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For the Record | Building permits

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Chelan County

Jan. 2

David R. Schott, 1919 B Fifth St., no valuation, new re-roof

Jan. 3

EGN Legacy LLC, 701 N. Miller St., $15,500, garden home addition

Pybus Market Charitable Foundation, 7-B N. Worthen St., $10,000, storage mezzanine

Jan. 4

B & P Investments LLC, 115 S. Wenatchee Ave., $15,000, basement, bathroom and stair addition

Jason W. Schilling and Christina T. Eide, 619 King St., $3,000, basement remodel

Steven M. Loidhamer, 1007 Wedgewood Ave., no valuation, remove bearing wall, enlarge two windows

McLaughlin Construction, 960 Upper Ridge Road, Chelan, $166,040, single-family residence

Jan. 8

Taylor Orchards LLC, 3748 Highway 97A, no valuation, wall mounted sign

DW Properties LLC, 3012 GS Center Road Unit A, no valuation, commercial alteration

Markus J. Stockman, 2211 Ashley Brooke, no valuation, replace HVAC system

Richard D. Park, 15 Furney St., no valuation, replace HVAC system

Jan. 9

William L. Woodley, 600 N. Mission St., $50,000, salon remodel

James Owen Walters III and Margaret E. Walters, 2995 Eagle View Drive, Malaga, $9,720, accessory structure-addition/alteration

Jan. 10

Apple Hospitality LLC, 1921 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, install steam oven

Ronald Ventimiglia, 20 Howser Road, Chelan, $156,093, single-family residence

Marc Flack, 22703, Saddle St., Leavenworth, $36,459, accessory structure

Jan. 11

RJB Ventures LLC, 1225 Johnson St., no valuation, fire demolition

Paula Marie Pfiefle et al, 1817 Story Lane, no valuation, residential mechanical

Jan. 16

200 Partners LLC, 200 Ferry St., no valuation, replace freestanding sign

Hamilton Investment Group LLC, 11 Spokane St. Suite 305, no valuation, replace rooftop unit

Complete Design, 255 Appleyard Drive, $56,000, addition/alteration

Prestigious Patios, LLC, 223 Meraki Lane, Manson, no valuation, pool/spa

Jan. 17

Laurie D. Dawson, 1541 Angela St., no valuation, HVAC replacement

Jan. 18

Waterfront Properties LLC, 527 Piere St., $2,500, accessory structure

Eider Properties LLC, 921 Third St., $256,385, new residential duplex

Jayme Reynerson, 868 Nancy Lane, Chelan, $201,967, single-family residence

Jan. 19

Wenatchee Valley College, 1300 Fifth St., $7,600, office buildout

Amerigas Propane LP, 4261 Highway 97A, no valuation, replace existing gas furnace

Women’s Resource Center of NCW, 202 Palouse St., no valuation, mini split install

Stanley Bratton, 1720 Walnut St., no valuation, mini split install

Jan. 22

Albert and Jackie W. Tsang, 502 N. Miller St., no valuation, demolish accessory building

Jan. 23

Miller Street Plaza LLC, 1134 N. Miller St. Unit 102, no valuation, three wall signs and one pole sign

City of Wenatchee, 3 N. Worthen St., $960,279, new addition/interior renovation

Holladay LLC, 5885 Sunburst Lane, Cashmere, $36,000, new construction

Jan. 24

Steven Tyler and Jana Fisch, 1005 Monroe St., $100,000, fire damage repair

Grant and Amy Florer, 512 King St., $40,000, interior remodel

Steven R. Hisel and Mary E. Tanneberg-Hisel, 1825 Mulberry Lane, no valuation, remove two structures

Merlin Biles and Lou Latham, 11501 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $243,689, single-family residence

Grette Associates, LLC, 525 Kennedy Place, Manson, $16,900, dock accessory

Grette Associates, LLC, 85 Narrows Lane, Manson, $16,900, dock accessory

Jan. 25

Cascadian Apartments LLC, 102 N. Wenatchee Ave., $45,000, cell tower modification

DW Properties LLC, 3012 GS Center Road Unit A, $1,000, new draftstops, interior work, new signage

Lorna J. Bob, 743 Cashmere St., no valuation, new basement bathroom/drain line rough in

Gary D. and Mandy L. Wyatt, 1712 Windsor Court, no valuation, replace HVAC

Gordon H. Congdon Jr. and Linda S. Congdon, 931 Highland Drive, no valuation, gas insert

Marc Flack, 767 Stargazer Lane, Leavenworth, $234,305, single-family residence

Syndicate Smith, LLC, 12446 Hill St., Leavenworth, $156,722, single-family residence

Jan. 26

Walker Family Holdings LLC, 1737 N. Wenatchee Ave., $10,000, interior alteration

Walker Family Holdings LLC, 1737 N. Wenatchee Ave. Unit F, no valuation, commercial sign

Marjorie A. Johnson, 512 Fourth St., $10,000, kitchen remodel

Jan. 29

Wenatchee SNF Ventures LLC: 625 Okanogan Ave., no valuation, new monument sign

Patricia Schrumpf, 314 Sunset Ave., $20,953, basement remodel

Scott L. Renick, 202 Pearl St., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Rebecca L. and Christopher N. Carter, 1121 Westwood Ave., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Jan. 30

Fincarr Properties LLC, 147 Easy Way Suite 106, no valuation, replace rooftop unit

Michael and Helen Neshem, 33 Harrison St., no valuation, wood stove installation

A Plus Construction, LLC, 7599 Colockum Road, Malaga, no valuation, mobile home

Jan. 31

Waterfront Properties, LLC: 527 Piere St., $10,000, restroom and utility room expansion

BHG Wenatchee LLC, 815 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, plumbing fixtures, hotel remodel

Alvaro L. Lagunas-Diaz Sr. and Maria E. Lagunas, 305 Canyon Place, $305,736, single-family residence

Chelan Valley Builders, Inc., 71 Kage Lane, Manson, $167,777, single-family residence


Douglas County

Jan. 2

Thomas Lee Smith, 75 Buckingham Alley, Brewster, $7,416, covered entry for manufactured home

Scott and Jennifer L. Poirier, 36 Orchard Place, Orondo, $30,000, swimming pool

Jan. 10

Larry Johnson Jr., 1052 Valley Mall Parkway, no valuation, mechanical

Salcido Enterprises LLC, 748 Billingsly Drive, $1,371,152, covered container storage-blockchain data processing

Jan. 11

Star 1 LLC, 636 Valley Mall Parkway Nos. 5 and 6, $20,000, tenant improvements

Heather Coleman, 666 N. Keller Ave., no valuation, mechanical

Kristin Lynn and Joel Augustine, 105 Chipmunk Trail Road, no valuation, wood burning stove

Jan. 12

Craig and Tina Gooding, 17 Corral Creek Drive, Orondo, $360,433, single-family residence

Jan. 17

Prestige Care/East Wenatchee Ventures LLC, 589 Highline Drive, $3,920, FACP connection and testing

Valley Tractor/Brian Nelson, 4857 Contractors Drive, $57,170, tenant improvement

Dale E. Larson, 912 Rock Island Road, $30,000, swimming pool

Jan. 19

Gregory L. and Danette J. Sellman, 440 W. Marine View Drive, Orondo, $276,441, single-family residence

Timberwood Homes LLC, 1953 Legendary Lane S.E., $285,929, single-family residence

Jan. 22

Antcreek LLC, 624 Urban Industrial Way, Building A, $1,702,922, block chain data center

Russell and Cindy Garvin, 33 Frederick Court, Orondo, $330,701, single-family residence

Jan. 23

SPS Wenatchee Development LLC, 1015 Valley Mall Parkway, $30,000, cargo container for crypto mining

Scott and Erin Reiber, 2596 Aviation Drive, $1,100, install gasline

Alissa D. Camden-Diehl, 351 Stoneridge Drive, $22,431, remodel and patio cover

Jan. 24

Phillip and Marcia Sali, 1040 Eastmont Ave. No. 7, no valuation, mechanical

Jan. 25

Wenatchee Golf & Country Club, 1600 Country Club Drive, $426,181, clubhouse alteration/addition

Jan. 26

Patrick L. and Susan K. Knowles, 98 Skeels Road, Orondo, $159,991, accessory storage building

Jan. 29

Sonny Heer, 2876 N. Brysen Drive, $439,115, single-family residence

DMK Homes Inc., 1969 8th St. N.E., $174,412, single-family residence