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For the Record | Building permits for April

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Chelan County

April 2

Grette Associates, LLC, 406 Strada Della Vista, Chelan, $30,000, accessory structure

Washington Federal N.A., 830 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, commercial sign

City of Wenatchee, 140 S. Mission St., no valuation, replace air handling unit with condensing unit

Larry M. and Carolyn E. Dressel, 1518 Madison St., no valuation, complete air handler unit

Jorge E. Ramirez, 727 S. Chelan Ave., no valuation, residential demolition

Jason G. Self, 1716 Orchard Ave., no valuation, re-roof—sheeting

April 3

Frame-Rite Structures, 7680 Stine Hill Road, Cashmere, $30,960, accessory structure

Michael A. and Teri L. Para, 829 Wapato Lake Road, Manson, no valuation, pool/spa

James R. Koenig, 1731 Totem Pole Road, Manson, no valuation, sign

Michael B. and Martha M. Kullman, 923 Millerdale Heights Drive, $267,156, single-family residence

Okanogan Street Ventures LLC, 1767 Brambling Brae Lane, no valuation, in-ground pool

Shaun K. Stegeman, 1415 Dogwood Lane, no valuation, in-ground pool

Jay M. Pulver, 1339 Ninth St., no valuation, HVAC replacement

Nidia Rodriguez, 306 Marie Ave., no valuation, elevation certificate

April 4

Justin C. Lindsay, 1555 Bear Mountain Road, Chelan, $186,371, single-family residence

John E. and Judith A. Whitman, 1000 Highway 150 #23, Manson, no valuation, mobile home

Melissa Perez et al, 233 N. Franklin Ave., $19,313, bedroom addition

Robert H. Culp, 115 S. Franklin Ave., no valuation, re-roof

Carol Ann Tschritter, 944 Idaho St., no valuation, residential backflow

April 5

Lenssen Construction, LLC, 2510 Golf Course Road, Malaga, $190,730, single-family residence

Lenssen Construction, LLC, 2510 Golf Course Road, Malaga, $30,960, accessory structure

Mark S. and Betty J. Taylor, 553 Manson Blvd., Manson, $7,040, dock accessory

Janet Nystrom-Billingsly, 1125 Castlerock Ave., $20,000, converting basement into living space

Pershing Developers LLC, 219 Pershing Circle, $200,000, single-family residence

Pershing Developers LLC, 215 Pershing Circle, $176,439, single-family residence

James D. and Dawn K. Aalgaard, 1505 Anton St., no valuation, deck rail replacement

Kenneth Vazquez, 1102 Cherry St., no valuation, residential re-roof

April 6

Complete Design, 15320 Cedar Brae Road, Leavenworth, $24,693, accessory structure

Kristin Ayling, 1707 Stella Ave., no valuation, remodel demolition

April 9

Timothy A. and Leslie A. Hibbard, 1555 Winesap Ave., $246,770, single-family residence

Timothy A. and Leslie A. Hibbard, 1555 Winesap Ave., no valuation, pool/spa

J & D Detwiler Construction, 2265 A Easy Street, $25,000, addition/alteration

Jonathan L. and Laila H. Sharpe, 9488 E. Leavenworth Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Fadvz Real Estate LLC, 118 N. Wenatchee Ave., $5,000, interior wall move

Dennis S. and Sharron J. Johnson, 211 Fifth St., $20,000, soffit remodel

John M. and Mary J. Zanol, 336 Whitebirch Place, $30,000, patio cover on new pad

Charles L. Layman, 157 Quail Run, no valuation, HVAC replacement

April 10

Hinge Studio LLC, 15735 River Road, Leavenworth, $172,074, single-family residence

Hinge Studio LLC, 15770 River Road, Leavenworth, $21,672, accessory structure

Springwater Homes LLC, 3711 Sky Crest Lane, $183,399, single-family residence

Van Assche, Inc., 867 Sage Crest Drive, $211,309, single-family residence

James A. Chalmers, 15942 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $5,000, accessory structure

GC Building Inc., 25 N. Wenatchee Ave. Unit 100, no valuation, Type II Hood

Salvador R. Chavez, 905 S. Chelan Ave., no valuation, changing out front window

April 11

M & M Quality Construction, LLC, 12477 Bretz Road, Leavenworth, $184,919, single-family residence

Palazzo Ponds & Waterfalls, LLC, 23 Sandy Beach Lane, Manson, no valuation, pool/spa

Lola C. Elliott, 1556 N. Wenatchee Ave., $300,000, new coffee shop structure

Dale A. Allen, 1733 Canyon Crest Drive, $2,896, adding roof over existing patio

April 12

Syndicate Smith, LLC, 8200 Olalla Canyon Road, Cashmere, $138,254, single-family residence

Syndicate Smith, LLC, 8200 Olalla Canyon Road, Cashmere, $19,866, accessory structure

Stefan and Heidi Fromm, 1607 A. Maiden Lane, $28,243, garage alteration and addition

Jacki R. and Stanley R. Devaney, 550 Hainsworth St., $2,000, cover over existing front deck

Janet E. Bevier, 219 Pear Lane, no valuation, HVAC replacement

Vernon L. Smith, 1713 Maiden Lane, no valuation, HVAC replacement

Dale and Marguerite Huber, 1817 Garnet Place, no valuation, flood elevation certificate

April 13

Tyler Human, 11175 Wending Lane, Leavenworth, $114,784, single-family residence

K & L Homes, LLC, 95 Proctor Blvd., Manson, $173,715, single-family residence

Glen and Karen Fisher, 4090 Knowles Road, $157,619, single-family residence

Glen F. and Donna Pruitt, 201 Canal Blvd., $3,000, basement remodel

Glenn Gorst, 915 Bryan St., no valuation, backflow lawn sprinkler

April 16

Ant Creek LLC, 4075 Malaga Alcoa Highway, Malaga, no valuation, change of use

Ant Creek LLC, 4119 Malaga Alcoa Highway, Malaga, no valuation, change of use

Ant Creek LLC, 4125 Malaga Alcoa Highway, Malaga, no valuation, change of use

Dave Simmons Construction, LLC, 1042 Pitcher Canyon Road, $255,084, single-family residence

Grette Associates, LLC, 20190 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $41,035, dock

Keppler LLC, 10 N. Chelan Ave., no valuation, backflow

Kresdin Griffin, 845 Kittitas St., no valuation, HVAC replacement

April 17

Ricardo and Kelsey Chavez, 1909 Winesap Ave., Manson, $227,088, single-family residence

Chidester Construction Company, LLC, 4683 Chelan Blvd., Manson, $245,858, single-family residence

Chidester Construction Company, LLC, 4683 Chelan Blvd., Manson, $28,509, accessory structure

Marilyn J. Olson, 914 Plum St., $14,000, covered veranda

April 18

Cascade Central Construction LLC, 7 Strain Lane, Manson, $5,000,000, new construction

Cascade Central Construction LLC, 11 Strain Lane, Manson, $5,000,000, new construction

Terry O’Keefe, 3873 Zager Road, Monitor, no valuation, pool/spa

Chelan Douglas PTBA, 300 S. Columbia St., $180,000, commercial alteration

Geoffrey T. Ping and Asia R. Delacruz, 135 Easy St., no valuation, two signs

Stemilt Growers LLC, 1610 N. Miller St., $1,350,000, interior alterations

LEL Investments LLC, 907 S. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, grease interceptor

Casa de Miller LLC, 1124 N. Miller St., no valuation, HVAC replacement

Sean T. Griffith and Charmaine Vecino, 801 Orchard Ave., $25,000, interior remodel

Joanna Holland, 38 Martin Place, no valuation, HVAC replacement

Arthur B. Rohde, 151 Quail Run, no valuation, HVAC replacement

Christian A. and Jennifer M. Chamberlin, 506 Cedar Wood Place, no valuation, new heat pump

Kristin Ayling, 1707 Stella Ave., no valuation, adding A/C unit

April 19

Adam T. and Cynthia A. Rasmussen, 126 Cloudless Drive, Manson, $152,271, single-family residence

RAS Construction, Inc., 280 Brimstone Lane, Chelan, no valuation, pool/spa

Alpine Air Heating & Cooling, Inc., 14610 Cedar Brae Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Alpine Air Heating & Cooling, Inc., 21000 Morgan St., Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Central Washington Health Services Association, 933 Red Apple Road Suite A, $216,380, internal medicine tenant improvement

Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust, 2000 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, additional signage

Myra D. Grossarth et al, 412 Milas Ave., no valuation, two egress windows

April 20

Ronald and Lisa Cornelius, 11500 Eagle Creek Road, Leavenworth, $97,200, accessory structure

Randall P. and Rennea L. Smith, 4605 No. 2 Canyon Road, $30,960, accessory structure

Luis A. Nunez, 420 Douglas St., $7,039, repairing existing deck cover

Justin A. and Jessica A. Clay, 1816 Troon Ave., no valuation, in-ground pool

Vince A. Duncan, 302 Methow St., no valuation, re-roof

Lawrence H. Rayner, 1264 Millerdale Ave., no valuation, re-roof

April 23

Rivercom 911, 3066 FS 7402-315 Road, Cashmere, $70,000, new construction

Ryanco, 151 Mirabella Drive, Chelan, $198,695, single-family residence

Complete Design, 60 Avalon Terrace, $165,111, single-family residence

Curtis J. and Shawna L. Presley, 2303 Pine Tree Road, Leavenworth, $164,402, single-family residence

Frances R. Twiggs, 6 N. Cleveland Ave., no valuation, HVAC replacement

Lewis J. Cooper, 1418 Millerdale Ave., no valuation, HVAC replacement

Francisco Garcia and Nerida G. Enriquez-Aguilar, 1005 Harvard Ave., no valuation, HVAC replacement

David and Cristal Cuevas, 1258 and 1260 Utah St., no valuation, backflow preventer

Raul R. Martinez, 745 Cascade St., no valuation, HVAC replacement

April 25

K & L Homes, LLC, 115 Milan Drive, Manson, $174,121, single-family residence

Adam Rasmussen, 90 Copper Lane, Manson, $103,534, accessory dwelling unit

Lexar Homes Wenatchee, 89 Manzanita Drive, Manson, $151,771, single-family residence

Eastern Washington Construction, Inc., 319 Village Drive, Manson, $177,251, single-family residence

Eastern Washington Construction, Inc., 310 Village Drive, Manson, $141,447, single-family residence

Chelan House LLC, 722 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, no valuation, mechanical

Shreve Properties LLC, 1250 N. Wenatchee Ave. Unit G, $5,000, dividing suite into two

Jay R. and Rhonda Bollinger, 2058 Maiden Lane, $440,763, single-family residence

Jamie Shaw, 534 Fairfield Lane, no valuation, backflow lawn sprinkler

Jessica W. Sauceda, 1407 S. Hills Drive, no valuation, deck rebuild

Melia M. Mayer, 114 S. Franklin Ave., no valuation, backflow lawn sprinkler

April 26

Lexar Homes Wenatchee, 181 Manzanita Drive, Manson, $166,798, single-family residence

Eastern Washington Construction, Inc., 79 Kestrel Lane, Manson, $140,124, single-family residence

April 27

Matthew G. Asplund, 410 Steinbach Road, $178,274, single-family residence

Karl and Jennifer Puckett, 52 Collins Lane, Chelan, $30,960, accessory structure

Kristin Ayling, 1707 Stella Ave., $56,682, no valuation, residential remodel

April 30

Michael R. Tutino II, 7638 Olalla Canyon Road, Cashmere, $132,840, accessory structure

Felipe Banuelos and Manuela Bustillas, 67 Airport Acres Lane, Chelan, $169,397, single-family residence

Norman Olvier, 17922 Wilderness Road, Entiat, $129,234, single-family residence

Allen Matthews, 3446 Cathedral Rock Road, Malaga, $262,513, single-family residence

Graybeal Signs, Inc., 5695 Highway 97A, no valuation, sign

Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc., 320 Village Drive, Manson, $161,973, single-family residence

Mulhall Construction, Inc., 62 Viking Lane, Manson, no valuation, pool/spa

Mulhall Construction, Inc., 62 Viking Lane, Manson, $10,000, accessory structure

Tutino Construction, LLC, 3725 Highway 97A, Chelan, $20,000, accessory structure—addition/alteration

Charles J. and Janet M. Hensley, 1825 Castlerock Ave., $40,000, new garage

C & C Investment Properties LLC, 2020 Westhaven, $177,398, single-family residence

Adrian Hernandez, 326 S. Mission St., no valuation, residential re-roof


Douglas County

April 3

Hanson Home Construction LLC, 631 S. Newton Ave., $228,578, single-family residence

April 4

Stephenie and Kim Jones, 1002 N. Colorado Ave., $5,000, residential remodel

Auto Zone, 711 Grant Road, no valuation, three wall signs/one pylon sign

SPS Wenatchee LLC, 1688 Grant Road, no valuation, one wall sign

April 5

Damian and Rosa Luna, 513 S. Mason Ave., $25,274, kitchen addition

DK Baker Holdings LLC, 520 11th St. N.E.#7, $5,000, remove bearing wall—install new beam

April 6

Marilyn Warner, 440 30th St. N.W., $59,661, swimming pool and retaining wall

Timberwood Homes LLC, 1966 Legendary Lane S.E., $356,139, single-family residence

Timberwood Homes LLC, 1963 Legendary Lane S.E., $290,769, single-family residence

April 9

Brett Brinton, 4 Ivy Lane, Orondo, $495,223, single-family residence and garage with accessory dwelling unit

Bollinger Construction LLC, 2990 Blue Heron Lane, $284,455, single-family residence

April 10

Mark and Tiffany Brandvold, 165 E. Marine View Drive, Orondo, $226,001, single-family residence

April 11

Northwest Wholesale Inc., 5416 Enterprise Drive, $778,450, Northwest Wholesale Corporate Headquarters

Salcido Enterprises LLC, 748 S. Billingsley Drive, $7,410, sign placement

Waide T. and Sonja A. Adams, 220 W. Emerson Drive, Orondo, $17,485, deck rebuild

Jonathan Hagen, 268 Vineyard Drive, Orondo, $35,000, swimming pool

April 12

Banner Bank, 255 Rock Island Road, $28,000, modify existing lobby for new teller line

April 13

Skil LLC, 1200 Eastmont Ave. #1-12, no valuation, placement of backflow system

April 16

Tracy A. Peterson, 12 Remuda Drive, Ephrata, $5,000, old hickory shed

Chad M. and Bridgit L. Shales, 1850 Bluegrass Ave., $30,000, swimming pool

Porfirio and Linda K. Covarrubias, 21491 Highway 97, Orondo, $41,820, convert existing building to residence

April 17

William F. and Toni K. Gwinner, 475 Edson St., Brewster, $195,000, manufactured home

David D. and Tonya R. Curby, 2850 N. Brysen Drive, $332,207, single-family residence

April 18

Anthony C. and Tracey G. Lewis, 4725 N.W. Cascade Ave., $13,104, storage shed

Larry K. and Susan G. Benedict, 4974 Hurst Landing Road, $36,031, swimming pool and cabana

Maria De Jesus and Eulises Ortega Mendez, 2 Glendale St. N.E., $18,941, residential remodel

Jennifer Fullwiler, 812 Madeleine Court, $198,892, single-family residence

April 19

Scott E. Reiman, 40 Cougar Ridge Road, $142,802, post frame building

Lyle S. Sloan and Michelle Sevigny, 199 Northshore Drive, Orondo, $448,729, single-family residence

H & H Construction NW LLC, 2858 N. Brie Lane, $394,628, single-family residence

April 20

Van Doren Sales, 10 N.E. Cascade Ave., $15,000, replacement of nitrogen tank

Northwest Wholesale Inc., 5416 Enterprise Drive, $3,011,965, tilt-up warehouses and covered loading dock

Bill and Lori Connor, 8 Sandcastle Drive, Orondo, $208,176, single-family residence

Jared and Erika Sambuceto, 1923 8th St. N.E., $212,991, single-family residence

April 23

Gregory A. and Diana L. Peterson, 2420 Catalina Drive, $23,301, deck

Nadra J. Betcher, 445 Road D N.W., Waterville, $37,188, garage

Michael and Holly Burts, 108 Hummingbird Road, $273,876, single-family residence

April 24

Mike Grande, 385 Road P N.W., Waterville, $45,068, post frame shop

April 25

Roy D. and Idalia L. Quezada, 3041 N.W. Delcon Drive, $37,188, shop

Greg C. and Jacqueline P. Brackett, 26 Orchard Place, Orondo, $4,500, move propane tank location

Brad and Kerry Pihlstrom, 220 Vineyard Drive, Orondo, $420,871, single-family residence

April 26

Sage Homes LLC, 272 S. Nevada Ave., $223,856, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 283 S. Mystical Ave., $221,011, single-family residence

April 27

Dianna Lynn and Steven Leon McCandless, 611 S. Jarvis Ave., $137,386, storage building

Sage Homes LLC, 262 S. Nevada Ave., $156,086, single-family residence

April 30

Miguel Cervantes, 229 23rd St. N.W., $168,983, single-family residence