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For the Record | Building permits

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Chelan County

Oct. 1

3rd Rock LLC, 1451 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, extend natural gas line

Brandon T. and Karissa J. Harle, 1425 Appleridge St., no valuation, swimming pool

Harry J. Carender and Catherine E. Allen, 1633 Cherry St., no valuation, wood stove

Dale H. Whiteaker, 1020 Fuller St., no valuation, egress window and well

Kurtis L. Wyant, 302 Little Butte Ranch Road, Chelan, $262,509, single-family residence

Henry Ohrazda, 430 Edgemont Drive, $240,983, single-family residence

Joshua M. Mathena and Fona L. Sugg-Mathena, 304 Kray Ike Court, $174,172, single-family residence

Oct. 2

Joshua and Allison Osborne, 317 Mills Ave., no valuation, residential patio cover re-roof

Sean P. and Regina C. Gross, 2063 Maiden Lane, no valuation, extend LPG line

Jason A. and Kelly M. Underwood, 1427 Love Lane, $23,220, accessory structure

Daniel Mellor and Joel Mellor, 18132 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $271,370, single-family residence

Oct. 3

Duane M. Selland et al, 1285 S. Wenatchee Ave., $578,663, office addition

Lauribel Harrison, 122 N. Mission St., $15,000, tenant improvement

Shreve Properties LLC, 1250 N. Wenatchee Ave. Unit E1, no valuation, construct new dividing wall

Salvador and Maritxa M. Najera, 225 Okanogan Ave., $11,440, demolition and rebuilding of garage

Julie E. Nebel, 1310 Castlerock Ave. Unit 1, no valuation, gas fireplace insert

Raymond L. Barber, 1205 Utah St., no valuation, outside unit

Otis Childers Construction, 19189 Beaver Valley Road, Leavenworth, $18,576, accessory structure

David W. and Sharon J. Russell, 8725 Eagle Creek Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Oct. 4

BFG Wenatchee Propco IV LLC, 817 Red Apple Road, no valuation, monument sign

Marc E. Lathrop and Helen E. Morello, 290 Summerset Blvd., $27,864, accessory structure

Robert E. Johnson et al c/o Enzian Motor Inn, 6645 Mountain Home FS 7300 Road, Leavenworth, $17,028, accessory structure

Lopez Design, LLC, 132 Diede Hills Lane, $293,063, single-family residence

Oct. 5

Lineage WA Columbia RE LLC, 1 Orondo Ave., $15,000, kitchen remodel

Alistair W. and Ursula M. Nicol, 614 First St., no valuation, woodstove

Oct. 8

Kimberly A. Reid, 110 N. Western, no valuation, complete air handler unit

Diana Sanchez, 95 Fuller St., no valuation, backflow device

Complete Design, 593 Hidden Lane, Chelan, $195,078, single-family residence

Roberts Construction LLC, 61 Avalon Terrace, $211,563, single-family residence

K & L Homes, LLC, 277 Bright Court, Manson, $149,762, single-family residence

Daniel P. Purcell and Arline R. Livrevtrt, 1357 Mission Creek Road, Cashmere, no valuation, mechanical

Oct. 9

Le Bid Washington Properties, 1500 N. Wenatchee Ave., $5,000, minor wall modifications

Angel Avelar, 1111 Walla Walla Ave., no valuation, fire demolition

Loretta Spangler, 302 S. Chelan Ave., $3,446, rebuild existing sun porch

David R. and Thelma H. Brady, 2025 Linville Drive, no valuation, complete air handler unit

Evelyn J. Mattos et al, 423 Kittitas St., no valuation, complete air handler unit

John and Jennifer Therien, 18 Diede Hills Lane, $161,329, single-family residence

Raul A. Calderon, 348 Bright Court, Manson, $156,900, single-family residence

William and Janet McKinney, 12103 Allen Road, Leavenworth, $9,900, accessory structure

John H. Griffith, 4284 Old Monitor Road, Cashmere, $256,393, single-family residence

Woodlands Construction, Inc., 1642 Greens Landing Road, Manson, no valuation, mechanical

Jody B. Casey, 6212 Entiat River Road, Entiat, no valuation, mechanical

Oct. 10

Robert B. Rowe Trustee, 108 N. Wenatchee Ave., $2,500, bar addition

Midtown Ventures, 35-39 S. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, changing windows

Roger A. Nielsen, 815 Kittitas St., $3,218, front patio cover

Malcolm Lindberg Sr. and Sheryl Lindberg, 130 Crawford Ave., no valuation, demolition of buildings on site

Christinia Van Well Trustee, 1224 Laverne Place, no valuation, complete air handler unit

Susan J. Ehrenberg, 1301 Cascade St., no valuation, residential backflow

Anderson Residential Design, 72 Prusik Peak Lane, Leavenworth, $94,702, accessory dwelling unit

Gary M. Broughton, 14081 Brae Burn Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue, 21300 Cayuse St., Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue, 21696 Lake Wenatchee Highway, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Oct. 11

Timothy Welsh, 2015 Broadway North, $35,000, rebuilding exterior deck

William M. Binckley, 17875 U.S. Highway 2, Leavenworth, $108,000, accessory structure

Beazley Construction, 2700 Totem Pole Road, Manson, $281,842, single-family residence

Stefan Swoboda, 11599 Eagle Creek Road, Leavenworth, $177,209, single-family residence

M J Neal Associates Architects, PLLC, 659 Columbia View Road, Chelan, $38,700, accessory structure

Donald E. and Teri A. Fink, 30 Clearwater Lane, Manson, no valuation, mechanical

Oct. 12

Bruce W. and Julie K. Davies, 1061 Red Apple Road, $8,061, metal carport

Donald L. and Peggy F. Hester, 4347 Knowles Road, $128,052, single-family residence

Chelan County PUD, 5695 U.S. Highway 97A, $450,000, addition/alteration

Newton Vision & Design, LLC, 759 Majestic View Drive, no valuation, pool/spa

Oct. 15

McDonald’s Corp. 046/0037 C/P Palouse Empire Food Services, 1024 N. Mission St., $350,000, interior upgrades

Halle Properties, 1914 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, four wall-suspended heating units

Nathan and Ana Kansky, 1446 Somerset Drive, no valuation, gas piping for two fixtures

Complete Design, 72 Orion Lane, Leavenworth, $105,236, accessory dwelling unit

William E. and Linda L. Baker, 365 Hidden Lane, Chelan, $124,059, single-family residence

Western Ranch Buildings, LLC, 21307 Stetson Road, Leavenworth, $38,362, accessory structure

Charles D. Largent, 911 Gehr St., no valuation, mechanical

Oct. 16

Stemilt Growers LLC, 1 Warehouse Road, no valuation, gas piping

Patrick R. Wagner, 227 S. Chelan Ave., $8,000, apartment remodel

San Juan Holdings LLC, 522 Hawks Ridge Road, Chelan, $207,786, single-family residence

Andrew Dumont, 524 Hawks Ridge Road, Chelan, $157,508, single-family residence

Andrew Dumont, 524 Hawks Ridge Road, Chelan, $13,622, accessory structure

M & A Land LLC, 867 Autumn Crest Drive, $227,732, single-family residence

A Plus Construction, LLC, 4925 Crown Lane, Malaga, no valuation, mobile home

A Plus Construction, LLC, 281 Terminal Ave., $14,861, accessory structure

Jeremiah L. and Jana E. Johnson, 7601 Colockum Road, Malaga, no valuation, mobile home

Lexar Homes Wenatchee, 205 Manzanita Drive, Manson, $127,699, single-family residence

Lexar Homes Wenatchee, 205 Manzanita Drive, Manson, $12,688, accessory structcure

Grette Associates, LLC, 69 Bella Lane, $52,000, dock accessory

Oct. 17

Gary and Connie Dormaier, 1890 Broadview, $301,765, single-family residence

Karen Maqueda, 1101 Monroe St., $50,000, remodel

Heliodoro Sencion, 1206 Cascade St., no valuation, backflow

Abrahan Camacho and Maria Quinones, 308 N. Western Ave., no valuation, window alterations

Newton Vision & Design, LLC, 765 American Fruit Road, no valuation, pool/spa

Newton Vision & Design, LLC, 765 American Fruit Road, $11,424, accessory structure

Complete Design, 21 Grandview Lane, Chelan, $187,278, single-family residence

Oct. 18

State of Washington, 1300 Fifth St., no valuation, monument sign

Saul and Hector Verduzzco, 1018 Yale Ave., $11,910, residential addition

Maura Garibay, 502 Ramona Ave., $14,000, retruss/re-roof existing house

Austin Bear, 1329 Springwater Ave., $10,000, interior remodel

Tim Corbaley, 40 Fox Hollow Road B, Leavenworth, $31,882, accessory dwelling unit

Borealis Builders, LLC, 159 Wyssen Lane, Leavenworth, $143,730, single-family residence

Craftncast LLC, 40 Shop Ave., Chelan, no valuation, sign

ALA Architecture, PLLC, 2031 Manson Blvd., Manson, $334,337, single-family residence

Ana M. Rosales, 3044 Flamingo St., Malaga, $25,284, accessory structure

Oct. 19

Noe A. Suarez and Maria M. Garibay, 501 Hansworth St., no valuation, backflow

Jon G. Eberle, 1532 Maple St. Unit A, no valuation, complete air handler unit

Lawrence and Marilynn Glickfeld, 1907 Northfield Place, no valuation, backflow device

Corey and Jessica Van Lith, 1695 Easy St., no valuation, pool/spa

Eric and Diana Jones, 2946 E. Richared Drive, Monitor, $231,073, single-family residence

Eastern Washington Construction Inc., 405 Ridgewood Drive, Manson, $105,546, single-family residence

Graybeal Signs, Inc., 9255 Foster Road, Cashmere, no valuation, sign

Eastern Washington Construction Inc., 505 Oakwood Drive, Manson, $100,022, single-family residence

Oct. 22

Joe and Lori Dasilva, 304½ S. Chelan Ave., $12,462, residential remodel

9917 Saunders Road LLC, 9917 Saunders Road, Peshastin, $240,000, new construction

9917 Saunders Road LLC, 9917 Saunders Road Building A, Peshastin, $240,000, new construction

9917 Saunders Road LLC, 9917 Saunders Road Building B, Peshastin, $320,000, new construction

9917 Saunders Road LLC, 9917 Saunders Road Building C, Peshastin, $300,000, new construction

9917 Saunders Road LLC, 9917 Saunders Road Building D, Peshastin, $460,000, new construction

Ras Construction, Inc., 105 Village Vista Lane, Manson, $140,977, single-family residence

Jason M. and Ashley N. Skerlong, 4255 April Drive, $54,593, accessory structure

Brian and Tracy O’Shea, 10 Whiskey Ridge Lane, Leavenworth, $27,864, accessory structure

Oct. 23

Daniel Van Polen, 24 S. Wenatchee Ave., $100,000, apartment remodel

James A. Hershey, 1828 Agate Place, no valuation, backflow device

Eider Properties LLC, 420 S. Miller St., no valuation, demolition of covered patio

Robert W. Finley, 840 Loop Ave., Manson, $22,291, accessory structure

Oct. 24

McDee’s Development Co. LLC, 30 N. Chelan Ave., no valuation, new beauty salon

Ronald Cowin Jr. et al, 308 Stevens St., no valuation, residential demolition

Fernando Guzman, 830 Yakima St., no valuation, residential demolition

Tod Gorle, 7 Stormy Vista Lane, Manson, $79,366, accessory dwelling unit

Anderson Landscaping, 10705 Fox Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, pool/spa

Blanca Mora-Garcia, 5992 Larson St., Cashmere, $174,315, single-family residence

Riise Living Trust, 11425 North Road, Leavenworth, $175,572, single-family residence

Anderson Landscaping, 10705 Fox Road, Leavenworth, $20,000, accessory structure

David and Marcia Flake, 50 Mela Lane, Manson, $49,000, dock

George E. Kenoyer, 3609 Eels Road, Cashmere, no valuation, mechanical

Shepherd’s Staff, unknown address, no valuation, mechanical

Oct. 25

Stefan Swoboda, 10597 Nibbelink Road, Peshastin, $28,896, accessory structure

Patio Pools of Chelan, LLC, 328 Quail Run Road, no valuation, pool/spa

Grette Associates, LLC, 73 Bella Lane, Manson, $123,000, dock accessory

Oct. 26

Otis Childers, 23230 Lake Wenatchee Highway, Leavenworth, $104,009, single-family residence

Oct. 29

Gary D. Bates, 1650 Lexington Place, no valuation, residential mechanical permit

Lopez Design, LLC, 4270 W. Eaglerock Drive, $187,619, single-family residence

Lopez Design, LLC, 4723 Sky Meadows Drive, $209,572 single-family residence

Carrie M. Barham, 8950 E. Leavenworth Road, Leavenworth, $18,000, accessory structure

Real Homes, 661 Homesteader Lane, Chelan, $265,674, single-family residence

Courtney M. and Dan Taylor, 192 Windy Willow Lane, Leavenworth, $42,840, single-family residence

Craig Stevenson, 5217 Upper Hedges Road, no valuation, mechanical

Oct. 30

Wenatchee Youth Baseball Inc., 1051 Cherry St., $236,790, batting cage facility

Lola C. Elliott, 1556 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, four signs

Renderfrance I LLC, 213 N. Mission St., no valuation, new wall sign

Francisco E. and Marcia J. Blas, 500 Yakima St., no valuation, residential backflow

Deryl J. King, 18851 Pine Loop South, Leavenworth, no valuation, mobile home

Columbia River Ranch LLC, 5996 Colockum Road, Malaga, $200,000, new construction

Ravenwing Ranch LLC, 145 Ravens Home Lane, Malaga, $75,000, new construction

Axelson Construction, LLC, 71 Cowin Lane, Leavenworth, $166,285, single-family residence

Richard L. Clements, 144 Columbia View Road, Chelan, $18,782, accessory structure

Oct. 31

George L. Wilder et al, 1230 McKittrick St., $5,000, office addition/loft expansion

Sandra L. Didtel, 105 N. Elliott Ave., $201,757, single-family residence

Estela Arroyo Guzman, 1333 Cashmere St., no valuation, backflow lawn sprinkler

Kelly and Onita McNair, 1624 Maiden Lane, no valuation, complete air handler unit

John W. Cochran and Mary M. Downey, 102 N. Franklin Ave., no valuation, gas piping and replacing lines

Jessica A. King, 4765 U.S. Highway 97, Peshastin, $69,548, single-family residence

Jessica A. King, 4725 U.S. Highway 97, Peshastin, $69,548, single-family residence

McClosky Family Trust c/o Virgil M. and Frances M. McClosky Trustees, 11515 McClosky Drive, Chelan, no valuation, mechanical


Douglas County

Oct. 1

Dennis and Karla Tucker, 157 Road G N.E., Coulee City, $192,000, replacement manufactured home

Jesus A. and Maria G. Depaz, 1214 Jupiter St. S.E., $220,615, single-family residence

Scott and Kelly Wehmeyer, 410 11th St. N.E., $776,052, apartment building

Oct. 2

Brad and Catherine Lyon, 294 Rimrock Way, $228,048, single-family residence

Thrifty Supply, 5528 Enterprise Drive, $500,000, additional warehouse

Dan R. and Joan L. Stanfield, 830 S. Nancy Ave., $6,000, manufactured home demolition

Star 1 LLC, 636 Valley Mall Parkway Suite 5, no valuation, one wall sign

Oct. 3

Robert Conner, 1810 Country Club Drive, no valuation, gas fireplace insert

Kevin M. Sweepe, 338 11th St. N.E., no valuation, demolition of single-family residence

Oct. 4

David A. and Jessica L. Hamack, 14 Dewie Drive, Orondo, $27,165, joint use dock

Oct. 5

James and Stephanie Flowers, 1510 Ohio St., Rock Island, $387,750, single-family residence with attached shop

Maria Christina Barros, 4720 Hurst Landing Road, Rock Island, $18,734, dock

Oct. 8

Yvonne M. Dymerski and Leslie A. Curths, 191 Ridge Road, Orondo, $261,846, single-family residence

Michele Dawn McDonald, 2371 Fancher Field Road, $1,000, gas appliance, tank and line

Oct. 9

Rent Me Storage LLC, 4977 Contractors Drive, $895, commercial wall sign

Philip A. and Deeann Keith Gregg, 441 S. Lyle Ave., $5,000, metal carport

Oct. 10

Terry H. Cozad, 15 23rd St. N.E., $24,792, addition to garage

Oct. 11

Douglas County Fire District No. 4, 13986 Highway 2, Orondo, $100,000, manufactured home

Martin P. and Amalia A. Trejo, 141 Cross St., Brewster, $261,193, single-family residence

Peter G. and Gloria J. Bova, 10 Red Tail Drive, Orondo, $53,551, garage

Oct. 12

David E. Hanson, 3021 N.W. Delcon Drive, $35,000, swimming pool

Karen D. and Darin T. Wold, 3121 10th St. N.E., $35,000, swimming pool

Linda D. Brown, 1110 Jean St. S.E., $29,080, block retaining wall

Oct. 15

Anthony W. Sands, 5 N. Nile Ave., $1,500, install egress window

John D. and Patricia K. Betzing, 828 S. Lamplight Lane, $406,613, single-family residence with detached shop

Oct. 16

Chelan County PUD No. 1, Rocky Reach Dam, $54,967, Rocky Reach fish bypass warning sings

Ousta and Michaela Jackson, 706 N. Jennifer Lane, no valuation, plumbing permit

Cascade Property Group LLC, 503 Grant Road, $1,000, doorway

D.K. Baker Holdings LLC, 520 11th St. N.E. No. 18, $5,000, replace glulam beam

Austin Everett, 230 1st St. S.E., $3,000, metal carport

Oct. 17

Karen Szebunczak, 660 N. Keller Ave, $18,398, addition to existing residence

Oct. 18

Scherry L. Stanfill, 429 Dorado Court, no valuation, plumbing permit

Oct. 19

Roland Bais and Shawna Franklin, 2480 4th St. S.E., $15,729, lean-to code violation

Oct. 22

Daniel Stanaway, 1314 Tractor Loop, $9,992, patio cover

Timberwood Homes LLC, 845 S. Lamplight Lane, $411,556, single-family residence

Timberwood Homes LLC, 857 S. Lamplight Lane, $411,556, single-family residence

Ackerman Construction Inc., 468 S. Mary Ave., $253,836, single-family residence

Harvey and Linda Buntin, 80 Barber Road, Orondo, $265,913, single-family residence

Scott A. and Jennifer L. Poirier, 36 Orchard Place, Orondo, $74,376, detached shop/garage

Oct. 23

McCue Construction Inc., 1060 S. Webb Place, $46,000, pool

Sage Homes LLC, 2245 3rd Street S.E., $188,708, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 290 S. Mystical Ave., $159,454, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 174 S. Nevada Ave., $199,490, single-family residence

Sage Homes LLC, 132 S. Nevada Ave., $221,011, single-family residence

J & K Earthworks, 5593 Nature Shore Drive, Rock Island, $2,500, building mounted sign

Oct. 24

David L. Nelson, 101 E. Marine View Drive, Orondo, $58,413, remodel/addition

Newton A. Parks, 3301 Rock Island Road, no valuation, fuel tank decommission

James B. Malloy, 190 S. Iowa Ave., no valuation, decommission oil tank

Arlen L. Willms, 1450 5th St. N.E., $26,185, manufactured home with garage

Ryan and Ashlyn Rediger, 1450 5th St. N.E., $224,457, single-family residence

Oct. 25

Timberwood Homes LLC, 818 S. Lamplight Lane, $355,496, single-family residence

Timberwood Homes LLC, 877 S. Lamplight Lane, $355,496, single-family residence

Timberwood Homes LLC, 898 S. Lamplight Lane, $317,079, single-family residence

Sarah Jicha and Thomas Hansen, 216 22nd St. N.W., $70,326, detached accessory structure

Oct. 26

Villa’s Orchards LLC, 2710 Rock Island Road, $16,393, shop lean-go

Oct. 29

Jaime Ramirez Hurtado and Maribel Perez, 2403 N. Anita Place, $9,917, detached accessory storage building

Oct. 31

Scott and Lisa Tidd, 1352 Eastmont Ave. No. 2, $2,000, replace wall with beams