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For the Record | Building permits

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Chelan County

Sept. 4

KeyBank National Association, 102 S. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, re-roof

Sept. 5

Chad M. and Jeana M. Steiner, 2391 Green Ave., Manson, $48,132, accessory dwelling unit

JWS Design Inc., 412 Karma Kanyon Drive, Chelan, $233,240, single-family residence

JWS Design Inc., 820 Loop Ave., Manson, $132,391, single-family residence

BT Buildingworks, LLC, 6722 Forest Ridge Drive, $205,029, single-family residence

Central Washington Health Services Association, 1201 S. Miller St., no valuation, hospitalist room remodel

Kristofer D. Larsen and Catherine M. Straub, 1358 Patsue Place, $590,040, single-family residence

D & M Kellogg Properties LLC, 1200 Maple St. Space 13, $2,500, storage addition

Kristofer D. Larsen and Catherine M. Straub, 1358 Patsue Place, no valuation, retaining walls for new single-family residence

Livier Pena and Carlos A. Carreon, 704 Lynn St., no valuation, residential backflow

Robert R. Jorgensen Jr. and Jennifer E. Jorgensen, 1898 Broadview, no valuation, complete air handler unit

Monte E. Milanuk, 1325 Methow St., no valuation, residential backflow

Sept. 6

Osborne & Baugh Chelan LLC, 60 Parkhill Drive, Manson, $26,832, accessory structure

Henry S. Harvey DDS et al, 246 N. Mission St., $8,492, adding walls to create office space

Sept. 7

Richard Pelkey and Victoria Walker, 400 Mad River Road, Entiat, no valuation, mobile home

Richard Pelkey and Victoria Walker, 400 Mad River Road, Entiat, $27,000, accessory structure

WENDBR LLC, 25 N. Worthen St., no valuation, four commercial signs

Piere Street Apartments, 615 Piere St., $80,000, inground pool for complex

Sept. 10

Black and Fir, LLC, 12235 Village View Drive, Leavenworth, $22,738, accessory structure

Michael T. Conley, 3075 No. 1 Canyon Road, $42,725, accessory structure

Cowell Custom Design & Construction, LLC, 63 Willow Point Road, Manson, $6,000, accessory structure

McCue Construction, LLC, 1110 Loop Ave., Manson, no valuation, pool/spa

George and Chasity McCrum, 1910 Pensione Place, $10,000, deck remodel and addition

Sept. 11

Randall P. and Rennea L. Smith, 4605 No. 2 Canyon Road, $237,396, single-family residence

Mulhall Construction, Inc., 84 Viking Lane, Manson, $60,785, accessory structure

Randy and Lisa Zielinski, 221 Saratoga Lane B, Malaga, $47,505, accessory dwelling unit

Dane Cross, 21800 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, no valuation, mechanical

Adan Montes Jr. and Kathryn J. Montes, 63 Diede Hills Lane, $153,263, single-family residence

Rookard Custom Pool, LLC, 411 Lombard Lane, no valuation, pool/spa

Le Conte Properties LLC, 28 N. Wenatchee Ave., $4,000, bathroom remodel

Shreve Properties LLC, 1250 N. Wenatchee Ave. Unit G, $25,000, tenant improvement

Michael S. Garland, 1124 Cashmere St., no valuation, re-roofing

Shannon Moseley, 700 Saddlerock Drive, no valuation, residential re-roof

Daniel Z. Gonzalez, 1023 Vassar Ave., no valuation, residential re-roof

Sept. 12

Complete Design, 6772 Forest Ridge Drive, $175,592, single-family residence

Otis Childers Construction, 23119 Lake Wenatchee Highway, Leavenworth, $173,644, single-family residence

Lopez Design, LLC, 50 Mountainside Drive, Cashmere, $167,007, single-family residence

KJD Investment LLC, 21 S. Chelan Ave., no valuation, ground plumbing

Sept. 13

Thomas D. Vetter, 78 Swartout Road, Manson, $150,000, new construction

Paramount Builders, Inc., 289 Don Eli Lane, no valuation, mobile home

Real Homes, 6309 Alder Court, $161,443, single-family residence

Mike Conley Construction, 1420 Cooper Gulch Road, Manson, $22,932, accessory structure

Aric and Rachel Manion, 226 Methow St., no valuation, interior demolition of office spaces

Sept. 14

David K. and Sharelle F. Smith, 250 Corrigan Road, Cashmere, $140,974, single-family residence

Twin Peaks Construction, 115 Diede Hills Lane, $177,865, single-family residence

Campbell Lands LLC, 1220 Maple St., $635,470, new mini-storage and office building

Jason G. and Kristin L. Eastman, 1501 First St., $18,018, new shop/storage building

Mykel W. and Cesia J. Chocola, 714 S. Western Ave., no valuation, residential re-roof

Alison and Carson Keeler, 1010 Lindy St., no valuation, backflow preventer

Sept. 17

Larry D. and Patty G. Jacobson, 5021 Chelan Blvd., Manson, $207,205, single-family residence

Carlisle Classic Homes, 131 Stevens Canyon Road, Leavenworth, $217,778, single-family residence

Daniel L. Ryan, 2520 Apple Acres Road, Chelan, no valuation, mobile home

Lynx Consulting, Inc., 21390 Chelan Butte Lookout Road, Chelan, $15,000, addition/alteration

Eastern Washington Construction, Inc., 561 Village Drive, Manson, $104,466, single-family residence

Eastern Washington Construction Inc., 559 Village Drive, Manson, $104,466, single-family residence

Mulhall Construction, Inc., 63 Kamei Place, Manson, no valuation, mechanical

Kentucky Fried Chicken of Wenatchee, 1015 N. Mission St., no valuation, three wall signs

Mars Investment Group LLC, 1014½ S. Mission St., no valuation, re-roof

Gregory S. Parks, 823 Red Apple Road, $3,000, carport

Sept. 18

Cameron Smith, 36 Ranch Creek Road, Peshastin, $125,907, accessory structure

Luke A. and Janelle M. Ibsen, 461 Stayman Flats Road, Chelan, $12,915, accessory structure

General Dynamics Wireless Services, 21390 Chelan Butte Lookout Road, Chelan, $15,000, addition/alteration

Steel Structures America, Inc., 340 Hawks Meadow Road, Chelan, $63,000, accessory structure

Jeff and Renee Cooper, 556 Dove Hollow Road, Chelan, no valuation, pool/spa

Coast Hospitality LLC, 201 N. Wenatchee Ave., $10,000, cell tower upgrades

Port of Chelan County, 434 Olds Station Road, no valuation, demolition work

Richard T. and Grace E. Jones, 918 Surry Road, no valuation, complete air handler unit

Mary Lee Covey, 830 Monroe St., no valuation, complete air handler unit

Norman F. Day, 1208 Crawford Ave., no valuation, complete air handler unit

Marta J. Ames, 521 S. Franklin Ave, no valuation, complete air handler unit

Dennis D. Clark, 604 Hawthorne St., no valuation, complete air handler unit

Griselda I. Gonzalez, 1212 Cascade St., no valuation, residential backflow

Sept. 19

Brandon and Tamara Anderson, 10700 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $275,348, single-family residence

Paul Bond, 17356 N. Shore Drive, Leavenworth, $1,000, accessory structure

Central Washington Health Services Association, 1201 S. Miller St., no valuation, interior demolition

Sept. 20

Timberwood Homes LLC, 95 Lone Ram Lane, $255,510, single-family residence

Timberwood Homes LLC, 101 Lone Ram Lane, $255,801, single-family residence

Martha R. Rothgeb, 2896 Riviera Blvd., Malaga, no valuation, mechanical

Aric and Rachel Manion, 226 Methow St., $19,000, interior remodel

Debra L. Liebert, 1223 N. Western Ave., $18,501, deck addition

City of Wenatchee, 298 Stevens St., no valuation, install backflow on irrigation line

Element Homes LLC, 14 S. Delaware Ave., no valuation, miscellaneous repairs

David M. and Sara E. Hillestad, 2023 Dawn Terrace, no valuation, gas piping and new appliance

Jorge H. Sanchez-Cortes, 1010 Walker Ave., no valuation, adding a bedroom

Sept. 21

CMH Homes Inc., 804 S. Chelan Ave., no valuation, manufactured home

Eujenio and Maria Barrera, 1224 S. Mission St., no valuation, backflow lawn sprinkler

Sept. 24

Wanda C. Lee, 250 Open Lane, Chelan, $27,245, accessory structure

Jerald and Debbie Aamold, 1770 Warm Springs Drive, $7,056, accessory structure

Jerald and Debbie Aamold, 1770 Warm Springs Drive, $8,010, accessory structure

Lyndsay D. and Jordan Mynatt, 244 Deep Powder Lane, Leavenworth, $53,122, single-family residence

Eider Construction LLC, 834 Autumn Crest Drive, $178,440, single-family residence

Boyer Mountain Door & Pool, Inc., 1045 Ridge Crest Drive, no valuation, pool/spa

James E. and Lena Gouldin, 1703 Lower Monitor Road, $36,000, accessory structure

Connie A. Ryan and Jimmy R. Scribner, 2560 Antoine Creek Road, Chelan, no valuation, mobile home

Boyer Mountain Door & Pool, Inc., 5167 Vista Heights Place, Cashmere, no valuation, pool/spa

Western Ranch Buildings, LLC, 615 Antoine Creek Road, Chelan, no valuation, plumbing

Sept. 25

Syndicate Smith, LLC, 16040 Cedar Brae Road, Leavenworth, $36,315, single-family residence

Shawn and Danielle Welcome, 18411 Little Chumstick Creek Road, Leavenworth, $64,125, accessory structure

Complete Design, 4156 Jagla Road, $96,696, accessory structure

Abraham and Kelly Lopez, 2105 Maiden Lane, $400,000, single-family residence

Cody P. Gillin, 621 Lowe St., no valuation, installation of window

Sept. 26

Nicholas V. Martini, 324 S. Chelan Ave., no valuation, shed demolition

Sept. 27

Eric Barber, 3209 Squilchuck Road, $10,530, accessory structure

Complete Design, 278 Hawks Ridge Road, Chelan, $252,373, single-family residence

Complete Design, 278 Hawks Ridge Road, Chelan, $84,211, accessory structure

Darren Knishka Construction, Inc., 17027 N. Shore Drive, Leavenworth, $133,385, single-family residence

Aaron J. and Desiree I. Jones, 1711 Easy St., $17,280, accessory structure

LocalTel Federal Building LLC, 301 Yakima St., no valuation, tenant improvements

Gustav W. Bekker, 1704 Skyline Drive, no valuation, complete air handler unit


Douglas County

Sept. 4

Sage Homes LLC, 2727 S.E. Falcon View Drive, $266,212, single-family residence

Sept. 6

Jesse and Jen Hurst, 2430 8th St. S.E., $114,038, swimming pool and spa

Justin Osborne, 2575 Fancher Landing, $408,347, single-family residence

Sept. 7

Jesus C. and Angela Barboza, parcel number 54300600902, Arden Ave., Bridgeport, $37,188, shop

Duane L. and Shari L. Troxler, 333 Stoneridge Drive, $50,000, heated swimming pool with autocover

Sept. 10

Sean Farmer, 1801 Soden St. S.E., $92,548, residential addition

Sept. 11

HCD Homes, 1527 N. Anne Ave., $180,500, single-family residence

HCD Homes, 1529 N. Anne Ave., $180,500, single-family residence

BOA Construction Company, 1817 Briarwood Place, $556,124, single-family residence

Sept. 12

Fasteners Properties Inc., 478 2nd St. S.E., no valuation, two wall signs for Lower Valley Credit Union

Cascade Property Group LLC, 101 Eastmont Ave., no valuation, two wall signs for Jessup Real Estate

Corporation of the Catholic Bishop of Yakima, 1315 8th St. N.E., $20,000, update wireless facility

Sept. 14

Benjamin R. and Mauvia A. Sorensen, 2367 Grand Ave., no valuation, LPG line and tank

Sept. 17

Hanson Home Construction LLC, 632 S. Newton Ave., $239,892, single-family residence with attached shop

Hanson Home Construction LLC, 637 S. Newton Ave., $245,240, single-family residence

Sept. 18

Bryon Fischer, 1451 2nd St. S.E., $4,000, new deck

Blackrock Institutional Trust Co., 4405 Grant Road Building B, $329,991, buildout within existing space

Adam and Deborah Harris, 2083 Road 3 S.W., $204,894, single-family residence with attached accessory dwelling unit

Sept. 19

Garrod and Tracy Clay, 790 N. Jennifer Lane, no valuation, permit renewal

Ralph E. and Lisa Saint Romain, 12351 W. Coyote Trail, Ephrata, $234,608, single-family residence

Sept. 20

Jack and Shawna Larsen, 2121 8th St. N.E., $152,307, accessory dwelling

Sept. 21

Mark K. Bailey, 13 Bailey Way, Brewster, $197,870, addition to existing shop

Patrick A. and Karen S. McCauley, 24 Bundy Lane, Orondo, $27,789, joint use dock

Sept. 24

Amanda Marie Walden, 525 River View Drive, Orondo, $172,310, remodel/addition

Sept. 25

Greg C. and Jacqueline P. Brackett, 26 Orchard Place, Orondo, $6,487, pool house

Sept. 26

Chamberlin Distributing Inc., 5th St. N.E., $5,791,753, office and warehouse

Donald D. and Linda A. Zender, 258 Vineyard Drive, Orondo, $122,292, detached accessory structure

Steven Chattin, 240 W. Marine View Drive, Orondo, $12,856, garage addition

John R. and Danielle M. Fisher, 530 S. Mary Ave., $13,582, deck replacement

Brad and Kerry Pihlstrom, 220 Vineyard Drive, Orondo, $35,000, swimming pool

Sept. 27

Jane Nelson LLC, 200 1st St. S.E., $845,603, new Wenatchee Kennel Club building

Sharmon Hilliard, 111 Chipmunk Trail, $99,559, remodel basement and finish dwelling

Sage Homes LLC, 166 S. Nevada Ave., $189,330, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 156 S. Nevada Ave., $159,493, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 148 S. Nevada Ave., $189,330, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 138 S. Nevada Ave., $188,513, single-family residence