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For the Record | Building permits

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Chelan County

July 2

Doug and Jama England, 576 Upper Joe Creek Road, Manson, no valuation, single-family residence

Greg A. and Frostina R. Zodrow, 27977 Napeequa Drive, Leavenworth, $51,986, single-family residence

Jan and Joan Short, 117 Kestrel Lane, Manson, no valuation, accessory dwelling unit

Lillian J. Rogers, 2203 Sandy Brooke, $10,055, deck

July 3

McDonald Building, LLC, 310 Lowell Lane, Manson, $153,231, single-family residence

McDonald Building, LLC, 306 Lowell Lane, Manson, no valuation, accessory dwelling unit

Lexar Homes Wenatchee, 110 Manzanita Drive, Manson, $186,904, single-family residence

Scott F. Thompson, 141 S. Emerson Ave., no valuation, re-roof

July 5

Mark F. and Tamira Garvin, 270 Upper Joe Creek Road, Manson, $650,000, new construction

Morris Originals, 170 Malbec Lane, Manson, $137,475, single-family residence

Andrew Lange, 106 Shypoke Place, Entiat, $46,500, dock

Any and Shauna Hovancsek, 94 Shypoke Place, Entiat, $46,500, dock

G & S Matthews LLC, 212 N. Chelan Ave., no valuation, re-roof

LSREF Golden Property 14 LLC, 1701 Orchard Ave. OFC, no valuation, replacing existing grease trap

July 9

Rookard Custom Pool, LLC, 985 Golden Crest Drive, no valuation, pool/spa

SKB Architects, Inc., 3830 Highway 97A, $270,515, single-family residence

Taxdahl Heating and Air Conditioning, 75 Fish Hatchery Road, Chelan, no valuation, mechanical

Taxdahl Heating and Air Conditioning, 75 Fish Hatchery Road, Chelan, no valuation, mechanical

Home Depot USA, Inc., 1405 Maiden Lane, $81,295, retractable shade structure

George A. Payne, 1141 Fifth St., no valuation, complete air handler unit

July 10

Richard G. McClean, 508 Loop Ave., Manson, $504,823, single-family residence

Lopez Design, LLC, 115 Kestrel Lane, Manson, $249,507, single-family residence

Nanette R. and Ronald E. Los, 136 W. Mountain Brook Lane, $163,058, single-family residence

Matthew and Carol Cade, 11650 Alpen View Drive, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

JC Penney Co. Inc., 1300 N. Miller St., $31,387, salon remodel

Phillip E. and Debbie G. Harrison, 301 River Park Ave., no valuation, demolition of single-family residence

July 11

Steel Structures America, Inc., 10402 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $90,000, accessory structure

Real Homes, 530 Mission Creek Road, Cashmere, $159,709, single-family residence

Morton D. and Mari A. Gould, 420 Stayman Flats Road, Chelan, $232,856, single-family residence

Rob and Nicole Poyner, 10864 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $141,494, single-family residence

Robert A. Johnson II, 4114 Crestview St., $40,014, accessory structure

International Church Foursquare Gospel, 435 S. Mission St., no valuation, commercial re-roof

Cornelius H.C. and Teresa L. Ketcham, 2152 W. Honeysett Road, no valuation, retaining wall

July 12

Boyer Mountain Door & Pool, Inc., 8885 Stage Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, pool/spa

JRK Investment Company, 604 S. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, wall sign

Quinnconn LLC, 600 N. Chelan Ave., no valuation, commercial sign

Jorge and Alma Chacon, 802 S. Mission St., no valuation, tenant improvement fruit bar

Werner W. Matheson, 2203 Fifth St., no valuation, complete air handler unit

Sean S. Chung, 1335 Fairhaven Ave., no valuation, complete air handler unit

Chester P. Ferrell Jr. and Sarah E. Foland, 914 Willis St., no valuation, complete air handler unit

Adam Bauer and Kathleen Dyer, 1027 Orchard Ave., no valuation, complete air handler unit

Megan M. Paro, 417 Highland Drive, no valuation, complete air handler unit

Sarah J. Bumps, 115 S. Emerson Ave., no valuation, gas line extension

July 13

Jeremy Tritt, 5119 Regan Road, Cashmere, $167,724, single-family residence

Sound Construction, LLC, 61 Cricket Lane, Chelan, $96,840, single-family residence

Complete Design, 300 Sawmill Road, Chelan, $138,852, single-family residence

Puget Sound Quality Construction, Inc., 75 Bright Court, Manson, $154,423, single-family residence

Puget Sound Quality Construction, Inc., 90 Terrace Drive, Manson, no valuation, pool/spa

Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, 6380 Stemilt Creek Road, no valuation, plumbing

July 16

Washington State Department of Military, 1230 Fifth St., $250,000, commercial re-roof

Pamela M. Lyon, 124 S. Miller St., no valuation, demolition permit

Christopher M. Mott, 1101 Idaho St., no valuation, complete air handler unit

Tar L. Faulkner, 801 Peachey St., no valuation, residential re-roof

July 17

Forte Architects, 15251 Highway 2, Leavenworth, $315,000, addition/alteration

Spane Buildings, Inc., 15 Blewett Ridge Drive, Peshastin, $74,520, accessory structure

Lopez Design, LLC, 20319 Chiwawa Loop Road, Leavenworth, $117,071, single-family residence

Borealis Builders, LLC, 164 S. Eagle Ridge Road, Leavenworth, $10,483, accessory structure

Wenatchee School District No. 246, 235 Sunset Ave., $3,000, adding two security doors

Cody P. Gillin, 621 Lowe St., $3,000, porch and dormer addition

Gary Amaral and Teresa H. Nguyen, 1418 Orchard Ave., no valuation, gas line for range

July 18

Kevin and Robin Mooney, 7100 Navarre Coulee Road, Chelan, $44,839, single-family residence

Wenatchee Valley Humane Society, 1474 S. Wenatchee Ave., $20,500, cover for dog walk area

LEL Investments LLC, 907 S. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, air handling unit installation

Scott J. Mason, 1109 Monitor Ave., no valuation, residential backflow

Brent J. Cunderla, 3680 Ridgeview Place, no valuation, complete air handler unit

July 19

AT&T Mobility, 9063 Deadman Hill Road, Cashmere, $15,000, addition/alteration

Cast Architecture, 521 Victoria Creek Road, Leavenworth, $246,932, single-family residence

One-Way Construction NW, Inc., 11376 Mundun Canyon Road, Peshastin, $58,174, single-family residence

Complete Design, 70 Shypoke Place, Entiat, $492,526, single-family residence

Puget Sound Quality Construction, Inc., 90 Terrace Drive, Manson, $168,634, single-family residence

Pershall Construction LLC, 1700-1702 Danny Boy Lane, $355,047, new duplex

July 20

Joseph J. Shaver and Donald L. Aultman, 585 Blazing Star Lane, Chelan, $230,976, single-family residence

Hansel Creek Properties, LLC, 3057 Highway 97, Peshastin, no valuation, mechanical

Valley North Center LLC c/o Target Store No. 1064, 1102 Springwater Ave., $1,100,000, interior renovations

July 23

Morris Originals, 171 Verona Lane, Chelan, $313,150, single-family residence

Lance Harvey Trucking & Excavating Inc., 21840 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $159,032, single-family residence

One-Way Construction NW, Inc., 10599 Beecher Hill Road, Peshastin, $151,601, single-family residence

Western Ranch Buildings, LLC, 12061 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $21,600, accessory structure

Western Ranch Buildings, LLC, 17999 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $13,680, accessory structure

Complete Design, 426 W. Rolling Hills Lane, $27,000, accessory structure

Buboltz Family 2000 Revocable Trust, 171 Verona Lane, Chelan, $7,585, accessory structure

Raymond Heier, 3057 Lakeshore Drive, Manson, no valuation, mechanical

July 24

Steel Structure America, Inc., 411 Lakayuse Road, Manson, $68,063, accessory structure

Susan M. and Terry J. Warren, 2565 Cordell St., $145,274, single-family residence

Scott J. and Lisa L. Dilly, 54 Joshua Lane, $200,746, single-family residence

Renderfrancce I LLC, 213 N. Mission St., $19,988, wall-mounted awnings

City of Wenatchee, 1230 Monitor Ave., no valuation, six signs

Shirley A. Allyn, 1904 Grandview Loop, no valuation, elevation certificate

James Bailey, 300 Canyon Creek Drive, no valuation, elevation certificate

July 25

BP Easy St. LLC, 117 Easy St., $1,000,000, new office building

Ralph E. Zufall et al, 1114 N. Mission St. Unit A, $200,000, dental office buildout

Michael J. and Sharon E. Thorn, 1055 Kearns Court, $18,000, living area and bathroom addition

July 26

Syndicate Smith, LLC, 10259 County Shop Road, Leavenworth, $2,500,000, new construction

Gerald A. Craddock, 3420 Gudmundson Road, $19,440, accessory structure

Matthew D. Axelson, 56 River Valley Lane, Leavenworth, $112,488, accessory structure

True North Business Services LLC, 409 Highway 150, Chelan, no valuation, dock accessory

Grette Associates, LLC, 12148 South Lakeshore Road, Chelan, no valuation, dock accessory

Stemilt Growers LLC, 2833 Euclid Ave., no valuation, rebuild existing retaining wall

July 27

Habrehab LLC, 306 Village Drive, Manson, $236,912, single-family residence

Barn Pros Construction, LLC, 3510 Burchvale Road, $48,600, accessory structure

Jeannie Alvarado, 906 Plum St., no valuation, residential re-roof

Stephen L. and Cheryl A. Bishop, 1348 Holbrook St., $90,000, convert garage into single-family residence

Billy L. Bradshaw, 1316 Wedgewood Ave., no valuation, complete air handler unit

Deloris R. Toler, 27 Poplar Ave., no valuation, residential re-roof

John D. Lunt, 1323 Madison St., no valuation, residential re-roof

July 30

Complete Design, 960 Kookaburro Run, $247,786, single-family residence

Steven A. and Sonya J. Kraski, 2503 Kinnikinnick Drive, Leavenworth, $177,873, single-family residence

Steven A. and Sonya J. Kraski, 2503 Kinnikinnick Drive, Leavenworth, $32,947, accessory structure

Mike and Carrie Schenck, 4002 No. 2 Canyon Road, no valuation, mobile home

Jorge H. Sanchez-Cortes, 1010 Walker Ave., no valuation, complete air handler unit

Jorge H. Sanchez-Cortes, 1010 Walker Ave., no valuation, two basement window wells

July 31

Frame-Rite Structures, 845 Ivan Morse Road, Manson, $27,000, accessory structure

Sandra Arechiga et al, 1538 Okanogan Ave., no valuation, complete air handler unit

Sue A. Reed, 20 Quail Run, no valuation, complete air handler unit


Douglas County

July 2

Clifford Nystrom, 996 S. Webb Place, $99,168, accessory storage building

Stephen Barone, 788 Garden Court, $3,000, residential foundation repair

July 3

Peter F. and Mary Ann Ringsrud, 1036 S. Van Sickle Ave., $21,848, commercial remodel

Clifford Crocker, 2310 Mountain View Drive, $500, replace window

Sage Homes LLC, 2265 2nd St. S.E., $207,708, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 229 S. Mystical Ave., $163,334, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 254 S. Mystical Ave., $199,802, single-family residence

July 5

Michael McFadden, 61 Dion Drive, Brewster, $305,186, single-family residence

Kathryn Metcalfe, 1096 Corum Circle, $4,000, residential deck replacement and roof addition

July 6

Larry E. and Bonnie Land, 420 Lakefront Drive, Orondo, $5,878, retaining wall

July 9

Prazer Construction LLC, 397 Urban Industrial Way, Suites A-G, $1,295,970, commercial building with multiple tenants

Power Block 404 LLC, 404 Urban Industrial Way, Buildings A-E, $136,035, blockchain data processing center with associated office

Susan J.S. Rumble, 20 S. Linden Ave., $7,946, remodel garage

Kevin Z. and Kristin M. Smith, 56 Orchard Place, Orondo, $313,427, single-family residence

July 10

C & C Investment Properties LLC, 2040 N.W. Cascade Ave., $5,000, residential demolition

Kelly J. and Marnie R. Clark, 255 North Shore Drive, Orondo, $87,000, pool

Jody L. and Robert J. Richards, 935 N. Nile Ave., $316,790, single-family residence

Doane and Butkovich Schrempp, 628 Valley Mall Parkway, no valuation, mechanical permit for Spice

July 11

Matt Runnels, 129 Ridge Road, Orondo, $468,851, single-family residence

Birchcreek 17, LLC, 201 Valley Mall Parkway, Suite 3, no valuation, signs for Wenatchee Buffet

July 12

Gregory A. and Sandra K. Moser, 1060 Horizon View Drive, $23,559, conversion/occupancy change

July 13

Douglas County PUD No. 1, 89 Reeds Way, Orondo, $30,613, Douglas County PUD Lone Pine Substation

July 17

Richard L.Van Gerpen, 100 W. Marine View Place, Orondo, $102,601, residential addition

James A. and Danielle M. Crocker, 3351 S.E. Klatawa St., $625,835, single-family residence

Hanson Home Construction LLC, 623 S. Newton Ave., $284,593, single-family residence

Walker Family Holdings, 230 Grant Road, $2,000, tenant improvements for Armed Forces Recruiting Office

July 18

Jay and Terri Knudtsen, 73 N. Shore Drive, Orondo, $366,449, single-family residence

Michael J. Roberts, 895 S. Lamplight Lane, $288,995, single-family residence

Robin McCowan, 1304 Bel Air Drive, $2,420, residential deck replacement

July 19

Sage Homes LLC, 2285 2nd St. S.E., $181,808, single-family residence

WH Vineyard LLC, 102 Orchard Place, Orondo, $179,788, single-family residence

Brad H. Sourbeer, 406 Desert Canyon Blvd., Orondo, $334,413, single-family residence

July 20

CMH Homes Inc., 2459 5th St. N.E., $25,049, manufactured home and garage

Sage Homes LLC, 284 S. Nevada Ave., $242,621, single-family residence

Reid Cowell, 55 Corral Creek Drive, Orondo, $295,319, single-family residence

July 23

Chelan County PUD #1, 23459 Highway 97, Orondo, $28,687, replacement dock, gangway and boat launches

Hanson Home Construction LLC, 680 S. Newton Ave., $281,707, single-family residence

July 24

Todd P. and Caitlin M. Walters, 2832 N. Brysen Drive, $443,533, single-family residence

SPS Wenatchee LLC, 1686 Grant Road A, no valuation, wall sign for the Chocolate Shoppe

DB Wenatchee LLC, 685 Grant Road, no valuation, wall signs for Dutch Bros

July 25

HCD Homes LLC, 146 Lloyd Place N.W., $112,007, single-family residence

July 26

Christopher and Teresa A. Davis, 2190 Inglewood Drive, $8,000, replace decking/add stairs

Albin R. and Christine A. Larsen, 2307 3rd St. N.E., $35,000, swimming pool

Brian R. and Emmy E. Hager, 32 Orchard Place, Orondo, $431,726, single-family residence

July 27

Columbia Grove Covenant Church, 19 McElmurry Lane N.E., $2,055, kitchen vent system

LDV Wenatchee Properties LLC, 400 Highline Drive, no valuation, commercial sign replacement

July 31

Walter G. and Kasey J. Edgar, 254 First Ave. A2, Waterville, $4,196, wood stove