000, sold to Charles O. and Debbie I. Gallaher

Dec. 19

Bettie McPherson, 1171 New Penfold Court, East Wenatchee, $63,000, sold to Gerardo Rangel Morales and Eduard C. Rangel Macias

Dec. 20

Daniel and Teri Gildehaus, 2121 N. Baker Ave., East Wenatchee, $310,000, sold to Joshua L. and Veronica Sinclair

William J. Schamerhorn Jr. and Linda D. Schamerhorn, parcel number 81701105300, Ephrata, $28,000, sold to Albert R. Williams

Davis J. and Laura J. Halle, 2580 Aviation Drive, East Wenatchee, $335,000, sold to Howard and Donita Wilson

Harvey Klaven Sande, 679 Road 20 N.W., Mansfield, $125,000, sold to Jerry L. and Lynnette Marie Barkley

Timberwood Homes LLC, 1958 Legendary Lane S.E., East Wenatchee, $468,792, sold to Michael S. and Elsie N. Miller

Dec. 21

John D. Betzing, 240 S. Karry Lane, East Wenatchee, $136,449, sold to Michael J. Babst

Ruby J. and Dustin Riibe, 293 N. Kentucky Ave., East Wenatchee, $240,000, sold to Matthew and Erin Cox

Dec. 27

Juan J. Fregozo and Maria Arciniega, 568 Highway 173, Brewster, $130,000, sold to Luis Martinez Hernandez and Teresa Miranda Tinoco

Gregory L. and Nona N. Haberman, 290 Road B S.W., Waterville, $350,000, sold to John and Ann Haberman

Robert A. Matthiesen, 231 Hamilton St. and parcel number 09100201200, Hamilton St. (two parcels), Mansfield, $160,000, sold to Mireya Rendon

Dec. 28

Sandra Sturtz, 2452 N. W. Columbia Ave. No. 49, East Wenatchee, $353,000, sold to Doug Stewart and Patsy Everson

Jonathan A. and Shannon L. Wilson, 1985 Legacy Place S.E., East Wenatchee, $435,000, sold to Alyssa L. White and Josiah J. Neufeld

Matthew T. and Caryn E. Davis, 504 W. Ash St., Waterville, $200,700, sold to Jeffrey M. and Natalie R. Marx

Dec. 31

Deborah J. Griggs, 111 N. James Ave., East Wenatchee, $285,000, sold to Wade H. McCants and Tamara J. McCants

Gregory Allen Johnson Jr. and Shannon Lyn Johnson, 207 Goldcrest St., East Wenatchee, $265,000, sold to Fernando Arevalo Lucas and T. Laura Esquivel

Matthew D. Howard, 178 S. Kent Place, East Wenatchee, $239,000, sold to Michael L. and Teresa D. Ballamis


Douglas County land sales

Dec. 4

William P. Brown, parcel numbers 27281430001, 27281530001, 27282210001, 27282110002, 27282110001, 27282320001, 27282230002, 27282720000 and 27282810001, Bridgeport and parcel numbers 27282310001 and 27282730000, Coulee-Hartline, (11 parcels), $500,000, 1,716.9 acres, sold to Dugualla Bay Co. LLC

Dec. 5

Ryan and Alexandra C. Shorter, parcel numbers 23201140001, 23201220002 and 23201220006 Blue Grade Road (three parcels), East Wenatchee, $85,000, 76.02 acres, sold to Columbia Real Estate Investments Inc.

Dec. 7

Darryl Cloer, 24 Ivy Lane, Orondo, $550,000, 0.85 acres, sold to Robert B. and Jennifer K. Cumming

Rimrock Meadows Association, parcel number 81700302300 and 81700302400 (two parcels), Ephrata, $16,490, 2.3 acres, sold to Jesus Manuel Chavez Blanco and Maria Del Mejia Mendoza

Dec. 10

Scott R. Bryan and Woodrose Trading LLC, parcel number 81500400100, Ephrata, $3,500, 1.01 acres, sold to Justin and Ladonna Workman

Dec. 11

HE & RO Orchards, parcel number 22210810001, N. Stark Ave., East Wenatchee, $270,000, 7.79 acres, sold to Osorio C. Melquiades and Maria G. Reynaga

Dec. 13

David W. and Sarah L. Harris-Riley, parcel number 81500600700, Ephrata, $2,999, 0.96 acres, sold to Gabriel Cuevas Mata

Dec. 14

Jeff Breckenridge, parcel number 30252840016, Buckingham Alley, Brewster, $40,000, 2.45 acres, sold to Roberta Hall

Doris Ella Soden, parcel number 22211330001, East Wenatchee, $180,000, 11.06 acres, sold to Hardway Holdings LLC

Dec. 17

Raymond T. and Joyce A. Kirkland, parcel number 8200500700, Waterville, $3,500, 1.1 acre, sold to Jonathan Leon Rodriguez Araya and Natalie Lynn Araya

Dec. 19

Rimrock Meadows Association, parcel number 81801803500, Waterville, $4,495, 1.36 acres, sold to Arnold Paul and Katy C. Buntain

Rimrock Meadows Association, parcel number 81700303500 and 81700303600 (two parcels), Coulee-Hartline, $16,490, 2.39 acres, sold to Abel Montano Garcia and Tiburcia De Montano

Dec. 20

Hanson Home Construction LLC, 680 S. Newton Ave., East Wenatchee, $502,900, 0.41 acres, sold to John and Jean Blackhart

Dec. 21

Prime Properties LLC, 275 S. Mystical Ave., East Wenatchee, $85,000, 0.12 acres, sold to Russell L. and Kally E. Bryan

Sage Homes LLC, 275 S. Mystical Ave., East Wenatchee, $224,900, 0.12 acres, sold to Russell L. and Kally E. Bryan

Ferdi Businger, parcel numbers 28272130001, 28272140001, 28272820001, 28272810001, 28273030005 and 28272910009 (six parcels), Bridgeport, $558,000, 1,396 acres, sold to Chelan-Douglas Land Trust

John J. and Mary Ann Corning, parcel numbers 28243030007, 28243030005 and 28243120001 (three parcels), Mansfield, $45,000, 58.55 acres, sold to Bryce T. Bitterman

Dec. 27

Timberwood Homes LLC, parcel number 90100000200, East Wenatchee, $500,258, 0.2 acres, sold to Drake and Roseanne Nicholson

Dec. 28

Barth Golf LLC, 115 Saunders Ave., Rock Island, $135,000, 2.24 acres, sold to Cal Neva LLC and Jeffrey Moser

Nobuko Lemay, parcel number 49700004800, Chelan, $15,500, 5.57 acres, sold to Darin and Noelle Hader

Dec. 31

Sharon Kay Bagano, 33 Moe Road and parcel number 80900201601, Brewster, $33,000, 0.91 acres, sold to Chris and April Swezey

Arlen D. and Donna B. Simon, 5301 Pear Lane and parcel numbers 41300003602 and 41300004400 (three parcels), East Wenatchee, $684,000, 17.99 acres, sold to Sargun LLC

Donald Barth, parcel number 22223020005, East Wenatchee, $125,000, 15.44 acres, sold to Krause Enterprises LLC