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Chelan County commercial sales

Jan. 3

Margaret M. Adams, 509 S. Mission St., Wenatchee, $400,000, sold to Santa Cruz Farms LLC

Jan. 24

Loren J. and Susan J. Michael, 5640 Sunset Highway, Cashmere, $75,000, sold to Fadenrecht Holdings LLC

Jan. 29

Jon Beem, 407 and 411 Aplets Way and 104 W. Prospect St. (three parcels), Cashmere, $855,000, sold to Melissa McClendon


Chelan County residential sales

Jan. 2

Federal National Mortgage Association, 1825 Mulberry Lane, Wenatchee, $537,000, sold to Steven R. Hisel and Mary E. Tanneberg-Hisel

McKittrick Place LLC, 1684 Stella Ave., Wenatchee, $325,000, sold to FNWD Brookstone 3 LLC

Jack R. Perrault, Property ID 41639, Highway 150, Chelan, $10,000, sold to Lauren and Nick Devaney

Jan. 3

Lynda J. Mertes, 1535 Castlerock Ave. 24, Wenatchee, $180,000, sold to Carmen Centeno

Chris and Cindy Gayte, 12570 S. Lakeshore Road and Property ID 47892, S. Lakeshore Road (two parcels), Chelan, $1,135,000, sold to Sabina K. and John M. Norton

Margaret M. Adams, 515 S. Mission St., Wenatchee, $400,000, sold to Santa Cruz Farms LLC

Patricia A. Hageman, 1230 Ormiston St., Wenatchee, $225,000, sold to Alicia M. Aumell

Opportunity Management Company et al, 574 2nd St., Chelan Falls, $115,000, sold to Ernesto Montolvo

Jan. 4

Everett L. Crick Trust, 9826 School St., Peshastin, $227,500, sold to Lee and Susan Martin

Jan. 5

Patricia L. Ireland, 1655 Sunset Drive, Wenatchee, $216,900, sold to Joseph F. Gordon

Peters Partnership, 158 McLaren Ave., Manson, $210,000, sold to Jim and Gail Martin

Justo Rodriguez, 512 Lincoln St., Wenatchee, $172,000, sold to Maria E. Valencia

Joseph S. Hughes, 826 Monroe St., Wenatchee, $225,000, sold to Berenice Galvan

Jan. 6

Sonny Shaffer, 21 Pershing St., Wenatchee, $317,000, sold to Brent S. and Christi R. Bofto

Jan. 8

Tyson A. and Katherine M. Jerald, 211 San Remo Lane, Chelan, $401,580, sold to James and Beth Fiorda

Randy and Nancy Atkins, 2220 W. Woodin Ave. #205, Chelan, $210,000, sold to Jaqueline R. LeClair and Andrew J. Chandler

Michael K. and April M. Moore, 1505 Erin Place, Wenatchee, $345,000, sold to Austin and Shannon Poff

Erik W. Hopkins et al, 2076 Methow St., Wenatchee, $369,900, sold to Brian M. and Stephanie N. Bell

Jan. 9

C & C Investment Properties LLC, 3144 Bermuda St., Malaga, $277,500, sold to Benjamin A. Rising

M.H. Raymond Armstrong, 1716 Pine St. and Property ID 26964, Pine St. (two parcels), Wenatchee, $499,900, sold to FNWD Deer Haven LLC

Alec Gibbons, 8725 Eagle Creek Road, Leavenworth, $630,000, sold to David W. and Sharon J. Russell

Shawn D. Corey, 12469 W. Shugart Flats Road, Leavenworth, $441,000, sold to William R. and Shelly R. Compton

Phillip A. and Patricia M. Jose, 19290 Westside Drive, Leavenworth, $520,000, sold to Michael T. and Paige E. Thurman

Theodore and Marylynne Barber, Property ID 50177, Swanson Gulch Road, Manson, $59,900, sold to David and Robin Powers

Federal National Mortgage Association, 27 Beuzer St., Wenatchee, $144,900, sold to Rene and Ivonne Felipe

Jan. 10

Michael Whalen, 4005 Stiss Canyon Road, Wenatchee, $346,500, sold to Justin and Malea Pulliam

John Fuqua, 17095 Lupine Drive, Leavenworth, $70,000, sold to Nicholas Barmon

The Bank of New York Mellon, 4311 Sunnybank Drive, Chelan, $485,500, sold to Mike W. and Brenda L. Upton

Michael J. and Denise L. Kavanaugh, Property ID 41774, Highway 150, Chelan, $4,500, sold to Robert and Lynn Cullom

Linda S. Thomas, 600 Yakima St., Wenatchee, $250,000, sold to Peter D. and Alberta J. Jones

Jan. 11

Jennifer A. Nikolas, 1257 Cherry St., Wenatchee, $234,900, sold to Jose L. H. and Virginia Guerrero

Arthur N. Christensen, 10583 Mud Creek Road, Entiat, $48,000, sold to Charles E. and Ronda E. Wyatt

Bellamy Daffe and Kelly Weaver, 494 Boyd Road, Chelan, $690,000, sold to Mark S. and Amy S. Christianson

Pedro Sanchez, 1028 Rosewood Ave., Wenatchee, $200,000, sold to Huong K. Gayman and Nhien H. Tran

Riverview Terrace 55+ LLC, 3050 Riverview Lane, Malaga, $373,000, sold to Lanna Caudill and Dennis Caudill Jr.

Jan. 12

Michael J. Strutzel, 5712 Tigner Road, Cashmere, $261,500, sold to Michael P. and Stacey N. Beem

Thomas E. Nadon, Property ID 41742, Highway 150, Chelan, $5,000, sold to Robb and Kendra Waldburger

William and Rebecca Mattson, 608 Okanogan Ave., Wenatchee, $168,000, sold to Jessica M. Walker

Jan. 17

William C. Scroggie, 7151 Colockum Road, Malaga, $30,000, sold to Gregory and Jodi Simmons

Doug and Jama England, 2881 Lakeshore Drive, Manson, $470,000, sold to Stanley and Nancy Andrews

Jan. 18

Del R. Herring, 753 Kings Court, Wenatchee, $455,000, sold to Wallace L. and Christine C. Amundson

Tyler P. Sasse, 417 W. Peters St., Wenatchee, $180,000, sold to Joshua R. Rishel

C & C Investment Properties LLC, 1714 Maple St., Wenatchee, $190,000, sold to Joshua C. Cooper

Chelan County Tax Title, 103 N. Park and Woodin Ave., Chelan, $188, sold to Alan & Lacey Enterprises LLC

Jan. 19

Goshen Mortgage Reo LLC, 127 E. Nixon Ave., Chelan, $110,000, sold to Grisella Farias and Jonathan Trujillo

John C. Gordon, 105 Chelan Butte Road, Chelan, $240,000, sold to Nicholas J. Pascoe and Teresa M. Ferrell Pascoe

Jake A. and Hannah E. Graves, 1725 Skylar Court, Wenatchee, $325,000, sold to Anthony L. and Kristin D. Walton

Jan. 22

Kathleen S. Bendsten et al, 5161 Binder Road, Cashmere, $417,750, sold to Robert D. and Stephanie S. Ball

Betty A. Conant, 113 E. Raymond St. 1C, Chelan, $229,000, sold to Robert L. and Wanda A. Brosey

Jan. 23

Darrell and Kim Gouldin, Trustees, 2823 Fairview Canyon Road, Monitor, $575,000, sold to Mathew S. and Stephanie A. Whitford

Connie M. Shiflett, 516 Okanogan Ave., Wenatchee, $150,000, sold to Jamie and Leslie Cope

Jan. 24

Allison C. Luna, 1123 Fuller St., Wenatchee, $298,000, sold to Calvin Godby and Corinne Ramos

Braden L. Draggoo, 407 Oregon St. 123, Wenatchee, $146,000, sold to Nicholas A. Steel

Heather M. Silvers, 472 Laurie Drive, Wenatchee, $510,000, sold to Gary L. and Janet M. Brown

Jan. 25

Anne-Marie Windsor, 2600 Tuscany Lane, Malaga, $675,000, sold to Gerald J. and Colleen R. Hepnar

Craig Hicks, 2111 Avenida Way, Wenatchee, $78,158, sold to Craig J. Hicks and Linda L. Labsch

John Luera, 214 S. Bradley St., Chelan, $250,000, sold to Rocky W. Mazzeo

Kalahar Family Trust, 1119 Splett St., Wenatchee, $340,000, sold to Gary R. and Carol H. Mullen

Scott and Rochelle Juetten, 298 Porcupine Lane, Chelan, $430,000, sold to Jason D. and Annette L. Clark

Jan. 26

John S. Williams, 218 Washington St., Cashmere, $150,000, sold to Keith J. and Kathleen A. Archibald

Darrick L. Steele, 808 W. Manson Road B202, Chelan, $267,500, sold to JSC Chelan LLC

Jan. 29

Byron L. Newell, 19314 Chiwawa Loop Road, Leavenworth, $225,000, sold to Newell Family LLC

John Aldrich, 7382 Ridgeview Drive, Chelan, $539,000, sold to Brian Robertson and Bonnie Cho

Don and Theora Evans, 1000 Highway 150 81, Manson, $90,000, sold to John H. and Carol A. Aldrich

Jan. 30

Teri J. Schuenemann, 1013 Princeton Ave., Wenatchee, $239,900, sold to Chantel Scott and Aaron M. Johnson

Floyd J. Erickson Jr. and Martha R. Erickson, 658 Majestic View Drive, Wenatchee, $799,000, sold to Heather M. Silvers

Bruce A. Perrett, 2918 School St., Wenatchee, $340,000, sold to Ryan Ochoa

Patricia D. Pickett Trustee, 903 S. Sanders St., Chelan, $275,000, sold to Geoff L. and Brandi Simpson

Lance A. Hansen, Property ID 66361, McKittrick St., Wenatchee, $160,000, sold to Christina and John A. Shull

Jan. 31

Berry Investment Company LLC, 1005 Vassar Ave., Wenatchee, $122,000, sold to John and Patricia Betzing

Kelly Taylor, 1822 Jefferson St., Wenatchee, $349,000, sold to Wanda L. Kehoe

Reynolds Rentals LLC, 1902 W. Prospect St. 212, Chelan, $216,000, sold to William E. Bylund

Frederick G. Barkley, 576 Upper Joe Creek Road, Manson, $450,000, sold to Douglas and Jama England

Patricia L. Bryant, 201 S. Elliott Ave. 25, Wenatchee, $208,400, sold to Robert B. Burton

James L. Drake and Paul S. Drake, 343 Malaga Ave., Wenatchee, $150,000, sold to Jessalyn A. Davis


Chelan County land sales

Jan. 3

Douglas E. and N. Jean Cozby, Property ID 37905, Lake Wenatchee Highway, Leavenworth, $100,000, 19.31 acres, sold to Reinder and Leanne Van Der Schoot

Vernon A. and Clara E. Stockwell Trustees, Property ID 65020, April Drive, Wenatchee, $140,000, 3.54 acres, sold to Christopher M. Soehren

BCS Ventures LLC, 369 Hidden Lane, Chelan, $154,000, 0.89 acres, sold to Trent C. and Kelly A. Dibble

Jan. 4

Joan Boyle, 15795 Coyote Falls Road, Entiat, $100,000, 3.25 acres, sold to Eric A. and Tania D. Amodel

M & A Land LLC, 838 Autumn Crest Drive, Wenatchee, $75,000, 0.57 acres, sold to Michael A. and Lynn K. Trantow

Lange Construction LLC, 1767 Brambling Brae Lane, Wenatchee, $483,260, 0.21 acres, sold to Judith AP Baratta and Thomas C. Pemberton

Jan. 5

David Corulli, 1500, 1504 and 1508 N. Western Ave. (three parcels), Wenatchee, $275,000, 0.55 acres, sold to Campbells Development LLC

Lyle E. and Peggy A. Neeley Trustees, 76 Hinthorne Lane, Leavenworth, $110,000, 5.03 acres, sold to Henry and Lisa Klossner Trustees

Roberts Construction LLC, 1711 Brambling Brae Lane, Wenatchee, $429,900, 0.18 acres, sold to Daniel E. and Cynthia K. Sullivan

Jan. 11

Boyd L. Monroe, Property ID 47620, Lower Joe Creek Road, Manson, $75,000, 19.36 acres, sold to Gill and Rhonda Walsh

Marc Paul and Frances Christine Wilson, 811 Boyd Road, Chelan, $285,000, 3.49 acres, sold to William G. and Angell L. Clark

Jan. 12

Barbara L. Pittman, Property ID 67141, 67142, 67143, 67144, 67145 and 67146, Burch Mountain Road (six parcels), Wenatchee, $250,000, 206.18 acres, sold to Thomas J. and Mary A. Monahan, Joseph T. and Angela Rose Monahan, David H. Noble Jr. and Kathleen B. Noble

Barbara L. Pittman, Property ID 23525, Burch Mountain Road, Wenatchee, $160,000, 309.17 acres, sold to Thomas J. and Mary A. Monahan, Joseph T. and Angela Rose Monahan, David H. Noble Jr. and Kathleen B. Noble

Jan. 15

BCS Ventures LLC, 593 Hidden Lane, Chelan, $160,000, 0.88 acres, sold to Kenneth Linderman and Cammy Kuntz

Jan. 17

Daniel A. and Martha M. Bath, Property ID 38887 and 38888 (two parcels), Cedar Brae Road, Leavenworth, $95,000, 1.24 acres, sold to Steven and Dina Wilson

Richard and Sybil Craig, Property ID 40496, Navarre Coulee Road, Chelan, $68,500, 20.03 acres, sold to Perry R. and Penelope J. Fisher

M & A Land LLC, 863 Autumn Crest Drive, Wenatchee, $137,000, 0.5 acres, sold to Richard R. and Margaret K. Taylor

Jan. 22

Barbara L. Pittman, Property ID 23525, Bruch Mountain Road, Wenatchee, $160,000, 309.17 acres, sold to Thomas J. and Mary A. Monahan et al

Jan. 23

Chelan Lookout LLLP, 286 Bobcat Lane, Chelan, $270,954, 0.1 acre, sold to Troy T. and Dejah L. Swettenam

Jan. 24

Nason View LLC, 106 Snowshoe Lane, Leavenworth, $165,000, 5.01 acres, sold to Michael D. and Jayme A. Norrie

Jan. 25

William C. Scroggie, Property ID 19494 and 19499, Colockum Road (two parcels), Malaga, $234,000, 193.91 acres, sold to Thomas C. and Rebecca J. Goodwin et al

Aaron Westlund, 3710 Viewmont Drive, Wenatchee, $170,000, 1 acre, sold to Milton and Nicole Douglas

Jan. 25

Lake Chelan Reclamation District, Property ID 66982, Lakeshore Drive, Wenatchee, $6,750, 0.45 acres, sold to Jon W. and Norma S. Sather

Jan. 26

Harvey L. Krona, Property ID 38018, FS 6300-131 Road, Leavenworth, $110,000, 50 acres, sold to Matthew and Mary Parrick et al

John P. Scofield, Property ID 47244 and 47255, Entiat River Road (two parcels), Entiat, $18,000, 0.75 acres, sold to Lloyd E. Fryhover

Jan. 29

James G. and Marjory R. Sackett, 55 Sackett Glen Lane, Chelan, $199,900, 5.57 acres, sold to Colby C. Cowell

Whisper Investments LLC, 463 Spring View Place, Chelan, $78,000, 0.18 acres, sold to Alan F. and Ashely L. Waters

Jan. 30

Whisper Investments LLC, 1107 Sunny Brooke Lane, Chelan, $78,000, 0.18 acres, sold to Kristofer F. Borgias and Jane Hubrig

Prusik Investments LLC, 110 Pine St., Leavenworth, $105,900, 0.14 acres, sold to Dennis and Debra K. Carver


Douglas County commercial sales

Jan. 4

Merrill Holdings LLC and Tetra Holdings LLC, 801 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $466,667, sold to Joshua M. and Kiersten C. Week

Jan. 10

Lyle Matthew and Maria Teresa Dearment, 816 Valley Mall Parkway, East Wenatchee, $210,000, sold to Michael and Nicole Karami

Jan. 11

Town Bar & Grill LLC, 34 Main St., Mansfield, $44,500, sold to Brandon and Debbie Rigby


Douglas County residential sales

Jan. 2

Phill R. and Sharon K. Roberge, 2454 Twin Peaks View, East Wenatchee, $444,000, sold to Kregg and Kerry Kappenman

Jan. 3

TTX LLC, 372 9th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $225,900, sold to Debra B. Johnson

Jan. 5

Andi D. and Brian J. Chornyak, 2360 Mountain View Drive, East Wenatchee, $480,000, sold to Kevin A. McDonnell

Marcia Peterson, 812 Ella St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $169,000, sold to Lynda J. Mertes

Josephine Davis, 1129 Denis Court, East Wenatchee, $242,000, sold to Femin Najera Pantaleon

Nancy I. Zahn, 1614 N. Baker Ave., East Wenatchee, $290,000, sold to Ricardo and Tanya Escobedo

Jan. 8

Robert M. Devereaux, Estate, 220 Broadmoor St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $271,500, sold to Tomeika S. Jones

Jan. 10

Pedro F. and Trinidad G. Mendez, 19 N. Nile Ave., East Wenatchee, $265,000, sold to Anthony L. Flores

Sue L. and Justin T. Heitzman, 1017 Gilbert Court, East Wenatchee, $363,700, sold to Brian Todd and Katherine Mary Loose

Martin Hernandez, 1921 N.W. Bates Ave., East Wenatchee, $140,000, sold to Mario Vivanco Lopez

Jessica L. Thune, 781 Garden Court, East Wenatchee, $190,000, sold to Daniel E. and Teresa D. Beardslee

Robert P. and Dana L. Baird, 3010 1st St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $180,900, sold to R & H Rentals LLC

Jan. 11

Corey A. and Stephanie M. Wilson, 584 N. Montclair Ave., East Wenatchee, $263,000, sold to Tyler W. and Kayla D. Reed

Travis Michael and Carolyn Jane Morley, 694 Degage St., East Wenatchee, $315,000, sold to Corey and Stephanie Wilson

Jan. 12

Luis Alfredo and Karrah Galaviz, 326 S. Mary Ave., East Wenatchee, $275,000, sold to Ryan and Veronica Poortinga

Dean and Kristi Sloan, 87 Red Hawk Drive, Orondo, $285,000, sold to David W. Yancey

Gregory D. and Joy S. Brown, 411 19th St. N.E. No. 6, East Wenatchee, $472,500, sold to Riley M. and Marianne C. Sivertsen

Annie M. Sackman, 785 Turtle Rock Road and parcel number 68000001214, Turtle Rock Road (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $510,000, sold to Kenneth T. and Janice M. Krekow

Jan. 16

Lanna Caudill, aka Lanna Jordan and Jeremy Stevens, 2450 Highland View Drive, East Wenatchee, $319,000, sold to Thomas R. and Kelli A. Dion

Carol L. Cook, 4042 Bluecrest Drive, East Wenatchee, $223,000, sold to James Shantry

Matthew W. Regan, 408 E. Walnut St., Waterville, $190,000, sold to Jeffrey R. and Sarah M. Whitehall

Jan. 17

Trent J. and Aubrey Conant, 608 E. Ash St. and parcel number 11600200202, E. Ash St., (two parcels), Waterville, $193,000, sold to Brandon Lee Mallory

Jan. 18

Michael B. Cao, 2324 Fancher Heights Blvd., East Wenatchee, $474,000, sold to Lauren Miehe

Fred and Jacqueline A. Perry, 3501 Rock Island Road, East Wenatchee, $285,000, sold to Tammy Grigg

Kristy and Robert Campbell, 2511 Rock Island Road, East Wenatchee, $145,000, sold to Timothy J. and Chelsea G. Garcia

Jan. 19

SRL Enterprises Inc., 2305 Fancher Field Road, East Wenatchee, $242,500, sold to Nikolay A. and Olga K. Shur

Catherine Walling, 1137 Harrison Court, East Wenatchee, $217,000, sold to Verne Laine Jr. and Mary L. Laine

Bartley and Shelby Lynn Schmidt, 233 3rd St., Bridgeport, $191,500, sold to Christopher A. and Ana L. Burbank

Brent T. and Shawn L. Schweigert, 615 and 616 Silico St. (two parcels), Waterville, $60,735, sold to Greg S. and Mellissa R. Lance

Jan. 22

Constance Defolo, 1441 Easthills Terrace, East Wenatchee, $270,000, sold to Curtis Gray

MTC Financial Inc., 415 N. Columbia Ave., Waterville, $53,128, sold to EN Investments LLC

Highlander Estates LLC, 2769 Falcon View Drive, East Wenatchee, $100,000, sold to Kendall Blair

Sage Homes LLC, 2769 Falcon View Drive, East Wenatchee, $460,260, sold to Kendall Blair

Jan. 25

Stephen O. and Sabrina R. Martinez, 2335 Combine St., East Wenatchee, $240,000, sold to Marc E. Lester

Amy L. and Steve L. Vickery, 2 Glendale St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $237,900, sold to Maria de Jesus Martinez and Eulises Ortega Mendez

Jan. 26

Cheryl L. McGuire, 1329 N. Arbor Terrace, East Wenatchee, $255,000, sold to Billie Jo Brown

Bradley G. Brown, 1051 N. Baker Ave., No. 2-104, East Wenatchee, $227,500, sold to Norma Jean Mode-Booth

Elaine Smith, 380 S. Kentucky Ave., East Wenatchee, $75,000, sold to Dennis and Rebecca DeBoer

Lisa A. Robertson, 3655 N.W. Cascade Ave. Space 20, East Wenatchee, $18,000, sold to Paula Benson

Travis Jordan, 501 N. James Ave., East Wenatchee, $259,900, sold to Mitchell T. Williams

Jan. 29

Sara C. Kortan, 247 4th St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $213,500, sold to Matthew Stanger

Graham, Dalton L. and Whitney J. Pritchett, 295 N. Iowa Ave., East Wenatchee, $218,500, sold to Robert M. Schauls

Angela Parkison, 148 N. James Ave., East Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to Benjamin G. and Kassaundra L. Carter

Jan. 30

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, 2327 N.W. Alan Ave., East Wenatchee, $134,500, sold to Carlos Garcia Anaya and Guadalupe Sanchez

Robert C. Bromiley, 815 E. Birch St., Waterville, $280,000, sold to Garrett A. and Mia M. Thomsen

Henry Willett and Sunnie J. Wright, 302 S. Central Ave., Waterville, $160,000, sold to Abbey D. Huffman and Anthony D. Realme

Betty A. Ockfen, 570 Sunday Drive, East Wenatchee, $184,900, sold to Wayne V. and Kelly Ann Wolford

Jan. 31

Everett V. Aichele, 200 Old Cabin Road, Waterville, $245,000, sold to Teresa A. Williams

Timothy and Kris Reynolds, 5009 N.W. Cascade Ave., East Wenatchee, $799,500, sold to Floyd John Erickson Jr. and Martha R. Erickson

Joy Prey, 130 and 134 29th St. N.W.(two parcels), East Wenatchee, $484,000, sold to Michael J. Berggren

Steven and Anne Marie Sparling, 1541 N. Anne Ave., East Wenatchee, $347,500, sold to Trent D. and Taralyn Moyers

Shirley A. Voss, 1620 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $473,000, sold to Thomas and Kristen Moberg

Mary E. Groff Sanders and Stephen W. Sanders, 225 19th St. N.E. No. 3, East Wenatchee, $300,000, sold to Douglas J. and Cheryl L. Townsend

Shannon Gilmour, 3405 Ashwood Drive, East Wenatchee, $389,000, sold to Richard D. and Dara L. Wallen

Richard D. Rowe Revocable Trust, 518 Country Lane, East Wenatchee, $196,500, sold to Shirley A. Voss

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, Trustee for Upland Mortgage Loan Trust A, 75 Mountmorvic Ranch Road, East Wenatchee, $142,500, sold to Keith R. and Angela A. Parkison

Paul’s Remodeling, LLC, 1038 N. Jackson Ave., East Wenatchee, $227,950, sold to Amandajo A. Cleveland

Richard A. and Denise L. Rekdal, 96 Orchard Place, Orondo, $265,000, sold to John and Lisa Nilsson


Douglas County land sales

Jan. 2

River Vue LLC, 820 S. Lamplight Lane, East Wenatchee, $135,950, 0.41 acres, sold to Nannette K. Marchmonte

Jan. 3

Donovan R. and Laura L. Mounter, 2830 N. Brie Lane, East Wenatchee, $119,900, 0.36 acres, sold to Gary A. and Teresa J. Snyder

Michael Segaline, 875 Garden Plaza, East Wenatchee, $79,500, 0.17 acres, sold to CMH Homes Inc.

Corral Springs Water District, 108 Beebe Ranch Road, Chelan, $19,200, 355.92 acres, sold to BCS Ventures LLC

Jan. 5

Gordon D. Fitzhugh, 124 Fir Ave., Bridgeport, $115,000, 6.79 acres, sold to Jesus Negrete

Jan. 8

Scott and Jeanette Rukke, parcel number 81701404800, Coulee-Hartline, $5,900, 1.53 acres, sold to 425 Development LLC

Jan. 10

Double Down Properties LLC, 2111 and 2125 6th St. S.E.(two parcels), East Wenatchee, $2,268,000, 37.72 acres, sold to Eastmont School District No. 206

Jan. 11

Imogene C. Cordova, parcel number 81801601200, Coulee-Hartline, $3,000, 1.85 acres, sold to Natalia T. Kvon

Jan. 12

Jeffrey D. Miller and Sheena N. Stone-Miller, 862 Briarwood Drive, East Wenatchee, $143,500, 0.42 acres, sold to Mark C. Lee

Dorothy B. Carlsen, 103 Chickadee Lane, Waterville, $19,500, 5.22 acres, sold to Lance L. and Alisa A. Bruno

Battermann Ventures LLC, 3816 N. George St., East Wenatchee, $146,175, 1 acre, sold to Horseshoe Land Company LLC

Eric Sperline and Leslie Hand, 378 23rd St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $122,000, 0.43 acres, sold to Richard Kerrone

Jan. 17

Strider EW LLC, 5416 Enterprise Drive, East Wenatchee, $1,226,865, 11.34 acres, sold to Northwest Wholesale Incorporated

Alandco LLC, 1969 8th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $76,500, 0.16 acres, sold to David Korniyenko

Jan. 22

Buoy 10 LLC, parcel number 81700900500, Ephrata, $3,597, 1.03 acres, sold to Stephanie Rogstad

Jan. 25

Donald Barth, parcel numbers 22223020006, 22223020003, 41700002103, 10800002101 and 10800002801 (five parcels), Rock Island, $750,000, 22.29 acres, sold to George Pond, LLC

Jan. 26

Battermann Ventures LLC, 3857 N. George St., East Wenatchee, $274,995, 1.99 acres, sold to David Wakefield Family LLC

Battermann Ventures LLC, 3744 N. George St., East Wenatchee, $141,570, 1.03 acres, sold to Lindco LLC

Jan. 29

Prime Properties LLC, 2231 Maryhill St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $21,000, 0.17 acres, sold to Doris and Fred Schaller

Sage Homes LLC, 2231 Maryhill St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $277,900, 0.17 acres, sold to Doris and Fred Schaller

August I. Derosa, parcel number 53500002300, Tyee View Loop, Waterville, $8,000, 5.39 acres, sold to Andrew and Julia Markus

Jan. 30

Barbara K. Hubbard, parcel number 86500000500, East Wenatchee, $99,900, 0.39 acres, sold to Kathy D. and Rodney D. Thomas

Jan. 31

Solid Financial LLC, parcel number 53700000700, Waterville, $12,653, 11.1 acres, sold to Ronald C. Waller

George E. Marberg, 165 Malloy Place, Orondo, $62,000, 0.23 acres, sold to Vern and Marian Adams