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For the Record | Building permits

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Chelan County

May 1

Central Washington Health Services Association, 1201 S. Miller St., $76,358, x-ray room revisions

Renderfrance I LLC, 209 N. Mission St., no valuation, commercial demolition permit

Robert E. Camp, 18 S. Mission St. Unit 101, no valuation, minor interior revisions

Jacqueline C. and Elijah J. Sykes, 9 S. Franklin Ave., $1,207, front patio cover

Leo A. Sax, 620 Lambert St., $4,000, raise floor in converted garage

Syndicate Smith LLC, 13600 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $150,213, single-family residence

Syndicate Smith LLC, 13600 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $19,238, accessory structure

Kathy Schoenwald et al, 4089 Searles Road, Malaga, $183,728, single-family residence

The Henry Architects, Inc., 11055 Merry Canyon Road, Leavenworth, $187,649, single-family residence

Eastern Washington Construction Inc., 225 Village Drive, Manson, $182,176, single-family residence

Prestigious Patios, LLC, 2031 Lakeshore Drive, Manson, no valuation, pool/spa

Jody B. Casey, 6212 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $146,378, single-family residence

Grette Associates, LLC, 17080 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $9,000, dock

David N. Rayfield, 7811 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

May 2

Julie D. Bloomfield, 1407 Millerdale Ave., no valuation, install gas range

Hackenmiller Construction, LLC, 115 Bella Vista Lane, Chelan, $59,560, single-family residence

Laura L. Hultgren and Neil R. Whitman, 1594 Wapato Lake Road, Manson, $106,386, single-family residence

Lenard and Wendy Geren, 5804 Pioneer Drive, Cashmere, $135,761, single-family residence

May 3

LEL Investments LLC, 907 S. Wenatchee Ave., $1,000, enclose open area within building

Marvin and Jane Dunbar, 806 Kristi Court, no valuation, move sliding glass door

Boyer Mountain Door & Pool, Inc., 190 Sunny Meadows Loop, no valuation, pool/spa

Boyer Mountain Door & Pool, Inc., 3202 Hedding St., Entiat , no valuation, pool/spa

May 4

Albert O. and Jean L. Sherman, 2310 Lester Road, no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Van Assche, Inc., 861 Sage Crest Drive, $235,628, single-family residence

James F. Frink Trust, 10492 Ski Hill Drive, Leavenworth, $35,269, accessory structure

Robert and Barbara Scoville, 4730 Entiat River Road, Entiat, no valuation, change of use

May 7

Kenneth P. Knappert, 1617 Central Ave., $20,000, rebuilding deck

Jonathan E. and Susan Marie Torrence, 6815 Camas Creek Road, Peshastin, $138,923, single-family residence

Western Ranch Buildings, LLC, 4630 Navarre Coulee Road, Chelan, $12,150, accessory structure — addition/alteration

Wayne A. Fitzwater, 23200 Lake Wenatchee Highway, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Alpine Aire Heating & Cooling, Inc., 2110 Chiwawa Court, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

May 8

Fryhover Family Holdings LLC, 246 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, commercial sign

Jane K. Firth, 1322 Welch Ave., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Walter H. Dauderis, 86 Furey Ave., Manson, $8,320, accessory structure — addition/alteration

Leslie and Campbell Inc., 78 Anderson Road, Chelan, $118,000, addition/alteration

Donald J. and Brooke R. McClain, 8787 Canal Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, plumbing

May 9

Wenatchee Productions Inc., 151 Easy Way, $20,000, new façade for retail shop

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, 75 Fish Hatchery Road, Chelan, $74,000, new construction

Shilo E. and Kristen A. Reyes, 95 Rams Lane, $219,602, single-family residence

Phillip P. and Lynn A. Dulaney, 1000 Highway 150 No. 63, Manson, no valuation, mobile home

Boyer Mountain Door & Pool, Inc., 11100 Mundun Canyon Road, Peshastin, no valuation, pool/spa

May 10

Wal-Mart Real Estate Business c/o Walmart Stores No. 01 2187, 2000 N. Wenatchee Ave., $400,000, interior remodel

Lingo LLC, 222 N. Wenatchee Ave., $6,000, storage loft

Jeffery J. Niderost, 1001 N. Wenatchee Ave., $267,497, new residential duplex

Conrad Schoessler, 1226 S. Miller St., $232,479, single-family residence

Richard E. Winn, 331 Sunset Ave., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Rookard Custom Pool, LLC, 3754 School St., no valuation, pool/spa

Gary Planagan, 10576 Highway 2, Leavenworth, $100,541, single-family residence

May 11

Tim Beatley, 804 S. Chelan Ave., no valuation, house demolition

Francisco E. and Marcia J. Blas, 500 Yakima St., no valuation, adding two window wells

Carlos Cruz and Guadalupe Rubio-Lopez, 1407 Westwood Ave., no valuation, irrigation backflow

Jason M. and De Ann M. Compton, 2985 Squilchuck Road, $20,000, accessory structure — addition/alteration

Steel Structures America, Inc. 4923 Blair Slack Road, $61,920, accessory structure

May 14

McDonald’s Corp. 046/0037 c/p Palouse Empire Food Services, 1024 N. Mission St., no valuation, new lot signage

Lange Construction LLC, 1702 Brambling Brae Lane, $253,293, single-family residence

Ivan S. Christensen, 1634 Tanda Lane, no valuation, mini-split install

M.W. Sauer, 2021 Broadhurst Place, no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Gary R. Roy, 1256 S. Mission St., no valuation, backflow device

Martin M. and Thodora M. Linares, 421 Methow St., no valuation, residential reroof

Joseph Cannata, 15361 Highway 2, Leavenworth, $850,000, new construction

Real Homes, 180 Country River Lane, Entiat, $150,722, single-family residence

Pinnacle Custom Builders Inc., 2805 Fairview Canyon Road, Monitor, $222,962, single-family residence

Medina Construction, 1891 Swanson Gulch Road, Manson, $72,738, single-family residence

Alpine Aire Heating & Cooling, Inc., 12550 Stonefly Drive, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Alpine Aire Heating & Cooling, Inc., 4150 April Drive, no valuation, mechanical

May 15

Cary M. Thoreson et al, 65 Balsam Drive, Chelan, $48,909, accessory dwelling unit

North Valley Mechanical, Inc., 11 Strain Lane, Manson, $2,240,000, mechanical

Jerry and Lori Parker, 1000 Highway 150 No. 49, Manson, no valuation, mobile home

Mark Gjurasic, 2057 Lakeshore Drive, Entiat, no valuation, pool/spa

May 16

Darlene K. Henson, 1770 Central Ave., no valuation, condo sign

Pershing Developers LLC, 188 Pershing Circle, $148,526, single-family residence

Pershing Developers LLC, 222 Pershing Circle, $148,526, single-family residence

Scott J. Bibbens, 300 N. Elliott Ave., $207,839, remodel and addition

David G. Pope III and Melissa D. Pope, 305 Canal Blvd., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Frank E. and Marian L. Rickman Revocable Living Trust, 420 Canyon Place, no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Eric W. Nelson, 1905 Rocklund Drive, no valuation, irrigation backflow

Holladay LLC, 5885 Sunburst Lane, Cashmere, $48,000, new construction

May 17

Geoffrey T. Ping and Asia R. Delacruz, 146 Easy Way, no valuation, sign modification

Ramirez Properties LLC, 850 Methow St., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Campbells Development LLC, 1500 N. Wenatchee Ave., $364,009, new duplex

Marcos Preciado, 724 Lynn St., no valuation, backflow lawn sprinkler

Casimir Lorentz, 1020 N. Western Ave., no valuation, residential reroof

May 18

B L Johnson Investments LLC, 1 S. Garfield Ave., $45,380, interior alteration/ remodel

Timothy Lee Whitlatch, 1005 Cascade St. Unit A, no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Alma R. Iniguez, 700 Walker Ave., no valuation, detached garage and back house addition

Ronald and Elizabeth Cotman, 269 Whiskey Ridge Lane, Leavenworth, $123,236, single-family residence

Larry E. Hibbard, 21 Corkscrew Lane, Manson, $25,704, accessory structure — addition/alteration

Charles Frederick, 68 Cloudless Drive, Manson, $155,060, single-family residence

May 21

KM Builders, 264 Sunny Meadows Loop, $169,517, single-family residence

Palazzo Ponds & Waterfalls, LLC, 95 Proctor Blvd., Manson, no valuation, pool/spa

May 22

BHG Wenatchee LLC, 815 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, refacing existing f/s sign

DW Properties LLC, 3012 GS Center Road Unit A, $3,060, interior wall rebuild

NKH Monterey LLC, 1305 N. Wenatchee Ave. Space 7, no valuation, complete airhandler unit

John and Linda L. Hisey, 1129 Springwater Ave., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Daniel Martin, 616 Pearl St., no valuation, replace HVAC System with airhandler unit

Megan K. Gering, 421 Okanogan Ave., no valuation, two egress windows

Eisael Hernandez, 703 Methow St., $5,000, interior remodel

Complete Design, 4135 April Drive, $331,812, single-family residence

May 23

908 S. Wenatchee LLC, 908 S. Wenatchee Ave., $2,500, roof extension

William A. Diaz, 24 Furney St., $3,000, bathroom — interior remodel

C & C Investment Properties LLC, 2016 Westhaven, $192,634, single-family residence

Juan Sanchez Jr. and Krystal D. Sanchez, 440 S. Wilson St., no valuation, basement bedroom remodel

Mauro Guerrero Jr., 1100 Fifth St. Unit C, no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Matthew W. and Katie F. Cannata, 1543 Methow St., no valuation, replace HVAC system

Parmenter Signature Homes, LLC, 149 Reserve Lane, Manson, $391,176, single-family residence

Pinnacle Custom Builders Inc., 4220 Highway 97A, Chelan, $295,711, single-family residence

Parmenter Signature Homes, LLC, 69 Malbec Lane, Manson, $429,074, single-family residence

Lexar Homes Wenatchee, 163 Manzanita Drive, Manson, $152,184, single-family residence

Eastern Washington Construction Inc., 302 Village Drive, Manson, $155,213, single-family residence

Twin Peaks Construction, 5485 Highway 2, Cashmere, $180,147, single-family residence

May 24

Jacqueline L. Duncan, 123 N. Franklin Ave., no valuation, backflow preventer

Tenney Construction, Inc., 2307 Pine Tree Road A, Leavenworth, $104,976, accessory dwelling unit

Donna Rae Larson Trustee et al, 19791 Beaver Valley Road, Leavenworth, $66,848, accessory structure

Sun River Construction, LLC, 5739 Stemilt Loop Road, $195,683, single-family residence

One-Way Construction NW, Inc., 10599 Beecher Hill Road, Peshastin, $78,826, single-family residence

Kenneth and Diane Martin, 275 Bene Vista Lane, Chelan, $345,987, single-family residence

Kenneth and Diane Martin, 275 Bene Vista Lane, Chelan, $30,960, accessory structure

Lopez Design, LLC, 7885 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $169,190, single-family residence

Anthony D. Dart, 21 Clover Lane, Cashmere, $155,401, single-family residence

Alpine Aire Heating & Cooling, Inc., 17369 North Shore Drive, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

May 25

Spring Hill Suites, 1730 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, backflow preventer

Roper Driz LLC, 527 N. Chelan Ave. Apt. 14, no valuation, interior remodel

Roper Driz LLC, 527 N. Chelan Ave. Apt. 14, no valuation, adding mini-split units

Marya McCabe and William Babonas, 26 Larocha Lane, Manson, $62,298, accessory dwelling unit

Philipp Buterbaugh, 1227 American Fruit Road, $61,920, accessory structure

Matthew and Lindsey Ward, 24315 Saddle St., Leavenworth, $160,028, single-family residence

Jay and Jennifer Witherbee, 278 Wapato Way, Manson, no valuation, mechanical

May 29

MDK Investors LLC, 700 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, pole sign

Robert P. Kearns, 1058 Kearns Court A and B, $34,320, detached garage

Michael and Tamera Smith, 541 Cedar Wood Lane, no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Complete Design, 197 W. Mountain Brook Lane, $161,354, single-family residence

Lee Martin, 175 Joyful Place, Leavenworth, $154,978, single-family residence

May 30

Patrick L. and Kelee J. Kjack, 1915 Linville Drive, no valuation, elevation certificate

Harmon Construction, 136 Chatham Hill Road, $159,920, single-family residence

Lindsey A. Sandelin, 10 Beaver Brook Lane, Leavenworth, $185,620, single-family residence

May 31

Matthew J. and Mary F. Gamache, 1006 Westmorland Drive, $258,624, single-family residence and accessory dwelling unit

Douglas K. and Mandy M. Clark, 3844 Yaksum Canyon Road, Cashmere, $144,995, single-family residence

Douglas K. and Mandy M. Clark, 3844 Yaksum Canyon Road, Cashmere, $31,474, accessory structure

— Chelan County and City of Wenatchee Community Development Departments


Douglas County

May 1

Dennis Ray Dobbs, 431 19th St. N.E., $3,510, deck addition

Steven C. and Delores Johnson, 2669 8th St. N.E., $119,002, accessory storage building

Clifford T. and Sandra K. Lewis, 2559 Norma Lane, $5,000, carport

Sage Homes LLC, 306 S. Nevada Ave., $189,879, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 302 S. Nevada Ave., $156,086, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 2274 3rd St. S.E., $223,084, single-family residence

May 2

Douglas Hughes, 1425 1st St. S.E., no valuation, plumbing permit

Marea Kershner, 646 N. Colorado Ave., $5,814, foundation repair and bath addition

Bruce and Kate Bartrude, 1845 Country Club Drive, $38,000, garage addition and master bedroom remodel

Timothy S. and Cynthia M. Seyster, 200 Cascade View Court, $29,750, shop

Gordon D. Davies, 2025 Road 3 S.W., $5,000, manufactured home demolition

Porfirio and Linda K. Covarrubias, 21469 Highway 97 B, Orondo, no valuation, manufactured home/agricultural housing

May 3

Simplex Group LLC, 3557 W. Urban Industrial Way, $7,346, wall sign

David and Lisa Fletcher, 664 Edson St., Brewster, $77,000, manufactured home

Boyer Mountain Door & Pool Inc., 1300 Webb Place S., $79,202, pool

Boyer Mountain Door & Pool Inc., 2036 N.E. Glen St., $92,325, pool

Christie Forrest, 827 Madeleine Court, $266,818 single-family residence

May 4

Wenatchee Realty LLC, 401 Valley Mall Parkway, $20,649, awnings for Aspen Dental

Richard C. and Karen A. Redfern, 262 42nd Court N.W., $110,493, shop with loft

James K. and Pamela K. Winbrecht, 140 E. Emerson Drive, Orondo, $15,066, deck

Sage Homes LLC, 2741 S.E. Falcon View Drive, $313,246, single-family residence

May 7

Donn and Marla LaRue, 7 Highland Place, Bridgeport, $120,000, manufactured home

May 8

Jeremy and Alicia Woollett, 1627 Eastmont Ave., $51,395, fiberglass pool

Jeremy and Melissa Kelley, 1083 Corum Circle, no valuation, mechanical permit

Ray Deitz, 720 11th St. N.E., no valuation, mechanical permit

Legacy LLC, 4100 10th St. N.E., $56,895, lean-to addition

Pinnacle Custom Builders Inc., 2868 N. Brie Lane, $345,825, single-family residence

May 9

Douglas County, 100 19th St. N.W.$1,992,047, new facility for Sheriff’s Offices and court facilities

Rimrock Meadows Association, 4073 Tumbleweed Way, Ephrata, $107,101, replacement garage for fire engines

Michael R. Battis, 703 N. Nile Ave., $193,759, addition

Veerpal Kaur, 1200 Jupiter St. S.E., $1,000, residential

Timberwood Homes LLC, 1924 Legendary Lane, $309,433, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 2274 2nd St. S.E., $207,435, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 250 S. Nevada Ave., $189,955, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 2237 2nd St. S.E., $189,955, single-family residence

May 10

Washington Trust Bank No. 143, 523 Valley Mall Parkway, $30,000, modify existing viewing room into a single ADA restroom

Shawn and Michelle O’Flaherty, 324 Pine View Drive, Orondo, $24,000, manufactured home and decks

Nicholas R. and Dixie Bright, 3087 N.W. Delcon Drive, $50,000, pool

May 11

HCD Homes LLC, 245 S. Keller Ave., $1,512,015, single-family residence

Jonathan and Anna Vara, 1378 Grant Road, $1,000, basement bath and outside stairs to basement

Jorge Sanchez, 4200 N.W. Cascade Ave., $620,248, single-family residence

May 15

Ronald and Olga Cook, 1330 N. Arbor Terrace, $207,362, single-family residence

May 16

Darren Smith, 250-256 5th St. N.E., no valuation, monument sign for Birch Apartments

Peter G. and Gloria J. Bova, 10 Red Tail Drive, Orondo, $200,000, manufactured home

May 17

Rod Hammons, 1 Central Ferry Canyon Road, Bridgeport, $13,621, deck

May 18

Double D Vineyards LLC, 39 Danielle Drive, Orondo, $720,967, wine production

Charles and Sarah Wyatt, 3310 N.W. Empire Ave., $38,676, shop

Hanson Home Construction LLC, 627 S. Newton Ave., $219,697, single-family residence and shop

May 21

Lance and Jodell Harvey, 16 Bundy Place, Orondo, $195,973, single-family residence

May 22

Larrie Dovich, 6 French St., $228,407, residential addition and new shop

Sam One Enterprises LLC, 3792 N. George St., $176,328, blockchain data processing

Jonathan Hagen, 268 Vineyard Drive, Orondo, $19,834, poolhouse

Sage Homes LLC, 2275 2nd St. S.E., $223,084, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 2281 S. Melody Lane, $221,011, $189,955, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 2238 2nd St. S.E., $199,568, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 2284 2nd St. S.E., $182,433, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 2264 2nd St. S.E., $221,011, single-family residence

May 23

Roberto and Susanne Morales, 14 Arden Ave., Bridgeport, $15,612, accessory patio cover

May 24

Speidel Property, 176 Grant Road, no valuation, exhaust fan for Walker’s Furniture

Louis A. and Marlene D. Bencze, 813 Highline Drive, $23,800, garage

May 25

Eliborio Uribe, 2943 Highway 173, Bridgeport, no valuation, manufactured home

Sage Homes LLC, 240 S. Nevada Ave., $189,879, single-family residence

May 29

Karee A. Schaefer, 380 Altoona Drive, Ephrata, $5,500, carport

Salvador and Hermila Moralez, 4320 N.W. Cascade Ave., $3,000, LPG Appliance, line and tank

Ryan S. and Tennille A. Vickery, 1300 Webb Place S., $12,675, Verdi-block retaining wall

K & L Homes LLC, 275 North Shore Drive, Orondo, $636,008, single-family residence with boat shed

May 31

Douglas Hill, 400 W. Marine View Drive, Orondo, $201,427, single-family residence

Albin R. and Christine A. Larsen, 2307 3rd St. N.E., $293,699, single-family residence and shop

— Douglas County Transportation and Land Services and City of East Wenatchee Community Development Department