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For the Record | Real estate sales

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Chelan County commercial sales

Oct. 9

Easy Street Investments LLC, 332 Terminal Ave., Wenatchee, $535,000, sold to Rick and Jennie Uhles

Oct. 12

Steve and Kelly J. Schindele, 11155 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $151,300, sold to Ken and Sara Showalter

Oct. 26

Randall L. Smith, 305 Woodring St., Cashmere, $675,000, sold to Woodring Apartments LLC


Chelan County residential sales

Oct. 1

Thomas A. Coleman, 221 Arden Road, Ardenvoir, $140,000, sold to Kelley Thrift

Alia D. Muro, 6828 1st St., Dryden, $224,000, sold to Caryn L. Rumble

Dale and Marguerite Huber, 1817 Garnet Place, Wenatchee, $316,000, sold to Gregory and Amanda Van Gorder

David B. Ganas, 291 Ski Hill Drive, Leavenworth, $376,596, sold to U.S. Bank N.A. as Trustee c/o Citi Mortgage

Dianne Montgomery, Property ID 12390, Highway 2, Leavenworth, $45,000, sold to Desiree R. and William M. Schmidt

John R. Gallegos and Sallie E. Becker, 20647 Miracle Mile, Leavenworth, $590,000, sold to Eric and Shannon Smith

Oct. 2

Maxine Anderson, 221 Okanogan Ave., Wenatchee, $100,000, sold to Eider Properties LLC

Andrew J. Sullivan et al, 786 Queens Court, Wenatchee, $171,000, sold to Julie K. Ellington

C & C Investment Properties LLC, 420 S. Miller St., Wenatchee, $210,000, sold to Eider Properties LLC

John P. Fletcher, 13340 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $349,900, sold to Alia Guzman and Trevor Buechler

C & C Investment Properties LLC, 2016 Westhaven, Wenatchee, $389,000, sold to Virgil and Sue VanWinkle

Kenneth and Joyce Phipps, 12787 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $526,000, sold to Alan Dean and Amber Hope Eastridge

Darrell L. Dalton, 1902 W. Prospect St., Chelan, $239,000, sold to Fred and Gladys Sickler Trustees

Oct. 3

Dustin M. and Michelle L. Ingalls, 85 Wall St., Manson, $1,150,000, sold to Derek and Joy Ingalls

Eastern Washington Construction Inc., 213 Village Drive, Manson, $304,900, sold to Patricia J. Carroll

Cherinda L. McFadden, 680 Lakeshore Drive, Manson, $305,000, sold to Amado Chavez and Angelica Zermeno

Marcia L. Hahn, 10 S. Cove Ave. (Property ID 53366), Wenatchee, $155,000, sold to Joshua and Kenzi Madland

Oct. 4

G. Paul and Carolyn J. Killian, 135 S. Harris Ave., Manson, $148,355, sold to Harold C. Killian

Easy Street Properties LLC, 1520 Crescent St., Wenatchee, $215,500, sold to Luis and Maura Guitierrez

Naomi O. Grim, 1222 Woods St., Wenatchee, $240,000, sold to Maurine C. Moncur Revocable Trust

Aubre Sison, 1317 Maple St., Wenatchee, $252,000, sold to Weslie and Shannon Pilon

Dale H. Whiteaker, 1020 Fuller St., Wenatchee, $264,000, sold to Megan and Stephen B. Allen

Element Homes LLC, 10006 Numeral Pointe Place, Entiat, $389,000, sold to James P. and Kelly M. Ockerman

Oct. 5

Cynthia Heather Valdez, 1005 Glenwood Ave., Wenatchee, $302,450, sold to Vernon F. and Marian E. Adams

Linda G. Robinson, 905 Boyd Road, Chelan, $869,500, sold to Michael and Darlene Kelsey

Keith and Patti Spurgeon, 14772 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $920,000, sold to Marian and Erik Von Fuchs

Robert and Lisa Rempel, Property ID 41655, Highway 150, Chelan, $4,500, sold to Chunly and Mollie Tan

Oct. 8

Rodney B. and Pamela D. Arena Trustees, 2104 N. Western Ave., Wenatchee, $385,000, sold to Susan Eisenhart

Roland and Dee Hublou Family Limited Partnership, 808 W. Manson Road, Chelan, $295,000, sold to William J. Lageman Jr. and Kimberly Ann Lageman

Zachary R. Chiles, 2137 Citation Loop, Wenatchee, $300,000, sold to Olivia Thiel

Peter A. Love, 18485 Beaver Valley Road, Leavenworth, $650,000, sold to Karen and Patrick Ewing

April Boosinger, 68 Harvey Lewis Lane, Manson, $72,000, sold to Tracy M. Boosinger

Oct. 9

Alexandria Andersen, 37 Sienna Court, Chelan, $1,129,500, sold to Richard and Lauren Anderson Trustees

Richard Washut, 61 Washut Lane and Property ID 49090, Lakeshore Drive (two parcels), Manson, $1,600,000, sold to Anthony J. and Pamela L. McClure

Gary R. Darlington, 314 Elberta Ave., Cashmere, $235,000, sold to Grant and Kurt Swigart

Luis and Maura Gutierrez, 200 Boodry St., Wenatchee, $3,000, sold to Rafael Torres Martinez

Edward R. Therriault, 1301 Ormiston St., Wenatchee, $314,317, sold to Matthew S. and Melissa D. McCoy

Michael A. Rumley-Wells, 6380 Stemilt Creek Road, Wenatchee, $399,000, sold to Ivan L. and Cheryl A. Tinder

Shirley R. Wittgow, 1823 Rocklund Drive, Wenatchee, $525,000, sold to Joanna Holland and Paul Harrison

Kathleen M. Gill, 112 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $70,000, sold to Dwayne Pinel and Jeannie Mazzuca

Douglas and Cynthia Goodell, 10 S. Cove Ave. (Property ID 53322), Wenatchee, $219,900, sold to Hardy Thayer

Oct. 10

Pershing Developers LLC, 203 Pershing Circle, Wenatchee, $406,900, sold to Kelly S. and David C. Packer

Randy and Shelly Funke, 14001, 14003 and 14021, Brae Burn Road (three parcels), Leavenworth, $220,000, sold to Audry and William Henninger

Robert C. Jinneman, 1619 Alderwood Drive, Wenatchee, $278,000, sold to David A. Hepler and Margaret S. Cable

Charles O. Gallaher, 1601 Maiden Lane, Wenatchee, $287,000, sold to Sandra Covey

James and Donna Reinbold, 100 Summerset Blvd., Manson, $440,000, sold to Bruce A. and Joanne L. Knott

Timothy and Autumn Evans, 103 Crystal Crest Drive, Chelan, $675,000, sold to Tracy and Charlie Fajarillo

Pershing Developers LLC, 203 Pershing Circle, Wenatchee, $89,000, sold to Kelly S. and David C. Packer

Oct. 11

William G. Walton, 605 Princeton Ave. A, Wenatchee, $400,000, sold to BG Investment Properties LLC

Tyee Contracting LLC, 1005 Mesa Place, Entiat, $292,500, sold to Dawn M. Gangle

Rick Samuel, 10110 Main St., Peshastin, $180,000, sold to Nadine G. MacDermott

Marshall R. and Hannah Wallace, 120 S. Wilson St., Wenatchee, $255,000, sold to Kathryn Wallace

Jacob W. Reimer, 1040 Madison St., Wenatchee, $265,000, sold to Matthew C. and Michelle L. Ott

Sage Homes LLC, 203 Pershing Circle, Wenatchee, $317,900, sold to Kelly S. and David C. Packer

Jake and Lalani Purdom, 1026 Idaho St., Wenatchee, $348,000, sold to Alex and Gayoung Kwon

Ronald R. Watts, 2546 No. 2 Canyon Road, Wenatchee, $486,000, sold to William Edward and Kelli Jean Wright

Kenneth A. Clark Revocable Trust, 10380 North Road, Leavenworth, $499,000, sold to Gavin N. and Brooke N. Johnson

Oct. 12

Sara R. Cornell, 10 S. Cove Ave., Wenatchee, $137,500, sold to Jeffery D. and Alicia C. Brown

Norma L. Mitchell, 1310 Castlerock Ave., Wenatchee, $237,000, sold to Shelley A. Dewey

Paul and Ashley Nielsen, 20701 Club House Drive, Leavenworth, $265,000, sold to Joel S. and Cheryl T. Pritchett

Gae Re Clarke, 325 Division St., Leavenworth, $300,000, sold to Helen L. Mitchell

Adam and Alisa Franklin, 1041 Sunny Brooke Lane, Chelan, $380,000, sold to Ryan W. and Jacqueline L. Breakey

Norman D. and Erin A. Mooney, 548 Chrisand Lane, Wenatchee, $422,000, sold to Toby L. and Tana D. Kilbourn

Oct. 13

Dinah Mills, 20 S. Delaware Ave., Wenatchee, $195,000, sold to Michael and Sharon Stubblefield

Oct. 14

Jose S. Guzman and Evangelina Vargas, 1305 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, $10,000, sold to Jose S. Guzman

Oct. 15

Charles A. and Wanda R. Olson Revocable Living Trust, Property ID 57955, Atwood Road, Wenatchee, and 2715 Atwood Road, Malaga (two parcels), $127,000, sold to Michael and Amy Case

Gary M. and Hilary A. Ricci, 2687 Cedar Crest, Leavenworth, $145,000, sold to Property Trio LLC

Catherine M. Poirier, 1332 S. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, $240,000, sold to Leonardo J. and Ana I. Infante

Gregory and Diana Peterson, 2321 Fifth St., Wenatchee, $295,000, sold to Tara M. Dearrieta

Thomas A. Ryan, 12267 Pine Ridge Drive, Peshastin, $320,000, sold to Alexis and Michael Barker

Rena Lou Nielson, 248 Cherry St., Leavenworth, $322,000, sold to Kristin J.S. Beyerl

D & T Campbell Investments LLC, 163 Manzanita Drive, Manson, $395,000, sold to Jon and Tami Covey

Ruth M. Beidler, 352 Pickens St., Wenatchee, $415,000, sold to Robert and Julie Stirling

Richard E. and Teresa Seubert, 916 W. Parkview Road, Chelan, $590,000, sold to Thomas G. and Melinda Christopherson

Robert E. Gordon, 16755 Fir Road, Leavenworth, $613,000, sold to Philip and Shannon Gerity

Clayton and Christine Patmont, 15102 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $264,000, sold to Andrew R. and Patricia M. Olson

Oct. 16

Thomas Marc Spears, 205 Washington St., Cashmere, $264,000, sold to Sergio G. and Linda E. Mercado

Colleen M. Smith, 300 S. Elliott Ave., Wenatchee, $292,000, sold to Phillip L. and Bernadette M. Such

Robert J. and Julia A. Stirling, 1412 First St., Wenatchee, $458,000, sold to Steven and Katherine Martin

Steven and Katherine Martin, 12607 Icicle Lane, Leavenworth, $487,000, sold to Benjamin A. and Shannon M. Reed

Ruby Begonia LLC, 125 Bogey Blvd., Chelan, $535,000, sold to Larry N. Sams

Oct. 17

James R. and Karen Miltimore, 1839 Falcon Point Lane, Wenatchee, $187,500, sold to Thomas and Karen Hamilton

Angie Coleman Sherman, 14636 King St., Entiat, $210,000, sold to Victor Lemus

Desiree Blair, 206 W. Gibson Ave., Chelan, $242,500, sold to Griselia Farias

Troy A. Poltz, 910 Plum St., Wenatchee, $297,000, sold to Jacob and Theresa Cmelik

Michael S. Lyons et al, 103 N. Park and Woodin Ave., Chelan, $3,000, sold to Geraldean C. and John C. Laible

April Pittsinger, 925 Stevens St., Wenatchee, $349,900, sold to Jeremy and Danielle Worley

Mark and Barbara Forsmann, 108 Oak St., Cashmere, $460,000, sold to Matt and Emily Stone

Jeffrey R. Falconer, 12745 Shore St., Leavenworth, $795,000, sold to John M. and Susan M. Ferguson

Pershing Developers LLC, 227 Pershing Circle, Wenatchee, $89,000, sold to John and Connie Nichols

Oct. 18

Sean and Allison Soth, 201 Pennsylvania Ave., Wenatchee, $127,400, sold to Benjamin Kim

Dale and Candy Gullickson, 708 Methow St., Wenatchee, $190,000, sold to Chadderton and McKenna Chadderton

Agustin J. Cervantes, 606 Lewis St., Wenatchee, $219,500, sold to Brandon Sims

William Edward and Kelli Jean Wright, 8047 Tilly Lane, Wenatchee, $243,900, sold to Todd J. and Vilma L. Cole

Sage Homes LLC, 227 Pershing Circle, Wenatchee, $315,050, sold to John and Connie Nichols

David and Kimberly Kosmach, 27932 Napeequa Drive, Leavenworth, $550,000, sold to Micah and Chelsea Lenderman

Oct. 19

Brandi Williams and Cathy Shelly, 1000 Highway 150, Manson, $164,950, sold to Leah and Levi Scott

Margaret L. Taulango, 2921 Sierra Blvd., Malaga, $225,000, sold to Daniel and Krysta Schroyer

Michael C. Fager, 14038, 14042 and 14044 Brae Burn Road (three parcels), Leavenworth, $230,000, sold to Randy and Shelly Funke

Lisa Marchi, 110 Iowa Court, Chelan, $256,000, sold to Liliana Ramirez and Abel Cortes

Sandra McClellan, 121 Olive Ave., Manson, $300,000, sold to Roberto and Maria Venegas

Lange Construction LLC, 1702 Brambling Brae Lane, Wenatchee, $494,000, sold to Justin A. Grimes and Colleen M. Smith

R & B Investments Unlimited LLC, 63 N. Shugart Flats Road, Plain, $500,000, sold to Christopher J. and Emily K. Bowen

Mitchell A. and Tamiko A. Jordan, 9020 E. Leavenworth Road, Leavenworth, $703,000, sold to Tomas and Lucie Vetrovsky

Oct. 20

Verlon and Eileen Tribble, 3053 Riviera Blvd., Malaga, $320,000, sold to Cory Mason

Oct. 21

Steven J. Kline, 305 N. Emerson St., Chelan, $295,000, sold to BLChelan LLC

Oct. 22

Carolyn J. Dudley, 420 E. Trow Ave., Chelan, $150,000, sold to Kenneth L. Smith

Peter A. Love, 22922 Lake Wenatchee Highway, Leavenworth, $200,000, sold to Yvette Hoyt

Barbara Fuller Trustee, 409 Cottage Ave., Cashmere, $275,000, sold to Ellen M. Lindsay

Randall C. Black Sr., 3756 Squilchuck Road, Wenatchee, $277,900, sold to Richard Allen Spangler

Susan D. Haven Revocable Living Trust, 1904 Hideaway Place, Wenatchee, $295,000, sold to Leonard Helley

Clyde and Helen Thomas, 5643 E. Cashmere Road, Cashmere, $380,000, sold to Randall and Barbara Darlington et al

Bruce and Myungae Heyduck Living Trust, 6214 Forest Ridge Drive, Wenatchee, $415,000, sold to Keith R. Ganger

Riley M. and Marianne C. Sivertsen, 4155 W. Eaglerock Drive, Wenatchee, $897,500, sold to Richard and Jennifer Webley

Oct. 23

1019 9th LLC, 1019 Ninth St., Wenatchee, $229,000, sold to Jared Hooley

Arturo Garibay, 820 Highland Drive, Wenatchee, $290,000, sold to Jakub Nemec

Kelsey J. and August J. Bendtsen, 1001 Princeton Ave., Wenatchee, $315,000, sold to Bryson and Teilor Robbins

Daniel B. Trudeau, 307 Kray Ike Court, Wenatchee, $388,430, sold to Jeffrey and Tenille Mortensen

Colleen Donaghy-Ames, 4356 Anna Lane, Wenatchee, $514,090, sold to Anthony J. Helf

Dr. W. and Marilyn Pratt Trustees, 210 Paton St., Cashmere, $80,409, sold to Derrick W. Pratt

Oct. 24

Andrew and Brooke Smith, 2141 Roper Lane, Wenatchee, $239,900, sold to Diane R. Carlson

Lucy Nelson and Clara L. Wen, 901 Willis St., Wenatchee, $307,610, sold to Eric and Tina Thornton

Oct. 25

MTGLQ Investors LP, 18075 Entiat River Road, Entiat, $122,500, sold to Ernest Radillo

Jamie Cope, 516 Okanogan Ave., Wenatchee, $189,900, sold to Matthew Jones

Alvin Wickstrom and Jeanette Aubin, Property ID 41679, Highway 150, Chelan, $2,800, sold to Chloe E. Butler

Braden Draggoo and Jessica Creel, 3316 Burch Mountain Road, Wenatchee, $272,000, sold to Jeramie R. and Elyse M. Chisum

Gary D. Bates, 1650 Lexington Place, Wenatchee, $394,900, sold to Michael and Kimberly Rumley-Wells

Jeffrey G. Isringhaus, 1606 Horse Lake Road, Wenatchee, $555,000, sold to Deborah L. Rannfeldt

Stanley Family LP, 4126 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $880,000, sold to Thomas R. and Brittany M. McCullough

Thomas R. Jones, 17118 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $950,000, sold to Umar and Kalinah Gebril

Oct. 26

Ryan T. Zimmer, 22725 Brown Road, Leavenworth, $335,500, sold to Charles and Susan Zimmerman

Anthony L. and Kristin D. Walton, 1725 Skylar Court, Wenatchee, $365,000, sold to Derek J. Shoaf

Michael and Karen Pirotto Trustees, 2615 Larch Drive, Leavenworth, $498,000, sold to Scott M. Fallis and Kristine L. Hilliard

William L. Meyer, 24500 White River Road, Leavenworth, $554,000, sold to Kyle and Victoria Fisher

Luke C. and Nowelle M. Knutson, 2309 Pine Tree Road, Leavenworth, $580,000, sold to James Rice and Lisa Fernandez

Rene and Cory Clasen, 9511 E. Leavenworth Road, Leavenworth, $670,000, sold to William and Tara Anderson

Carl J. and Laura A. Pedersen, 12622 Ranger Road, Leavenworth, $809,000, sold to Mercy Rome and Anthony Terranella

Oct. 28

Steven B. Erickson, 103 N. Park St., Chelan, $270,000, sold to Ryan Aslakson et al

Oct. 29

Gary F. Graff, 18554 Karl Road, Leavenworth, $180,000, sold to Doug and Chrissy Graham

Dale Emery et al, 414 S. 2nd St., Chelan, $290,000, sold to Jose Hurtado and Alma Sanchez

Peggy J. Shofner and Donald H. Kiser, 22206 Stirrup Road, Leavenworth, $300,000, sold to Cory and Sarah Lane

Alyssa M. Schroyer, 1515 Willow Place, Wenatchee, $338,900, sold to Kaci Ramsey

RLH Homes LLC, 885 Autumn Crest Drive, Wenatchee, $600,000, sold to Joel L. and Ashley A. Hewitt

Oct. 30

Rosemary Padron, 3748 Bainard Road, Malaga, $150,000, sold to Jody M. Greer and Sara J. Baum

William G. Walton, 609 Princeton Ave., Wenatchee, $300,000, sold to Niche Investments LLC

Eastern Washington Construction Inc., 310 Village Drive, Manson, $375,000, sold to Bobby L. and Rueanne C. Conner

Eastern Washington Construction Inc., 302 Village Drive, Manson, $394,000, sold to Jeffrey and Lori Anderson

EGN Legacy LLC, 2121 Sunrise Circle, Wenatchee, $589,000, sold to Jing Chen and Wenbo Jia

Oct. 31

Gregory A. Graham, 1508 Orchard Ave., Wenatchee, $229,300, sold to Tiffany M. Shafer and Hoang P. Nguyen

Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011-1, 508 King St., Wenatchee, $245,000, sold to Paul W. Diaz

Mary M. Christle, 400 Ramona Ave., Wenatchee, $246,500, sold to Andrew J. Sullivan


Chelan County land sales

Oct. 1

Zakaria M. and Cheryl A. Ramadan-Jradi, Property ID 39956 and 39957, Ridgeview Drive (two parcels), Chelan, $239,000, 2.25 acres, sold to Andrew C. and Julie C. Dejarnatt

Edna R. Kolbo Trustee, 18007 and 18009 River Road (two parcels), Leavenworth, $100,000, 1.54 acres, sold to Scott Schab

R & S Rentals LLC, Property ID 33528, Highway 97A, Entiat, $129,900, 1.63 acres, sold to PUD No. 1 of Chelan County

Stewart & Stewart LLC, Property ID 31066 and 31987, N. Dryden Road (two parcels), Cashmere, $704,000, 22.47 acres, sold to Sears Properties LLC

Oct. 2

James G. and Marjory R. Sackett, 45 Sackett Glen Lane, Chelan, $175,000, 5.12 acres, sold to David Head

DSJS LLC, Property ID 51329, Evergreen Camp Road, Chelan, $35,000, 20 acres, sold to Jose Angel Reyes and Guillermina Rojas

Oct. 3

Gary H. and Eugenia K. Larson Trustees, 14164 Idlewild Road, Leavenworth, $300,000, 0.17 acres, sold to David D. and Kristian M. Hamilton

Prusik Investments LLC, 217 Pinegrass St., Leavenworth, $129,900, 0.15 acres, sold to Darin Eli Edwards

Oct. 4

Patricia A. McClellan, 2870 Lakeshore Drive, Manson, $120,000, 0.7 acres, sold to Steven D. and Vicki M. Haworth

M & A Land LLC, 867 Autumn Crest Drive, Wenatchee, $145,000, 0.43 acres, sold to Gregory and Geraldine Johnson

Mountain Pacific Bank, 9979 Saska Way, Entiat, $40,000, 0.27 acres, sold to Element Homes LLC

Jo Dean M. Sauer, Property ID 51297, George Garton Lane, Chelan, $65,000, 20.12 acres, sold to DSJS Land LLC

Diede Holdings LLC, 18 Diede Hills Lane, Wenatchee, $68,900, 0.92 acres, sold to John and Jennifer Therien

Oct. 5

J & O LLC, Property ID 67266, Ski Hill Drive, Leavenworth, $650,000, 1.81 acres, sold to Stephen C. Speicher

Oct. 9

Jeffrey T. and Tami H. Riley, 12303 Bretz Road, Leavenworth, $225,000, 2.96 acres, sold to Christopher and Jenifer Olsen

Cascade Columbia Holdings LLC, Property ID 42583, Brimstone Lane, Chelan, $499,000, 0.88 acres, sold to T Investments LLC

Weyerhauser Company, Property ID 36711, 36717, and 36721, Second Creek Road (three parcels), Leavenworth, $780,000, 360 acres, sold to Section 26 Dry Creek LLC

Oct. 10

Iain and Sarah E. Starr, 22306 Shetland Road, Leavenworth, $115,000, 0.35 acres, sold to Randy Lee Carberry

Don E. Wiese, Property ID 34593 and 34603, Gill Creek FS 6940 Road (two parcels), Leavenworth, $15,000, 3.12 acres, sold to Brandon and Alicia Henson

Oct. 11

Starke Shelby, 101 Poplar St., Leavenworth, $130,000, 0.14 acres, sold to Joshua M. and Nicol L. Northrup

Oct. 12

Ramona Ann Bailey, 180 Terminal Ave., Wenatchee, $60,000, 0.17 acres, sold to Jose F. and Vera H. Salas

JRB N.W. Corporation, 104 Shimmering Vista Lane, Chelan, $350,000, 0.33 acres, sold to Sergio Lozano and Ma. De Lourdes Lozano

Marilyn J. Beem, Property ID 29513, Icicle Road, Leavenworth, $390,000, 2.14 acres, sold to Heartvision LLC

Oct. 15

Brandon and Kari Gardner, Property ID 50521, Union Valley Road, Chelan, $78,000, 14 acres, sold to Brandon and Kari Gardner

BCS Ventures LLC, 443 Hidden Lane, Chelan, $164,900, 0.85 acres, sold to Richard Hager and Lori Woods

Jean Michel H. Bolomey, Property ID 50521, Union Valley Road, Chelan, $78,000, 14 acres, sold to Brandon and Kari Gardner

Oct. 16

Carla and Jason Cook, Property ID 34608, Conductor Road, Leavenworth, $58,000, 16 acres, sold to Gerald H. Reule

Oct. 17

Riverside Meadow LLC, 416 Riverside Meadow, Cashmere, $79,900, 0.16 acres, sold to Bryan and Makenzie Bremer

Shannon R. Hurley et al, 127 Hurley Lane, Manson, $159,000, 1.59 acres, sold to Matthew S. and Candace L. Hall

Kevin Sullivan, 122 Pine St., Leavenworth, $127,000, 0.14 acres, sold to Aldridge Family Homestead LLC

Raymond W. Zufall Trust, Property ID 37848, 37852 and 37917, Lake Wenatchee Highway (three parcels), Leavenworth, $18,000, 1.15 acres, sold to Charlotte and Kenneth Hines

Dietrich Investments LLC, 103 Crescent St., Chelan, $70,500, 0.2 acres, sold to Rhett J. and Kendra S. Crow

Riverside Meadow LLC, 406 Riverside Meadow, Cashmere, $79,900, 0.12 acres, sold to Aaron and Hanna Bremer

Ruth E. Ruppert, 405 Ridgewood Drive, Manson, $88,000, 0.12 acres, sold to Eastern Washington Construction Inc.

The Johns Retirement Plan, Property ID 25182, Penny Road, Wenatchee, $99,000, 0.43 acres, sold to CMH Homes Inc.

Oct. 18

Prusik Investments LLC, 239 Pinegrass St., Leavenworth, $128,000, 0.14 acres, sold to George and Sovanny Sexton

Marson and Marson Lumber Inc., 306 Eldorado Way, Chelan, $165,000, 0.27 acres, sold to Peter D. and Carole M. Schlotfeldt

Diana D. Sauerland, 60 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $215,000, 1.76 acres, sold to Dale and Sandra Watkins

David Rodstol Inc., 14 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, $570,000, 0.21 acres, sold to Hub and Spoke Holdings LLC

Edison G. Cheek, Property ID 14158, Upper Stiss Canyon Road, Wenatchee, $67,950, 20.88 acres, sold to Charles K. and Heather L. Sheffer

Whisper Investments LLC, Property ID 67493, Sunset Lane, Chelan, $92,000, 0.22 acres, sold to Manuel and Elda Carrillo

Oct. 19

Claude E. Richardson, Property ID 51546, Howard Flats Road, Chelan, $215,000, 10 acres, sold to April R. Bagdonas

Michael C. Fager, 14042 and 14044 Brae Burn Road (two parcels), Leavenworth, $230,000, 0.8 acres, sold to Randy and Shelly Funke

Scott P. and Josephine B. Maxham, Property ID 40332, Navarre Coulee Road, Chelan, $41,500, 27.38 acres, sold to Todd Cordell and Tina McKenna

Richard M. Tesh, 17395 Coulter Creek Road, Lake Wenatchee, $50,000, 1.1 acres, sold to Timothy and Deborah Rickman

Oct. 22

JWA Properties, 15250 Highway 97A, Entiat, $185,000, 4.59 acres, sold to Randall A. Reed

Oct. 23

Mark F. Anderson, 11030 Wending Lane, Leavenworth, $135,000, 1.6 acres, sold to R & B Investments Unlimited

Oct. 24

Steven D. and Linda L. Birman, Property ID 39194, Leavenworth, $190,000, 5.4 acres, sold to Scott Kennedy and Eva Snow

R P O Association, Property ID 36520 and 36521, River Road (two parcels), Leavenworth, $235,000, 2.01 acres, sold to Todd and Kristin Glandon

Oct. 25

Brad F. Vinson, Property ID 48931 and 48932, S. Lakeshore Road (two parcels), Chelan, $185,000, 0.27 acres, sold to Carlos Uvalle

Oct. 26

Nordic Vistas LLC, 213 Nordic Circle, Leavenworth, $159,000, 0.14 acres, sold to Krystn and Kim Nesselquist

Jupiter Barton, 17495 High Mountain Meadows Road, Lake Wenatchee, $90,000, 2.5 acres, sold to Walter and Jennifer Ball

Oct. 28

James T. Farmer, 20701 Club House Drive, Leavenworth, $459,000, 1.05 acres, sold to Natapoc 101 LLC

Oct. 29

Edward H. Thiessen, Property ID 32524, Chiwaukum Creek Road, Leavenworth, $100,000, 30.46 acres, sold to Roy P. and Susan A. King

Ruth E. Ruppert, 401 Ridgewood Drive, Manson, $88,000, 0.1 acres, sold to Eastern Washington Construction Inc.


Douglas County commercial sales

Oct. 1

Cory L. and Kimberly Clark, 95 Grant Road, East Wenatchee, $300,000, sold to Andrew and Shelly Hooper

Oct. 31

Lawrence and Neomah Scharps Revocable Living Trust, Neomah Scharps Trustee, 343 Grant Road, East Wenatchee, $990,000, sold to LocalTel Building LLC


Douglas County residential sales

Oct. 1

Grant Alan and Dana Marshele Bell, 2355 Canyon Hills Drive, East Wenatchee, $390,000, sold to Matthew P. Collins

Richard Rowley Jr. and Gloria M. Rowley, 140 W. Entiat Drive, Orondo, $244,000, sold to Dennis E. Rose

Oct. 2

Gurcharanjit K. Gill, 2400 Tacoma Ave. Space 10, Bridgeport, $16,000, sold to Huertas Orozco Inc.

Oct. 4

Marlene Hansen, 2255 Columbia Blvd., Bridgeport, $219,000, sold to David R. Clark

Oct. 5

Molli J. Dunckel, 1327 Terrace Drive, East Wenatchee, $228,000, sold to David J. Betancourt

Monica L. Melcher, 1720 1st St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $229,900, sold to Ryan and Brittnie Golden

Robert Karry, 111 Hamilton St., Mansfield, $94,500, sold to Leonard S. Graff

James and Dee A. Mendall, 113 W. First St., Waterville, $205,000, sold to Brayden and Kasey Mendall

Vern F. and Marian E. Adams, 165 and 175 Malloy Place (two parcels), Orondo, $400,000, sold to Theodore A. and Donna M. Manos

Hanson Home Construction LLC, 627 S. Newton Ave., East Wenatchee, $418,900, sold to Walter C. Olson

Oct. 9

Amy K. Johanson, 2355 Spring Wheat Road, East Wenatchee, $310,000, sold to Herbert Roy Young and Diane Erickson

Brian D. and Georgina Anderson, 240 Manowar Lane, East Wenatchee, $350,900, sold to John S. Shugart Sr. and Kristina Shugart

Douglas County Sheriff, 1056 Corum Circle, East Wenatchee, $258,508, sold to US Bank National Association

A Home Doctor Inc., 1412 Denny Place, Rock Island, $288,000, sold to Liliana R. Castillo

CMH Homes Inc., 875 Garden Plaza, East Wenatchee, $80,523, sold to Rosa E. Virrueta

Oct. 10

Scott M. and Elena F. Rengli, 425 W. Entiat Drive, Orondo, $269,900, sold to Richard H. and Elizabeth A. Van Dam

Oct. 11

Daniel L. Griffith Estate, 314 Goldcrest St., East Wenatchee, $231,440, sold to Manuel Sanchez Bravo, Sonia A. Garcia Alvarado and Juan C. Sanchez Vega

Brandon W. and Amanda Lundy, 2778 S.E. Falcon View Drive, East Wenatchee, $741,000, sold to Matthew Michael

Oct. 12

Gregory J. Zeller, 245 Lake Front Road, Orondo, $451,800, sold to Kenneth and Velma Perrigoue

Edward L. and Tristen L. Worthen, 411 E. Birch St., Waterville, $197,000, sold to James T. Horan

Sage Homes LLC, 302 S. Nevada Ave., East Wenatchee, $261,900, sold to Jeffrey Parnell

Bruce J. and Mary F. Bartoo, 316 Columbia Ave., Coulee Dam, $122,500, sold to Ashley Manderscheid

Oct. 15

Stephen and Jennifer Strain, 11 Rowan St., East Wenatchee, $212,000, sold to Robert Knowles

Laurel D. and Stacey Greer, 77 N. Lyle Ave., East Wenatchee, $187,000, sold to Alondra V. Valez

Robert Wayne Smith, 605 E. Poplar St., Waterville, $360,000, sold to Darrell Lee and Audrey G. Dalton

Stephen C. and Cindy Shales, 444 Hawthorn Court N.W., East Wenatchee, $425,000, sold to Norman D. and Erin A. Mooney

Oct. 16

Maxine Postelwait, 487 Highline Drive, East Wenatchee, $80,000, sold to Douglas and Kendra Craig

Dale J. and Kathleen D. Rodman, 2612 Highland Drive, Bridgeport, $235,000, sold to Michael P. and Taralee H. McFadden

Oct. 17

Martha L. McKinley Estate, 137 Ironwood Place, East Wenatchee, $340,000, sold to David H. and Cynthia D. Jaynes

Rhodus Revocable Trust, 2490 Rock Island Road, East Wenatchee, $292,500, sold to Scott E. Fincher and Ana C. Bolivar

Water Works Properties LLC, 122 W. Ash St., Waterville, $140,000, sold to Nicolas Bahena

Ryan L. and Elizabeth K. Griffith, 809 12th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $332,400, sold to Monica G. Sanchez and Juan P. Lopez Ruiz

Alejandro Gutierrez and Maria Valdovinos, 19 Arden Ave. and parcel number 54300800800 (two parcels), Bridgeport, $115,000, sold to Teresa Medel, Hector Villegas and Miriam Zamudio

Gregory C. and Martha A. Alexander, 215 Willow View Drive, Orondo, $165,000, sold to Janet Dunlap

Oct. 18

David J. and Nancy R. Akland, 1808 Carl St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $207,000, sold to Evan Akland

MTC Financial Inc., 240 S. Karry Lane, East Wenatchee, $222,898, sold to Jon Picard

Oct. 19

John R. and Nancy R. Hatzenbihler, 1523 Country Club Drive, East Wenatchee, $510,000, sold to Michael J. Vail

Elvira Chavez, 1124 N. Denis Court, East Wenatchee, $200,000, sold to Adriana Chavez

Ronnie D. and Joi L. Singleton, 1640 Holly Lane, East Wenatchee, $514,000, sold to Ron S. and Erika J. Snyder

Daniel J. O’Rourke Jr., 2434 Bellanca Court, East Wenatchee, $319,900, sold to Jaskaran Sigh Kooner

Nelson and Briseira Barajas, 100 Simon St. No. 32, East Wenatchee, $160,000, sold to Cruzella LLC

Oct. 22

Cameo Vista Corp., 1467 Denny Place, Rock Island, $239,370, sold to Shelbi D. Deadmond

Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide Inc., 2359 Grand Ave., East Wenatchee, $530,000, sold to Dustin Deshane Johnson and Amy Saffron

Clyde D. and Mary Lou Shaffer, 898 Chelan Hills Acres Road, Chelan, $35,000, sold to Vance Myers

Ashley and Michael Curtin and Daniel A. and Renae S. Frazier, 2365 Talon St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $390,000, sold to Leslie and Tracy Pilkinton

Steven D. and Jane Jenkins, 1923 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport, $115,000, sold to Adilene Dominguez

Dustin D. and Amy S. Johnson, 2329 Veedol Drive, East Wenatchee, $335,000, sold to Geoffrey W. Reynolds

John and Patricia Betzing, 824 N. Iowa Ave., East Wenatchee, $378,000, sold to Luis and Idahlia Romero

Oct. 23

Gerald A. Iblings Estate, 982, 986, 990 and 994 Highline Drive (four parcels), East Wenatchee, $580,000, sold to Matthew D. and Carolyn S. Meenach

Oct. 24

John A. McKie, 327 N. Georgia Ave., East Wenatchee, $22,000, sold to Sue McIntire

Ronald D. and Carolyn F. Harrison, 527 Nahalee Road, East Wenatchee, $175,900, sold to Clyde C. and Helen L. Thomas

Paul and Julie Jessup, 3213 Vine St. N.E. and parcel number 92000700300, Vine St. N.E.(two parcels), East Wenatchee, $379,900, sold to Erin and Geneva Wilson

Ismael Cadenas Gaytan et al, 2400 Tacoma Ave. Space 17, Bridgeport, $2,000, sold to Petra Guia

Oct. 25

V & Z Builders LLC, 230 S. Mary Ave., East Wenatchee, $334,500, sold to Scott A. Bland

Michele A. Ansorge, 443 Dorado Court, East Wenatchee, $415,000, sold to Kristen and Daniel Jentges

Pinnacle Custom Builders Inc., 2850 N. Brysen Drive, East Wenatchee, $530,000, sold to David D. and Tonya R. Curby

Sue K. Stanton, 140 Ironwood Place, East Wenatchee, $325,300, sold to Kristen Danielson

Sage Homes LLC, 2274 3rd St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $354,100, sold to Richmond Alan and Tiffany Ann Petty

Oct. 26

Robert K. and Gwen Johnson, 619 Highway 173 and parcel number 53000002600, Highway 173 (two parcels), Bridgeport, $95,000, sold to Juan C. Lozano and Maria D. Sanchez

Trevor C. and Rachel N. King, 1011 N. Denis Court, East Wenatchee, $185,000, sold to The Trust for Public Land

Ronald and Erika J. Snyder, 835 N. Kansas Ave., East Wenatchee, $352,500, sold to Wesley A. and Amanda J. McGarrah

Neal and Hatti L. McKee, 851 Highway 173, Brewster, $99,500, sold to Prudencio T. Chavez

Oct. 29

Timothy S. and Cynthia Seyster, parcel number 40900003907, East Wenatchee, $221,800, sold to Cale R. and Alicia J. Turner

Robert and Shelly Everett, 156 27th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $285,000, sold to DK Baker Holdings LLC

Element Homes LLC, 226 W. First St., Waterville, $209,500, sold to Sheri Lanoye

DK Baker Holdings LLC, 520 11th St. N.E. No. 21, East Wenatchee, $288,900, sold to Thomas Lee Manning

William and Angela Yokum, 304 Desert Canyon Blvd., Orondo, $515,000, sold to Victor Peri III and Linda Peri

Oct. 30

Bill and Anjanette Fries, 982 Husky Run Road, East Wenatchee, $393,500, sold to Mike L. and Susan D. Jacobucci

Gary J. and Mila S. Parsley, 2724 N.W. Columbia Ave., East Wenatchee, $221,000, sold to Jerri Lynn and Robert Louis Pardini

Eric R. Lundberg Jr. Estate, 2323 Fancher Field Road, East Wenatchee, $275,000, sold to Lexer Nucamendi Grajales

Todd C. Boughton and Robyn Beutler, 704 France St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $333,000, sold to Gavin E. Gahringer

Oct. 31

Estela Arroyo Guzman, 3126 Sunset Highway, East Wenatchee, $250,000, sold to Jose Martin Aguilar

Michael E. Grande, 617 W. Beech St., Waterville, $91,400, sold to Steven J. and Hannah M. Ott

John Joseph and Maureen Anne Reynolds, 225 19th St. N.E. No. 1, East Wenatchee, $300,000, sold to Timothy S. and Cynthia M. Seyster

Esteban and Teresa Camacho, 535 16th St., Bridgeport, $109,000, sold to Ricardo Camacho Rivera

Adam Snyder, 1371 Duram Drive, East Wenatchee, $250,000, sold to John and Martha R. Erickson

Jane Klara Davis, 2452 N.W. Columbia Ave No. 17, East Wenatchee, $428,000, sold to Jay and Jennifer Witherbee

Brian F. and Heidi S. Favor, 11 19th St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $409,000, sold to Floyd Parkhill


Douglas County land sales

Oct. 1

Jeffrey Alan Norman, 500 S. Greene St., Waterville, $23,000, 0.27 acres, sold to Carl J. and Callene J. Olsen

Oct. 2

Barbara J. and Nicholas W. Maslaney and Rick H. Ingle M.P.T., 102 Coyote Trail Road, Waterville, $24,500, 5.28 acres, sold to Diana Skye

A Home Doctor Inc., 1436 Denny Place, Rock Island, $281,926, 0.13 acres, sold to Cynthia L. Stoess

Oct. 3

Tab Land LLC, 4886 Hurst Landing Road, East Wenatchee, $283,000, 0.46 acres, sold to Brock D. and Ashley S. Foster

Jennifer Fullwiler, 812 Madeleine Court, East Wenatchee, $399,000, 0.16 acres, sold to Jack N. and Lucille A. Donnelly

Oct. 4

John C. and Erlinda M. Richardson, parcel number 09700200900, Mansfield, $3,000, 0.16 acres, sold to David H. Averill

Oct. 5

Alexis Hamilton, parcel number 82000800200, Waterville, $2,700, 1 acre, sold to John W. Bryant

Oct. 9

Mark and Kirsten Jenicek, parcel numbers 82001400400, 82001400500 and 82001400600 (three parcels), Waterville, $15,000, 3.22 acres, sold to Gregory and Keeli Brady

Oct. 10

River Vue LLC, parcel numbers 66700000100, 66700001000, 66700001500, 66700001700, 66700001800 and 66700001900 (six parcels), East Wenatchee, $813,000, 2.36 acres, sold to Timberwood Homes LLC

Oct. 12

Prime Properties LLC, 302 S. Nevada Ave., East Wenatchee, $21,000, 0.18 acres, sold to Jeffrey Parnell

Oct. 16

James L. and Luella R. Fuller, 228 S. Mansfield Blvd. and parcel number 09900300100 (two parcels), Mansfield, $127,500, 0.42 acres, sold to Jennifer Ann and Zachary Brian Lake

Oct. 23

James and Stephanie Flowers, 1510 Ohio St., East Wenatchee, $110,000, 2 acres, sold to Morgan and Whitney Flowers

Oct. 25

Prime Properties LLC, 2274 3rd St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $21,000, 0.19 acres, sold to Richmond Alan and Tiffany Ann Petty

Timberwood Homes LLC, 1966 Legendary Lane S.E., East Wenatchee, $497,107, 0.2 acres, sold to Israel and Suzi R. Ochoa

Oct. 26

Richard and Nancy C. Reynolds, 2777 N.W. Arlenes Court, East Wenatchee, $130,000, 0.83 acres, sold to Jessup Home Design Inc.

Richard and Nancy C. Reynolds, 2784 N.W. Arlenes Court, East Wenatchee, $125,000, 0.61 acres, sold to Jessup Home Design Inc.

Katherine M. Marr, parcel number 03800001402, East Wenatchee, $401,000, 2.3 acres, sold to The Trust for Public Land

Donovan R. and Laura L. Mounter, 2902 N. Brysen Drive, East Wenatchee, $119,900, 0.27 acres, sold to Larry and Sandi Miller

Oct. 30

Phillip O. Cook Revocable Living Trust, 1751 Road K N.E., Mansfield, $180,000, 79 acres, sold to Davee J. and William Eddie Greer

Walter M. Drechsler, parcel number 81701801300, Coulee-Hartline, $1,100, 1.13 acres, sold to Woodrose Trading LLC

Rimrock Meadows Association, parcel numbers 81700801600, 81700802000, 81700802100 (three parcels), Ephrata, $13,485, 3.21 acres, sold to Carlos Oropeza Gonzalez

Cascade Property Group LLC, parcel number 22201230114, East Wenatchee, $600,000, 1.96 acres, sold to ESD No. 105

Ernest A. Reinhard, parcel number 01400601000, Bridgeport, $16,000, 0.13 acres, sold to Hugo Gomez Saucedo

Winston G. Todman, parcel number 818001904100, Coulee-Hartline, $3,500, 2 acres, sold to Jose Chavez Perez

HMJD Orchards LLC, parcel numbers 3025810006 and 30252810011 (two parcels), Buckingham Alley, Brewster, $2,297, 50 acres, sold to Douglas County

Ricky A. Uhl and Debra K. Dameron, 70 Buckingham Alley, Brewster, $1,401, 10 acres, sold to Douglas County

Oct. 31

R.W. and Una Delores Hastings and M. Eugenia and Roy Miller, parcel number 10101500300, Rock Island, $20,000, 0.11 acres, sold to Brett Duffin

Dan and Dena Hanson, parcel number 49700007200, Chelan, $20,000, 12.4 acres, sold to Matt and Leah New