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For the Record | Building permits

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Chelan County

Dec. 1

James & Marcus LLC, 920 N. Mission St., $34,841, structural floor capacity

James & Marcus LLC, 746 S. Mission St., $30,079, structural floor capacity

Lola C. Elliott, 1556 N. Wenatchee Ave. Unit A, no valuation, Type II hood, duct and fan

Getaway Moose LLC, 2526 Kinnikinnick Drive, Leavenworth, $123,307, accessory structure

Western Ranch Buildings, LLC, 200 Summer Ridge Lane, Malaga, $51,840, accessory structure

Dec. 4

Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Inc., 830 S. Mission St., $53,000, interior alteration

Michael and Jennifer Eastep, 1406 Orchard Ave., $92,943, new accessory dwelling unit

John J. and Lisa A. Scarafiotti Trustees, 4 Brandi Lane, $25,000, shop addition to an existing garage

L.W. Smith Family Investments LLC, 1514 Walla Walla Ave., $52,000, fire damage repair

Thomas E. Stracener, 332 S. Chelan Ave., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Wayne Ochampaugh, 1014 Cherry St., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Cecilia Hernandez, 483 Roses Ave., Manson, $33,300, mobile home

Shawn and Kerianne Pittman, 1164 Swartout Road, Manson, $106,114, accessory dwelling unit

Dec. 5

Dan Pershall, 2940 McEldowney Road, Malaga, $23,625, accessory structure

Western Ranch Buildings, LLC, 1164 Swartout Road, Manson, $22,950, accessory structure

Ricard A. Owens, 351 Loop Ave., Manson, $124,867, single-family residence

Dec. 6

Lola C. Elliott, 1556 N. Wenatchee Ave. Unit A, no valuation, commercial kitchen buildout

Mission Street Plaza LLC, 317 N. Mission St. Unit 100, no valuation, occupational medicine wall sign

RIA FBO Earl Bart Tilly IRA et al, 2690 Methow St., $231,633, single-family residence

Ariel’s Construction, 200 Boodry St. Space 19, no valuation, mobile home

Mulhall Design & Consulting, 137 Saratoga Lane, Malaga, $91,037, accessory structure

Blaine D. O’Kelley, 12070 Allen Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Dec. 7

Stanley Bratton, 1720 Walnut St., $30,000, day care room addition

Steel Structures America, Inc., 60 Highway 150, Manson, $40,000, new construction

Dec. 8

James D. Schoenmakers, 748 Saddlerock Drive, no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Dec. 11

Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council, 620 Lewis St., no valuation, free standing sign

Timberwood Construction, Inc., 16863 North Shore Drive, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Dec. 12

Water Works Properties LLC, 2 Fifth St., $5,000, adding fire doors

Michael and Sharon Stubblefield, 926 Idaho St., $6,000, adding roof cover and arbor

Justina M. Bolz, 216 Wetherald St., $91,500, interior remodel of residence

Laura K. Wade, 1595 Pacific Lane, no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Mildred A. Crowder, 715 Palouse St., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

James A. Sherrell, 2904 Easy St., no valuation, plumbing

Dec. 13

Stemilt Growers LLC, 1610 N. Miller St., $514,328, alteration-enclosing building

Md7, LLC, 21400 Chelan Butte Lookout Road, Chelan, $25,000, addition/alteration

Dec. 14

Central Washington Health Services Association, 1215 S. Miller St., $15,000, cell tower modification

Juan Sanchez Jr. and Krystal D. Sanchez, 440 S. Wilson St., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

William H. Timmermans, 4890 Highway 97, $97,292, single-family residence

Kelly-Case Construction, 11830 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, no valuation, mechanical

Chelan Custom Homes, 421 Karma Kanyon Drive, Chelan, $40,000, accessory structure — addition/alteration

Dec. 15

Douglas and Michelle Clay, 1029 Gellatly St., $50,000, residential addition/alteration

Heidi Huber, 1870 Methow St., no valuation, woodstove

Dec. 18

Terry L. Evans, 510 Pioneer Drive, no valuation, heat pump and furnace

Dave Doubroff, 4227 Crestview Road, $8,211, accessory structure — addition/alteration

Marcos and Maria Martinez, 3615 Bainard Road, Malaga, $64,800, accessory structure

Dec. 19

TQH Holdings LLC, 121 N. Mission St., $70,000, commercial

Rocky W. Flynn and Valquiria S. Santos-Flynn, 2110 Yarrow Road, no valuation, woodstove

Daniel Kavet, 9 S. Delaware Ave., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Jonathan and Marcie Johnston, 3955 Malaga Alcoa Highway, Malaga, no valuation, change of use

Dec. 20

David Corulli, 1504 N. Western Ave., $367,467, new duplex

Arthur L. Ruckman, 506 Day Road, no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Stuart Silk Architects, Inc., 3942 Highway 97A, $210,590, single-family residence

Columbia Plumbing & Remodeling, LLC, 4231 April Drive, no valuation, plumbing

Dec. 21

Willard D. Aldridge, 300 Okanogan Ave., $15,000, cell tower modification

DW Properties LLC, 3012 GS Center Road Unit A, $10,000, roof cover addition

Alison E. McClendon, 626 S. Elliott Ave., $22,308, garage addition

Doug Graham, 32 Lemmy Lane, Leavenworth, $134,108, single-family residence

Doug Graham, 32 Lemmy Lane, Leavenworth, $14,661, accessory structure

Donald J. and Rebecca L. Madonna, 14210 Chiwawa Loop Road, Leavenworth, $93,418, single-family residence

Dec. 26

David G. Hulse, 1920 Lion Place, no valuation, gas f/p, tank and line

Dec. 27

Amy Nguyen and Hung Hoang, 227 N. Western Ave., no valuation, backflow preventer

Real Homes, 750 Lakeshore Drive, Manson, $134,127, single-family residence

Sturm Heating, Inc., 1836 S. Mission St., no valuation, mechanical

Dec. 28

Alturas Mission Village LLC, 212 Fifth St. Suite 2, no valuation, wall sign

Justin C. and Holly J. Pickens et al, 1012 First St., $25,000, interior remodel

Executive Ridgecrest LLC, 1608 N. Western Ave. Space 11, no valuation, air handling unit installation

Prestigious Patios, LLC, 2401 Shaw Road, Malaga, $9,720, accessory structure

Dec. 29

Deanna E. Creveling, 8980 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $59,976, single-family residence


Douglas County

Dec. 1

Carol Kay Williams, 2726 Sunset Highway, $206,991, single-family residence

Jake L. and Rachelle L. Youngren, 3 East Shore Court, Orondo, $254,852, single-family residence

Dec. 4

Alyanse Properties LLC, 2307 N.W. Alan Ave., no valuation, decommission fuel tank

Stimac Construction Inc., 3051 N.W. Delcon Drive, $245,964, single-family residence

Stimac Construction Inc., 3061 N.W. Delcon Drive, $245,964, single-family residence

Dec. 5

Linda and Dannie Phipps, 2665 8th St. N.E., $8,850, storage building

Dec. 7

Morgan Field, 66 Orchard Place, $16,236, dock

Rosendo A. Cuevas, 401 S. Kentucky Ave. Space 27, $8,000, manufactured home replacement

Dec. 8

David and Nancy Diehl, 225 19th St. N.E. No. 11, no valuation, mechanical permit

Dec. 11

Peter F. and Lindre M. Brant, 62 Orchard Drive, Orondo, $408,011, single-family residence

Dec. 12

Juanita C. and John M. Catlin, 299 21st St. N.E., $16,861, porch cover

Richard T. Hancock, 3218 Vine St. N.E., $56,806, single-family residence fire repair

Dec. 13

Brian S. and Heather R. Harper, 253 23rd St. N.E., $422,117, single-family residence

Dec. 14

Upper Columbia Corporation of Seventh Day Adventists, 330 N. Lyle Ave., $3,000, roof repair

Michael and Carmen Bos, 238 Vineyard Drive, Orondo, $30,000, swimming pool

Dec. 15

Greg A. and Lisa M. Loomis, 3028 N.W. Delcon Drive, $329,785, single-family residence

Sage Hoes LLC, 336 S. Nevada Ave., $222,650, single-family residence

Sage Hoes LLC, 2277 Maryhill St. S.E., $154,983, single-family residence

Sage Hoes LLC, 310 S. Nevada Ave., $179,310, single-family residence

Josephine Davis, 1129 N. Denis Court, no valuation, decommission oil tank

Dec. 18

Giga-Watt, 643 S. Billingsley Drive, $1,547,576, Giga-Watt Pangborn Campus site development

Steven and Hilda Tucker, 63 Corral Creek Drive, Orondo, $87,268, storage building

Dec. 19

Vintage Capital Group, 401 Valley Mall Parkway, $88,758, interior improvements for Aspen Dental

Dec. 21

Brooks A. Boreson, 614 11th St. N.E. Unit 212, no valuation, mechanical permit

Dec. 26

Robert E. and Kalie J. Bender, 507 S. Lynn Ave., $12,755, interior remodel