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For the Record | Real estate sales

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Chelan County commercial sales

May 2

Jeffrey W. and Caridad Leinan, 710 Monroe St. A, Wenatchee, $300,000, sold to Scott Catton and Gabrielle D. Fox-Catton

May 15

RBJ Enterprises, 1451 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, $360,000, sold to 3rd Rock LLC

May 16

Pensiona LLC, 926 Commercial St., Leavenworth, $2,600,000, sold to Pol Hun LLC

May 21

Wenatchee Productions Inc., 1546 S. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, $396,940, sold to Wenatchee Housing LLP

May 29

U.S. Bank N.A. Trustee, 400 S. Chelan Ave., Wenatchee, $155,000, sold to Brian R. and Virginia R.E. Franey

May 30

Donald A. Larsen, 3840 Highway 97A, Wenatchee, $320,000, sold to Adan Gutierrez and Andres Gutierrez

Lisa Cochrane, 129 W. Whitman St. 1, Leavenworth, $400,000, sold to Minte Lee and Bei Shen

May 31

Ricard D. Easley, 1002 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $2,700,000, sold to Jai Madhav Inc.


Chelan County residential sales

May 1

Cynthia L. Raekes et al, 12511 Bretz Road, Leavenworth, $412,000, sold to Michael B. and Sara A. Mills

Jack N. Davis et al, 2946 S. Lakeshore Road 3, Chelan, $339,000, sold to Eagle Lake Resort LLC

Ledenko Family Primary Beneficiary Trust, 826 Golf Course Drive, Chelan, $305,000, sold to Jeff E. and Paula J. Stebbins

Dave Riggs Jr., 22 Summercreek Place, Wenatchee, $479,500, sold to Charles A. and Martha Von Reis

May 2

Kelly C. Pope, aka Kelly C. Cate, and Dean Pope, 19 Harrison St., Wenatchee, $285,000, sold to Ryan C. and Emily R. Morgan

H P L LLC, 1830 Rocklund Drive A, Wenatchee, $214,900, sold to Elizabeth A. Jones and Makai A. Aguigui

Patty Shaffer et al, 300 Valley St., Cashmere, $287,000, sold to Wesley E. and Jaimee L. Nylund

Leavenworth 24 II LLC, 100 Ski Blick Strasse A101, Leavenworth, $360,000, sold to Douglas R. and Kathryn A. Drew

Vicente and Luz Ibarra, 2110 Methow St., Wenatchee, $230,000, sold to Jorge and Carmen C. Lara

Michael D. Johnson, 280 Saddlehorn Lane, Wenatchee, $188,900, sold to Neil L. and Amy L. Spietz

Sunset Marina LLC, Property ID 66729, W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $88,000, sold to Jeffrey L. and Shannon M. Corbett

May 3

Nicholas and Sara Pipkin, 9089 Deadman Hill Road, Dryden, $561,000, sold to Patrick P. Button and Hannah C. Dewey

Terry E. Ewart, 14005 Chiwaukum Creek Road and Property ID 32519, Chiwaukum Creek Road (two parcels), Leavenworth, $488,200, sold to Robert Porcarelli and Megan Hutcheson

May 4

Ronald and Beatrix Taylor, 21107 Lariat Road, Leavenworth, $495,000, sold to Robert J. and Suzanne Cowan

Jerry W. Lopez, 105 Madisen Lane, Chelan, $339,900, sold to Charles J. and Kylie L. Schmitz

Annette Martysus, 2220 W. Woodin Ave. 106, Chelan, $221,000, sold to Paul and Angelica Bianco

James G. Moore, 2220 W. Woodin Ave., 201, Chelan, $264,000, sold to Sol Networks LLC

Josef Namin, 220 Antles Ave. 111, Wenatchee, $165,000, sold to Geoffrey T. Ping and Asia R. Delacruz

May 5

Justin Johnson, 920 First St., Wenatchee, $329,900, sold to Michael A. Sabatello

May 7

Ray A. Heit and Janet M. Smith, 1811 Orchard Ave., Wenatchee, $382,500, sold to Kevin Hanson and Casey King

Daniel and Jayne Van Liew, 405 Marie Ave., Wenatchee, $320,000, sold to Gary D. and Elizabeth A. Tallman

Christian A. and Jennifer M. Chamberlin, 506 Cedar Wood Place, Wenatchee, $498,000, sold to Aura N. Battis and Erik R. Magnussen

Nancy J. Hanes, 3419 Alpine Court, Wenatchee, $445,000, sold to Dave and Paula Peretti

Daniel B. Leahy et al, 945 Idaho St., Wenatchee, $288,800, sold to Luke Ehlis and Tara Abhold

May 8

Merle H. Castro, 2412 No. 1 Canyon Road, Wenatchee, $359,900, sold to Justin W. and Tracy L. Stoltzfus

Ian T. Morgan, 317 Elberta Ave., Cashmere, $275,000, sold to Erin M. Schwartz and Lawrence O. Yeckel

Eider Properties LLC, 5355 Binder Road, Cashmere, $255,000, sold to Jordan E. Lucky

Daniel Bass, 4359 Anna Lane, Wenatchee, $576,500, sold to William G. Bailey and Heather J. McRae

Michael L. and Kim A. McGregor, 1712 Pine St., Wenatchee, $180,200, sold to Janessa and Eric L. Garcia

Harald Riise Trustee, 123 W. Center St., Leavenworth, $385,000, sold to Shaun A. and Marissa A. Stratton

Jerry W. Hartman, 191 O’Grady St., Leavenworth, $385,000, sold to John A. Taylor

Jacob M. Goehry, 760 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $1,200,000, sold to Nan LLC et al

Arc Rentals LLC, 1516 Millerdale Ave., Wenatchee, $319,000, sold to Kevin S. Jurenka

Steven R. Laughery, 137 Sarah Drive, Wenatchee, $399,500, sold to Gregory L. and Nona N. Haberman

May 9

Kandy Holdings LLC, 407 Marilyn Ave., Wenatchee, $289,000, sold to Brian Matsumura

Steven J. Winter, 948 Washington St., Wenatchee, $205,000, sold to Santiago Salgado

Gail J. Lambert, 434 Laurie Drive, Wenatchee, $424,000, sold to Carolyn Dowell

May 10

Gordon L. Williams Jr., 900 Main St. 101, Leavenworth, $398,000, sold to Carolyn J. and Andrew J. Amirr

CMH Homes Inc., 14945 Golden Delicious St., Entiat, $45,252, sold to Robert Paasch

Martine Parker, 407 Oregon St. 111, Wenatchee, $155,000, sold to Carl A. Pederson

Jim Harris Construction Inc., 1714 Brambling Brae Lane, Wenatchee, $435,000, sold to Daniel and Jayne Van Liew

May 11

Steven R. Sundstrom, 690 Matthews Road, Wenatchee, $330,000, sold to Ave Inc. DBA Wheels Plus

George M. Frese, 1713 Windsor Court, Wenatchee, $340,000, sold to Robert and Jill C. Witham

Matthew J. Guentzel, 3119 Allen Lane, Peshastin, $115,000, sold to Steve and Cynthia Collamore

Bob D. and Pamela J. Brosious, 2102 Sunrise Circle, Wenatchee, $434,600, sold to Daniel M. Carr

Donald J. Reed, 19663 Beaver Valley Road, $440,000, sold to Michael and Shanna Peek

Douglas L. Blair, 23220 Lake Wenatchee Highway and Property ID 37834, Lake Wenatchee Highway (two parcels), Leavenworth, $290,000, sold to Eric R. and Julie L. Main

Adan Montes Jr. and Kathryn J. Montes, 1112 Rosewood Ave., Wenatchee, $232,000, sold to William McSeveney

May 12

Greg W. and Ellen L. Bush, 1116 Wedgewood Ave., Wenatchee, $324,900, sold to Emily and Samuel Sullivan

Roshelle M. and Craig A. Leland, 110 Bohart Road, Wenatchee, $255,000, sold to Greg and Ellen L. Bush

May 14

James R. and Nanette K. Ashmore, 914 Westmorland Drive, Wenatchee, $410,000, sold to John and Jane Ricardi

Steven N. Scott et al, 511 Cedar Wood Lane, Wenatchee, $350,000, sold to Cynthia W. Farrar

Frank L. Henley, 5550 Pine Flats Loop Road, Dryden, $673,000, sold to Robert Frankhouser and Tamy Rayfield

Dwight and Lynn Stoddard, 12697 and 12703 Shore St. (two parcels), Leavenworth, $1,500,000, sold to Roland Park West LLC

May 15

D & D Investments LLC, 3005 Riviera Blvd., Malaga, $359,000, sold to Michael A. and Amanda D. Black

May 16

Brandon F. Morris, 1432 Second St., Wenatchee, $295,900, sold to Robin and Lorraine Ferguson et al

Mary A. Rose, 1535 Castlerock Ave. 6, Wenatchee, $152,000, sold to Megan M. Jones

Randy J. and Dawna C. Turner, 905 Ringsrud Lane, Cashmere, $232,000, sold to Nathan P. and Laura N. Turner and Steven Turner

Richard K. and Krista T. Means et al, 10552 Ski Hill Drive, Leavenworth, $770,000, sold to Sean and Amy McRory

Stoney and Tammy Hodge, 14911 Burkey St., Entiat, $208,000, sold to Carly J. Reed

Richard A. Jacobson, 36 Manson Bay Lane, Manson, $410,000, sold to Brock Lindsay

Todd M. Meier, 1739 Vista Linda Terrace, Wenatchee, $475,000, sold to Aaron H. and Michelle Cartozian

May 17

Mackenzie Fraley and Jennifer Sass, 5779 Kimber Road, Cashmere, $321,000, sold to Jeffrey and Cynthia Jones

Lynn Dennis, 12103 Allen Road, Plain, $379,000, sold to William and Janet McKinney

Donald J. Kahler, 10115 Merry Canyon Road, Leavenworth, $150,000, sold to Scott K. and Lynette M. Dickerson

David and Jennifer Soderstrom, 1015 Evergreen Camp Road, Chelan, $160,000, sold to Timothy V. Race

Ray L. and Geraldine Mollenhauer, 1305 Ormiston St., Wenatchee, $269,000, sold to Alexandra L. and Landis P. Bohn

May 18

Thomas B. and Koreen S. Hart, 2020 Center Court Drive, Wenatchee, $425,000, sold to Puuokaala P.C. and Natalie M. Knell

Clay W. and Shane R. Schoengarth, 296 Stoneybrook Lane, Wenatchee, $527,000, sold to Larry and Pat Wilhelmi

Darrel T. and Arlynn D. Gunderson, 8151 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $750,000, sold to Rusty and Amanda M. Gibbs

Mathew Del Fave, 915 Cashmere St., Wenatchee, $120,000, sold to Sextant Holdings Inc.

Ellen Hanford, 1310 Crescent St., Wenatchee, $68,000, sold to Graciela Banuelos

Stevette Javier, 1482 Songbird Lane, Wenatchee, $379,900, sold to Jason R. and Brigitte M. Wiegand

Caitlin M. and Todd P. Walters, 1813 Troon Ave., Wenatchee, $439,000, sold to James E. and Cathy J. Sayer

May 21

Aaron H. and Michelle R. Cartozian, 3720 Cathedral Rock Road, Malaga, $515,000, sold to Steven L. Nelson

Sara E. Ronhovde, 1818 Skyline Drive 35, Wenatchee, $150,000, sold to April Boosinger

Aaron J. M. Dingle, 1936 Grandview Loop, Wenatchee, $364,900, sold to Adam P. Vandebrake

Benjamin F. Dew, 1128 Madison St., Wenatchee, $330,000, sold to Brian T. and Danielle A. Beaumont

Francis J. Dechaine, 4310 W. Eaglerock Drive, Wenatchee, $667,000, sold to Adam and Jade O’Brien

Mama Mbelle’s Real Estate LLC, 12679 Wilson St., Leavenworth, $585,000, sold to Long Bin and Yang Bo

Timothy J. and Marissa J. Stocker et al, 2441 Aspen Court, Leavenworth, $425,000, sold to Robyn Bodajla

Robert P. and Maryanne Lindeman, Property ID 41526, Highway 150, Chelan, $577,300, sold to Anita C. Albrich Revocable Living Trust

Bennett Buchsieb, 1902 W. Prospect St. 205, Chelan, $198,000, sold to Christopher R. Zimmerman

CBWP LLC, 2220 W. Woodin Ave. 105, Chelan, $224,950, sold to Pamela R. Running

Steven D. and Jessica A. Nygreen, 70 Boetzkes Ave., Manson, $300,000, sold to Carter H. Lawler

Dennis A. Coburn, 300 S. Elliott Ave. 28, Wenatchee, $264,900, sold to Ronald L. and Ruth A. Paslay

Nancy K. Baird, 1700 Okanogan Ave., Wenatchee, $310,000, sold to Thomas C. Pemberton and Judith AP Baratta

Marjorie L. Stevenson, 1205 Poe St., Wenatchee, $300,000, sold to Brian R. and Virginia R.E. Franey

May 22

Matthew Rumble, 6 Furney St., Wenatchee, $329,900, sold to Kyle S. and Kaitlyn M. Farmer

Robert L. Robinson, 10597 Titus Road, Leavenworth, $662,500, sold to Brian and Anna Decker

Robert Gorman et al, 812 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $1,475,000, sold to DALF 1031 Exchange Facilitator LLC

Gregory H. Peterson et al, 2395 Lakeshore Drive, Manson, $299,000, sold to Bradley D. Nelson and Aimee K. Sheridan

May 23

Letha A. McColm, 1244 Eighth St., Wenatchee, $210,000, sold to Justin T. Stufflebeam

Mitchell Thayer, 4580 E. Nahahum Canyon Road, Cashmere, $120,000, sold to Gerardo Lopez

W. Varian and Mildred R. Lumberg, 822 Crown St., Wenatchee, $290,000, sold to Daniel and Angela Jester

Joyce E. Flores, 2436 Chatham Hill Drive, Wenatchee, $234,000, sold to William E. Clark Jr. and Kelly P. Clark et al

Carl Skerlong, 715 Yakima St., Wenatchee, $244,000, sold to Michael Fitz

Douglas and Darla Ewald, 900 Cascade St., Wenatchee, $180,000, sold to Kayla McCormick

May 24

Douglas and Tamara Milner, 2082 Maiden Lane, Wenatchee, $599,500, sold to Ag Personal Residence Trust

Dean A. Russell, 940 E. Wapato Lake Road, Manson, $120,000, sold to Jorge Z. and Anita L. Espinoza

Robert P. Kearns, 1055 Kearns Court, Wenatchee, $154,000, sold to Michael J. and Sharon E. Thorn

Robert P. Kearns, 1054 Kearns Court, Wenatchee, $215,000, sold to Jeffrey D. and Nicole L. Tarrant

May 25

Charlie Atkinson, 2410 Riter St., Wenatchee, $470,000, sold to Joseph K. and Aimee L. Miller

Kyle B. and Jacqueline C. Hurst, 421 Pearl St., Wenatchee, $253,000, sold to John Mitchell Wasniewski

Laura D. Murphy, 5146 Burke Road, Cashmere, $369,000, sold to Elizabeth M. Torrey and Tyler J. Humphrey

Marilyn J. Hall, 2467 Salal Drive, Leavenworth, $385,000, sold to Benjamin M. Reidell and Cary J. Campbell

Blademiro L. Lopez, 506 Fairchild Lane, Wenatchee, $210,000, sold to Jose Jesus Mora and Francisca Sepulveda

Leslie D. Lund, 374 Allison St., Wenatchee, $459,900, sold to Mary V. Bywater and George D. Herring

May 26

Terry L. Fulton, 17041 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $415,000, sold to Gary S. and Jennifer M. Hymer

May 29

Ronald E. Johnson, 1429 John St., Wenatchee, $230,000, sold to Claudia and Matthew W. Johnson

Dustin and Jessica Jones, 1003 N. Elliott Ave., Wenatchee, $282,000, sold to Jeronimo D. Quintana and Karina G. Saldana

Leah and Freddy Soto, 2386 W. Malaga Road, Malaga, $206,500, sold to David and Pamela Mathison

David M. and Valerie E. Orloff, 3962 Highway 97, Peshastin, $450,000, sold to Stephen and Monica Poff

Thomas D. Stewart, 405 Norman Ave., Cashmere, $220,000, sold to Ricky R. and Linda J. Wood

Joshua M. Virnig, 1620 Walnut St., Wenatchee, $230,000, sold to Ian Sutton

Robert Jaeger, 20701 Club House Drive B 205, Leavenworth, $336,500, sold to Susan Daley

Mike and Emilee McClung, 4620 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $345,000, sold to John S. and Carol E. Carpenter

Bill M. Papac, 207 E. Trow Ave., Chelan, $140,000, sold to Debra A. Debruyn

Barry J. King, 3060 Riverview Lane, Malaga, $495,000, sold to Paul A. and Judy A. Thees

Ted and Laurie McDaniel, 297 Lombard Lane, Wenatchee, $500,000, sold to Joel N. and Jean M. Skerlong

May 30

Jared R. Bean and Alissa B. Tincher Bean, 906 Westmorland Drive, Wenatchee, $325,000, sold to Joseph A. Stewart

Dennis J. O’Brien, 1535 Castlerock Ave. 7, Wenatchee, $125,000, sold to Darren P. Robertson

Jason and Marita McLin, 1017 Harvard Ave., Wenatchee, $295,000, sold to David M. and Sylvia Woods

Oscar Quinones and Nidia Rodriguez, 308 N. Delaware Ave., Wenatchee, $269,900, sold to Marco A. Mendez and Angelina M. Sanchez

Katherine and Cassidy Secrist, 217 Chapel St., Cashmere, $245,000, sold to Caden Q.T. Stockwell

Larry D. Schmidt, 424 Elberta Ave., Cashmere, $175,000, sold to Michael N. and Shannon M. Burnett

Randy Widener, 9428 N. Fork Road, Cashmere, $534,500, sold to Adam C. Harris

Caig Buchanan, 18774 Fir Loop, Plain, $359,000, sold to Melissa F. Day and Mindy L. Norris

Lake Chelan Shores Homeowners Association, Property ID 41733, Highway 150, Chelan, $500, sold to Guy N. and Susan J. Price

Lynn C. Tuttle, Property ID 41861, Highway 150, Chelan, $3,100, sold to Robert and Jacalyn Fojtik

Kelly L. Pickens, 1101 Monroe St., Wenatchee, $196,000, sold to Justin and Holly Pickens

Deborah M. Gredler, 650 Sally Drive, Wenatchee, $278,000, sold to Jesus Sanchez and Lucero Martinez

Bruce Bergey, 1039 Poplar Ave., Wenatchee, $228,000, sold to Sara Ronhovde

Randy and Nancy Atkins, Property ID 66804, W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $114,500, sold to Peter D. and Laura J. Longcore

Pershing Developers LLC, 211 Pershing Circle, Wenatchee, $369,900, sold to Beverly J. Price

May 31

Janice D. Cash, 625 Ramona Ave., Wenatchee, $259,900, sold to Nanette K. Ashmore

Karen L. Zacher, 3600 Crestview Road, Wenatchee, $834,400, sold to Daniel D. and Melodee R. Loshbaugh

Courtney L. Schill, 3127 Burch Mountain Road, Wenatchee, $265,000, sold to Phaymaly Maytrychit

Kevin R. and Carli K. Hill, 1517 Angela St., Wenatchee, $290,000, sold to Jorge I. V. Olivera and Morgan Cooke

Eric Redrup et al, 1526 Alpensee Strasse, Leavenworth, $470,000, sold to Adam and Ellen Gardner

Kevin James and Christine Marie Abel, 725 Golf Course Drive, Chelan, $555,000, sold to Jerry and Alicia Lopez

Lori J. Motsenbocker, 1100 Vista Place F, Wenatchee, $209,900, sold to Anni J. Hisey

Joyce E. Flores, 538 S. Chelan Ave., Wenatchee, $165,000, sold to Miguel Belonis

Bavarian Investments LLC, Property ID 66697, W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $119,900, sold to Greg Parks

Sunset Marina LLC, Property ID 66738, W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $94,000, sold to Karen Feek and Diane Leigh et al


Chelan County land sales

May 1

Roberta K. Giffin, Property ID 48361, Upper Joe Creek Road, Manson, $10,000, 0.54 acres, sold to Tyler J. and Janet G. Self

Todd and Tara S. Paul, Property ID 49774, Wapato Lake Road, Manson, $160,000, 3.67 acres, sold to Jan E. Sblendorio and Mark McDiarmid

May 2

Robert Wilen, Property ID 50860, Swartout Road, Manson, $116,000, 0.28 acres, sold to Kristina Lee Price

May 3

Dennis J. Mason et al, Property ID 47873, Pine Crest Place, Manson, $98,500, 0.27 acres, sold to Wayne E. and Donna Gordon

JRB NW Corporation, 106 Shimmering Vista Lane, Chelan, $395,000, 0.35 acres, sold to Todd Parmenter

May 4

Gary L. Fortner, 2128 McEldowney Road, Malaga, $95,000, 3.22 acres, sold to Joseph Dobson and Cassandra Manring

Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc., 555 Village Drive, Manson, $347,000, 0.13 acres, sold to Jerome J. and Carolee S. Jasper

Select Homes Inc., 142 Mayer Drive, Chelan, $145,000, 0.24 acres, sold to Ray and Cindy Wilson

May 5

Ronald D. and Cheryl L. Mahan, Property ID 44367, N. Navarre St., Chelan, $85,000, 0.19 acres, sold to Jeffrey S. and Melissa A. Shumway

May 7

Marson and Marson Lumber Inc., Property ID 28070, 28071 and 28072 (three parcels), Ranger Road, Leavenworth, $185,000, 14.15 acres, sold to Robert K. and Nancy J. Johnson

Bryan C. Butler, 22127 Appaloosa Lane, Leavenworth, $55,000, 0.3 acres, sold to Dave and Darlene Sowers

Daria A. and Gary C. Nelson, Property ID 36838, Merritt, $106,000, 2.83 acres, sold to Susan Schwartz

Thomas A. Petersen et al, 313 Village Drive, Manson, $60,000, 0.13 acres, sold to Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc.

May 8

Gus Living Trust, Property ID 30291, Mountain Home Road, Leavenworth, $240,000, 20.05 acres, sold to Scott A. and Cathleen M. Brueske

Joseph P. and Brandy E. Nicolas, Property ID 31080, Olalla Canyon Road, Cashmere, $178,500, 2.08 acres, sold to Cynthia L. and Leslie J. Moscoso

Michael L. Smulski, Property ID 36669, Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $156,000, 20.4 acres, sold to James and Beverly Klein

Johnny J. and Sara K. Synder, 250 Open Lane, Chelan, $95,000, 20 acres, sold to Wanda C. Lee

Mountain Pacific Bank, 9968 Griffith Place, Entiat, $40,000, 0.23 acres, sold to Jeronimo Jose and Miguel Delapaz

May 9

Michael and Julie Seigler, 6722 Forest Ridge Drive, Wenatchee, $67,900, 0.88 acres, sold to DJML LLC

K & L Homes LLC, Property ID 45096, E. Raymond St., Chelan, $142,000, 0.16 acres, sold to Emerson-Franklin LLC

Apple Center LLC, 103 Golden Ave., Chelan, $625,000, 1.8 acres, sold to Living Stone Church

Langston Properties LLC, 419 Ski Hill Drive, Leavenworth, $125,000, 0.2 acres, sold to Tibor C. and Whitney M. Lak

May 10

Debbie Dando et al, Property ID 18708, Lower Stiss Canyon Road, Wenatchee, $85,000, 40.01 acres, sold to Fiberterm Enterprises LLC

Christine Heimbigner, Property ID 52300, Stehekin Valley Road, Stehekin, $45,000, 0.14 acres, sold to Gary G. Oyler and Bethany C. Porter

May 11

Conor C. Johnson et al, 6718 Forest Ridge Drive, Wenatchee, $62,500, 0.8 acres, sold to DJML LLC

Dennis L. Hendrickson, 125 Long Drive, Chelan, $65,000, 0.57 acres, sold to Norman P. and Maria R. Clarin

Davies and Hong LLC, Property ID 66003, River Road, Leavenworth, $199,000, 3 acres, sold to Dimitrij Ponomarchuk

May 14

F. John and Martha R. Erickson, 126 E. Mountain Brook Lane and Property ID 65205, Burch Mountain Road (two parcels), Wenatchee, $550,000, 20.6 acres, sold to James D. and Laurel L. Fife

May 15

David M. Fabian, Property ID 52925, Millerdale Heights Drive, Wenatchee, $60,000, 0.42 acres, sold to Central Washington Property Investments LLC

Springwater Homes LLC, 3553 Dianna Way, Wenatchee, $548,500, 0.35 acres, sold to Jake and Katie Lewing

May 16

Michael Korzynek, Property ID 49322, Lakeshore Drive, Manson, $200,000, 1 acre, sold to Todd and Christie Denholm

John Jaspers et al, Property ID 57906, Jagla Road, Wenatchee, $125,000, 4.03 acres, sold to Wolfgang C. Mueller

Prusik Investments LLC, 606 Cascade St., Leavenworth, $124,900, 0.18 acres, sold to Thomas J. Derpack

Prusik Investments LLC, 323 Pinegrass St., Leavenworth, $124,900, 0.14 acres, sold to Eric L. and Michelle R. Tiegel

May 17

Mackenzie Fraley and Jennifer Sass, Property ID 64487, Kimber Road, Cashmere, $321,000, 0.03 acres, sold to Jeffrey and Cynthia Jones

John Ford Jr. and Wynell Ford, 50 Luther Court, Malaga, $64,900, 0.37 acres, sold to Aleksandr S. and Yelena V. Morgunov

May 18

Michael A. and Mary C. Harlich, 5021 Chelan Blvd., Manson, $240,000, 2.14 acres, sold to Larry D. and Patty G. Jacobson

Douglas G. Gann and Susan C. G. Plummer, 17649 River Road, Leavenworth, $395,000, 5 acres, sold to James M. Karl

May 21

Jean W. Wright, 22123 Appaloosa Lane, Leavenworth, $56,000, 0.5 acres, sold to Iwana H. Stoklosa and Wojciech A. Garbacz

Arne D. and Judith A. Jorgensen, 20603 S. Shugart Flats Road, Leavenworth, $152,000, 2.5 acres, sold to Susan M. and Doug Fuller

May 22

Doug Graham, 32 Lemmy Lane, Leavenworth, $556,000, 0.62 acres, sold to Michael S. Kucha

May 23

Marson & Marson Lumber Inc., 321 Meadow Drive, Leavenworth, $100,000, 0.17 acres, sold to Robert H.S. Mark and Keri Heniff

Leo S. Miller, Property ID 64672, Riverview Cemetery Road, Chelan, $237,000, 3.99 acres, sold to Jeremiah J. Paulston and Evelynne A. Gordon

Riverview Terrace 55+ LLC, 3010 Riverview Lane, Malaga, $444,000, 0.36 acres, sold to Marshall C. and Alix B. Whitener

May 24

Gold Construction Inc., 61 Avalon Terrace, Wenatchee, $129,900, 1.42 acres, sold to Roberts Construction LLC

Joseph and Anita Sullivan, 10700 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $275,000, 0.27 acres, sold to Brandon and Tamara Anderson

May 25

William G. Christman Jr., 155 Stoneybrooke Lane, Wenatchee, $40,000, 0.46 acres, sold to Brent Craig and Michelle Voie

May 26

David and Elizabeth Soberg et al, 13775 and 13783 Brae Burn Road (two parcels), Leavenworth, $37,000, 0.43 acres, sold to Michael T. O’Malley

Central Washington Property Investments LLC, 47 Luther Court, Malaga, $335,000, 0.43 acres, sold to Tyson L. Kansky

Sharon Chandler, 143 Chandrin Lane, Malaga, $88,000, 1 acre, sold to CMH Homes Inc.

May 29

Ty Vanderpool, 90 Terrace Drive, Manson, $85,000, 0.27 acres, sold to Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc.

May 30

Dawn Marie Findley-Groves Trust, Property ID 48299, Washington St., Manson, $170,000, 6.66 acres, sold to Gabino and Griselda Hernandez

Simon Zirians, 70 S. Harris Ave., Manson, $60,000, 0.13 acres, sold to Chelan Sunset Rentals LLC

Daniel D. Wright, Property ID 50503, Homesteader Lane, Chelan, $70,000, 20 acres, sold to Tony M. and Jamie Palazzo

Evans Development Co. LLC, 244 Burch Hollow Lane, Wenatchee, $110,000, 0.52 acres, sold to Timberwood Homes LLC

Prusik Investments LLC, 601 Central Ave., Leavenworth, $129,900, 0.19 acres, sold to Gordon and Cornelia Birkland

May 31

Realtrust IRA Alternatives LLC FBO Jerry Lee Church, 427 Butte Road, Chelan, $89,000, 0.24 acres, sold to Greg and Lynette Greene

Michael J. and Allyson L. McGuire, 351 Orchard View Drive, Chelan, $89,000, 1.96 acres, sold to Ty and Melisa Santeford

Carl A. Peterson et al, Property ID 44920, 44921, 44922 and 44923, Mountain View Drive and Property ID 44919, Peterson Place (five parcels), Chelan, $520,000, 1.38 acres, sold to Seth Talbott et al

John Fragnito III, 316 Village Drive, Manson, $74,000, 0.11 acres, sold to Jeff Leary

— Chelan County Assessor’s Office


Douglas County commercial sales

There were no commercial sales recorded in Douglas County in May


Douglas County residential sales

May 1

Robert Dupree Clark Jr. and Theresa Claire Clark, 505 Park Place, East Wenatchee, $224,900, sold to Sean D. and Andrea D. Saloka

Leonard E. and Karen K. Schmitten, 1845 Country Club Drive, East Wenatchee, $780,000, sold to Bruce E. and Catherine A. Bratrude

Lee Ralph and Shelly Pfluger, 5655 4th St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $390,000, sold to James and Kimberly Keating

May 2

Larry E. Nordby, 1041 Road 16 N.E.(two parcels), Mansfield, $248,000, sold to Martha Elaine Williams

Habitat for Humanity, 7 Akron Ave. B, Rock Island, $165,000, sold to Arturo Hurtado Anaya

Patricia Robinson, 319 Columbia Ave., Coulee Dam, $200,000, sold to Shad and Casey Moore

May 3

Joseph D. Ludeman, 516 E. Ash St., $177,000, sold to Katherine Russell

May 4

Edward A. Mier Jr., 8 N. Garden Ave., Rock Island, $150,000, sold to Doreen and Robert Mier

Kellianne M. Jennings, 1377 1st St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $290,000, sold to Cynthia L. Raekes

Kevin L. Edwards, 25 Cambridge Ave., Rock Island, $100,000, sold to Monica T. Vega Mejia

May 6

June E. Skinner, 111 W. Birch St., Waterville, $125,000, sold to Austin Fury II

May 8

Quality Loan Service Corp. of Washington, 1707 3rd St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $71,540, sold to Jose F. and Vera H. Salas

May 9

Jason and Allison D. Scott, 100 N. Mary Ave., East Wenatchee, $415,000, sold to Keith A. and Laurie Anderson

Vicki L. Kopak and Jerald Russell Jr., 4017 40th Circle N.E., East Wenatchee, $259,900, sold to Timothy R. Jones

Steven A. Dorsey, 1740 Country Club Drive, East Wenatchee, $540,000, sold to Tyler K. and Lacey A. Crockett

Tyler K. Crockett, 1516 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $439,000, sold to Justin and Andrea Johnson

North Star Trustee LLC, 4041 Bluecrest Drive, East Wenatchee, $183,120, sold to Broker Solutions Inc.

May 10

Calvin and Janae White Family LP, 4000 Highway 28, East Wenatchee, $1,105,000, sold to Rock Island LLC

Juan A. and Jamie M. Valle, 2209 Grant Road, East Wenatchee, $252,000, sold to Ryan Christopher and Virginia Grace Kelley

Cameron M. Bailes and Ana A. Paz, 547 S. Mason Ave., East Wenatchee, $279,900, sold to Colby A. Toll

Prime Properties LLC, 2250 Treat St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $21,000, sold to Sam A. and Catherine L. Gilstrap

Sage Homes LLC, 2250 Treat St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $318,900, sold to Sam A. and Catherine L. Gilstrap

May 11

Ralph Youngs, 572 Canyon Drive, East Wenatchee, $215,000, sold to Geraldine Shannon

Jay and Margaret Hart, 3655 N.W. Cascade Ave. Space 7, East Wenatchee, $49,000, sold to Katlyn Morris

Stephen D. and Leanne M. Pike, 589 Eastmont Ave. Unit C, East Wenatchee, $152,900, sold to John Vatsula

Robert J. and Loretta J. Elliott, 1320 Boulder Loop, East Wenatchee, $357,000, sold to Kelly Walsh

May 14

Daniel B. and Cheri Y. Barr, 2800 8th St. N.E. and parcel number 22210820022 (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $248,000, sold to Phillip E. and Tracey D. Graf

May 15

Carol Elaine Pitt Estate, 1001 S. Perry Ave., East Wenatchee, $230,000, sold to Alejandro Matias Avina

Thelma J. Wilhite, 559 Morning View Circle, East Wenatchee, $210,000, sold to Murna Huber

May 16

Tracy D. Petrycki, 207 Ridgemont Drive, East Wenatchee, $295,000, sold to Jose M. Mejia

Edgar F. and Miriam E. Perez, 275 N. Joseph Ave., East Wenatchee, $200,000, sold to Edgar Arturo Perez

May 17

Michael R. and Shelley K. Jellison, 170 E. Marine View Place, Orondo, $319,900, sold to Jeffery and Mollie Meghan Johnson

Jonathan and Lauren Gage, 416 W. Ash St., Waterville, $242,000, sold to Tera Williams and Owen J. Drew

Donald L. and Lisa M. Cook, 1758 Bluegrass Ave., East Wenatchee, $349,900, sold to Kelly Swann-Reynolds

May 18

Bradley G. and Rebecca Cazzanigi, 15 Hadley St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $282,400, sold to Selah Brito and Emmanuel Brito Flores

Thelma Thompson Trust, 2055 Road 3 S.W., East Wenatchee, $225,000, sold to Roland and Emily Salas

Lonnie R. and Lara Plecher, 1321 N. Arbor Terrace, East Wenatchee, $399,950, sold to Michael A. and Martha H. Buckingham

Jeremy E. and Casey M. West, 2359 Silo Drive, East Wenatchee, $275,000, sold to Hannah C. Moreland and Daniel T. Aumell

Christine Bellamy, 983 Briarwood Drive, East Wenatchee, $897,000, sold to Douglas J. and Diana J. McDougall

May 21

Jody L. and Robert J. Richards, 2220 Fancher Heights Blvd., East Wenatchee, $499,900, sold to Patrick M. Doneen and Nailia Alparova

Michael and Amanda Black, 1723 N. Anne Ave., East Wenatchee, $335,000, sold to Bruce A. and Rebecca A. Bittner

Central Washington Health Services Association, parcel number 23202710145, East Wenatchee, $248,292, sold to Douglas County Fire District No. 2

May 23

Pavel and Inna Dovgalyuk, 5536 Penn Ave., East Wenatchee, $222,200, sold to John A. and Elizabeth L. Marshall

May 24

Linda M. and Donald L. Durden, 1541 Holly Lane, East Wenatchee, $475,000, sold to Harriett and Francis J. Dechaine

May 25

Jennifer Lynn Dilulo, 211 Pace Drive Space 1, East Wenatchee, $1,729, sold to Gary Ebbighausen

Thelma J. and Darius K. St. Paul Estate, 202 Grant Ave., East Wenatchee, $104,000, sold to John Stensgar Jr.

Ellen Waud, 663 Highline Drive, East Wenatchee, $170,000, sold to Chadwick W. Gavin

Ola Collins, 1072 Corum Circle, East Wenatchee, $226,500, sold to Phillip Tafoya

Walter W. Blackstock, 690 S. Larch Ave., East Wenatchee, $245,000, sold to Alan R. Stevens

Joel and Jean Skerlong, 101 Crest View Drive, Orondo, $190,000, sold to Mark and Bonita M. Berry

James C. and Joyce Bartelme, 1132 Cherry Circle, East Wenatchee, $255,000, sold to Kayla R. and Christopher J. Tontz

Ryan J. Rediger and Ashlyn D. Long, 1366 Center St., Rock Island, $250,000, sold to Tracy Lane

May 29

Virginia W. Penfold, 1199 New Penfold Court, East Wenatchee, $122,565, sold to Jon L. Penfold

May 30

James E. and Carolyn E. Becker, 1953 Diamond Court, East Wenatchee, $480,000, sold to David and Julie Ritter

Tab Land LLC, 5042 Hurst Landing Road, East Wenatchee, $932,900, sold to Douglas S. and Tamara M. Milner

Sandra J. Petersen, 245 W. Entiat Drive, Orondo, $371,500, sold to Karan Hibbard

Michael C. and Linda J. Resetar, 837 Briarwood Drive, East Wenatchee, $665,000, sold to Alan and Linda G. Witte

Jolene K. McGarvin, 100 Simon St. #15, East Wenatchee, $155,000, sold to Kimberly K. and John David Patterson

May 31

Carley Family Trust, 576 Canyon Drive, East Wenatchee, $230,000, sold to Ann R. Davis

Richard A. and Nancy Buell, 523 N.E. Monterey Drive, East Wenatchee, $138,500, sold to James and Carolyn Becker

Maurine B. Blankenship, 325 N. Georgia Ave., East Wenatchee, $40,000, sold to Robin P. Calhoun

Dwight W. Byers, 1438 N. Ford Place, East Wenatchee, $289,999, sold to Robert and Stephanie Wigington

Delbert Ray Hodson, 2530 Aviation Drive, East Wenatchee, $299,900, sold to Scott J. Tucker

Edward O. and Gloria C. Aguigui, 2524 11th St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $222,000, sold to Jose Andres Zavala Nunez

James Douglas and Cheryl A. Tomco, 311 S. James Ave., East Wenatchee, $297,000, sold to Cody and Kelly Brunner

Baker Living Trust, 62 15th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $385,000, sold to Terry Sheppard

Elizabeth G. Tetherow, 567 Morning View Ave., East Wenatchee, $199,000, sold to Jennifer A. Torres


Douglas County land sales

May 1

Daryl Larkin, 175 Melvin Road, Waterville, $62,500, 20 acres, sold to Lee and Shelly Pfluger

Battermann Ventures LLC, 3795 N. George St., East Wenatchee, $294,920, 2 acres, sold to Moody Family Property LLC

Stimac Construction Inc., parcel number 10101701200, Rock Island, $252,000, 0.12 acres, sold to Kasey C. and Rachelle A. Zuk

Christine D. and Steven C. Inabnit, 417 Lake View Drive, Orondo, $75,000, 0.17 acres, sold to Daric Shawn and Vanessa Joy Latham

Donovan R. and Laura L. Mounter, 2868 N. Brie Lane, East Wenatchee, $119,900, 0.35 acres, sold to Christine Bellamy

May 2

River Vue LLC, 858 S. Lamplight Lane, East Wenatchee, $136,950, 0.31 acres, sold to Casey and Natalie Dundas

May 3

Highland Ridge Development LLC, 1921 Legendary Lane S.E., East Wenatchee, $50,000, 0.2 acres, sold to Timberwood Homes LLC

May 4

Matthew J. Anderton, parcel number 30252940010, Brewster, $3,000, 0.25 acres, sold to Alfredo B. Marin

Ackerman Construction Inc., 485 S. Mason Ave., East Wenatchee, $330,000, 0.19 acres, sold to Tyler James and Shae Victoria Alos

May 7

Wanda Joyce Blondin, 27 Cedar Ave., Brewster, $149,000, 3.9 acres, sold to Atayde Gamez

Brent W. Craig, 100 Sagebrush Road, East Wenatchee, $39,000, 5.11 acres, sold to David Alvarado

Stephen L. Skeels, parcel number 26221920001, Orondo, $5,600, 16 acres, sold to Johnjo Landholdings LLC

May 8

Corey and Tanya Davis, 461 and 469 S. Mason Ave. (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $169,000, 0.4 acres, sold to Jessup Home Design Inc.

Brigitte Sztab, 425 McNeil Canyon Road, Chelan, $70,000, 3.09 acres, sold to Claudia A.V. Olson

Timberwood Homes LLC, 1991 Legacy Place S.E., East Wenatchee, $469,490, 0.2 acres, sold to Justen Ward and Lisa Pettigrew

Trygve Lamberson, parcel number 82000203600, Waterville, $2,500, 1.01 acres, sold to Aimee P. Harris

May 9

ABS Farms LLC, parcel number 24252340001, 24252430000, 24252510000 and 24252610001 (four parcels), Coulee-Hartline, $396,900, 940 acres, sold to Dale and Diane Pixlee

Sage Homes LLC, 515 S. Iowa Ave., East Wenatchee, $294,900, 0.21 acres, sold to Jacob Trimble

May 10

Wapiti North LLC, 3237 N.W. Evergreen Court, East Wenatchee, $410,000, 0.31 acres, sold to Paul D. and Cynthia L. Ingram

Karli C. Vanberg, parcel numbers 81800102600 and 81800102700 (two parcels), Coulee-Hartline, $3,000, 2.3 acres, sold to Rimrock Meadows Association

Savanna Dawn Horizons, parcel number 81701400800, Coulee-Hartline, $2,000, 1.41 acres, sold to Francesca Leon

May 11

G & C Farms LLC, parcel number 26221010007, $180,000, 30 acres, sold to Dovex Fruit Co.

Jaclyn M. and Nathan P. Harmon and Jessica E. and Philip M. Simons, 3245 N.W. Evergreen Court, East Wenatchee, $467,900, 0.34 acres, sold to Daniel C. and Marilyn R. Blazquez

Michael L. and Nancy L. Holiman, 31 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, $210,000, 0.83 acres, sold to Karl A. Leggett

May 14

Sandra Appel, Estate of Carolyn P. MacIntyre, Elsie MacIntyre, Robert E. MacIntyre Revocable Living Trust, Carmen Wilcox and Susan Wilson, 28 and 38 Walnut St. and parcel number 09900600200 (three parcels), Mansfield, $115,000, 0.43 acres, sold to Shane M. Butler

May 15

Hurst Landing Trust, 4906 and 4920 Hurst Landing Road (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $488,000, 0.95 acres, sold to Shane A. and Anika J. Atkins

David F. and Sharon L. Rayfield, parcel numbers 23201140002 and 2320122008, Blue Grade Road (two parcels), East Wenatchee, $55,500, 55.5 acres, sold to Randall E. McKinney

Ackerman Construction Inc., 492 S. Mary Ave., East Wenatchee, $479,000, 0.22 acres, sold to Micheal D. and Kathie A. Smith

May 16

Anthony and Sharon Viebrock Family LLC, parcel number 23240430000, Waterville, $120,000, 316.8 acres, sold to MJV Farms LLC

William and Jana Cole, parcel number 4970006100, Chelan, $12,000, 7.2 acres, sold to Thomas Massey

Seyed and Simin Javad, parcel number 67500901000, Orondo, $85,000, 0.14 acres, sold to Scott and Janet Johnston

DMK Homes Inc., 1915 8th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $324,900, 0.16 acres, sold to Sean C. and Wendy E. Flaherty

William A. and Kathren A. Walker, 1993 Peach Haven Court, East Wenatchee, $80,000, 0.29 acres, sold to Everilda Barrios de Campos

Del T. Shull, 69 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, $275,000, 0.74 acres, sold to Mario and Jodee Brown

John M. and Jodi L. Mackey, 129 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, $160,000, 0.8 acres, sold to Serdar Soysal and Diane Phelps

May 17

HCD Homes LLC, 1601 3rd St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $289,900, 0.22 acres, sold to Scott Milner

Davies Brothers Partnership, parcel number 25212820004, Orondo, $180,000, 9.48 acres, sold to Michael S. and Emily W. Lesky

May 18

Mark and Nancy Crawford, 34 Orchard Place, Orondo, $400,000, 1.36 acres, sold to MCRBLLC

Victor G. and Ardith L. Tarr, parcel number 54700000102, Badger Mountain Road, East Wenatchee, $45,500, 0.29 acres, sold to James Loren Drake

George Owen Smith Jr. and Debra A. Smith, 2575 Fancher Landing, East Wenatchee, $160,000, 0.36 acres, sold to Justin A. Osborne and Kim Russell

Baker Street Properties LLC, parcel number 40000000509, N. Baker Ave., East Wenatchee, $12,486, 7.17 acres, sold to City of East Wenatchee

May 21

State of Washington, parcel number 29293110004, Coulee Dam, $4,500, 7.4 acres, sold to Narayan Baidya

State of Washington, parcel number 29293110004, Coulee Dam, $10,100, 7.4 acres, sold to Narayan Baidya

Ruben and Maria Ramirez, 1928 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee, $70,000, 0.27 acres, sold to Juan Carlos Diaz Alcantara

May 22

Prime Properties LLC, 2277 Maryhill St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $85,000, 0.18 acres, sold to Justin C. and Kimberly D. Livingstone

Prime Properties LLC, 366 S. Nevada Ave., East Wenatchee, $85,000, 0.18 acres, sold to Michael and Jolynn Davis

Prime Properties LLC, 366 S. Nevada Ave., East Wenatchee, $226,900, 0.18 acres, sold to Michael and Jolynn Davis

Central Washington Waterfront LLC, 2994 Blue Heron Lane, East Wenatchee, $112,000, 0.28 acres, sold to Donald J. and A. Kristin Seibel

May 23

Kevin E. and Kelley Kennedy, 4991 S.E. Ladera Lane, East Wenatchee, $289,000, 9.1 acres, sold to Pedro and Maria P. Lopez

Tadd and Jamie Ackerman, 935 N. Nile Ave., East Wenatchee, $168,000, 1.12 acres, sold to Robert and Jody Richards

May 24

Robert E. and Marri C. Riggs, parcel numbers 81401101700, 81401101800 and 81401101900 (three parcels), Ephrata, $49,000, 3.79 acres, sold to David W. and Monica J. Johnson

Douglas L. and Janice C. Merriman, parcel number 26211640006, Weimer Road, Orondo, $125,000, 5.6 acres, sold to Patrick and Leah Diane Kraft

May 25

Mott Liek Jr. and Betty Liek, 4718 N.W. Cascade Ave., East Wenatchee, $360,000, 5 acres, sold to Ajbinder and Mendeep Sandhu

Prime Properties LLC, 2249 Maryhill St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $21,000, 0.16 acres, sold to Nicholas G. Desroches

Sage Homes LLC, 2249 Maryhill St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $316,750, 0.16 acres, sold to Nicholas G. Desroches

Clayton Orchards LLC, 22031 Highway 97 B, 22031 Highway 97 A, and parcel numbers 26213320001 and 26212840001 (four parcels), Orondo, $1,548,000, 88.7 acres, sold to Cal-Packa LLC

Lane Family Orchard, 317 S. Mary Ave., East Wenatchee, $340,000, 0.14 acres, sold to Cameron M. Bailes

Stimac Construction Inc., 23 Cambridge Ave., Rock Island, $259,900, 0.12 acres, sold to Efrain and Elvira Contreras

May 29

Hayden Homes LLC, 820 Madeleine Court, East Wenatchee, $389,000, 0.15 acres, sold to Brett T. and Jeanne M. Henkle

May 30

A Home Doctor Inc., 1450 Denny Place, Rock Island, $250,000, 0.13 acres, sold to Jorge Sanchez Melendrez

Prime Properties LLC, 2242 Maryhill St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $21,000, 0.17 acres, sold to Blademiro and Ana M. Lopez

Prime Properties LLC, 2242 Maryhill St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $321,900, 0.17 acres, sold to Blademiro and Ana M. Lopez

The Arbors LLC, 452 Spruce Court N.W., East Wenatchee, $94,300, 0.37 acres, sold to DJ Custom Homes Inc.

Rimrock Meadows Association, parcel number 81800300300, $5,495, 1.15 acres, sold to Theodore A. Robinson III and Kimberly S. Robinson

Melvin J. Willms, parcel number 12301200900, $15,000, 0.2 acres, sold to Seth O. and Diana L. Sampson

May 31

Galyn and Darla Rusher, 135 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, $145,000, 0.81 acres, sold to Wendy D. Cowell

Nasser Ahmadnia, 12 Quartz Drive, Chelan, $45,500, 34.7 acres, sold to Nicholas and Jennifer Ross

Harper Homes LLC, 253 23rd St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $492,000, 0.56 acres, sold to Jeremy D. and Amanda Marsh

River Vue LLC, 895 S. Lamplight Lane, East Wenatchee, $132,950, 0.39 acres, sold to Michael J. Roberts

— Douglas County Assessor’s Office