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For the Record | Building permits

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Chelan County

Feb. 1

William P. Welch, 3691 Knowles Road, no valuation, mechanical

Feb. 2

SD Construction, 221 Village Drive, Manson, $149,547, single-family residence

Walmart Real Estate Business c/o Walmart Stores No. 01 2187, 2000 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, wall sign

Jeanne M. Hillyear-Hill, 107 Schafer St. Unit 5A, $13,000, interior remodel

Feb. 5

Frank A. and Kari L. Godfrey, 3124 Eagle View Drive, Malaga, $48,298, accessory structure

Britt F. Dudek, 21 N. Wenatchee Ave., $70,000, nail salon/spa buildout

William C. Shea, 401 Pearl St., $180,000, fire rebuild

Luis and Miriam Orozco, 5 Sunburst St., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Feb. 6

Jeffery A. Unger, 2116 Chiwawa Court, Leavenworth, $8,123, accessory structure

Raye Winters and Bruce Nordby, 8950 Canal Road, Leavenworth, no valuation, mechanical

Emanuel Church Bautista Wenatchee, 502 Walker Ave., no valuation, replace water line

Wenatchee Valley Clinic, 820 N. Chelan Ave., no valuation, build interior wall

Stuart D. and Sally G. Freed, 427 Douglas St., $75,000, construction of detached garage

Salvador R. Chavez, 905 S. Chelan Ave., no valuation, plumbing repairs

Feb. 7

William J. and Christina J. White, 2207 Stephanie Brooke, no valuation, elevation certificate

Feb. 8

Craig D. Herron, 1129 Amherst Ave., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Maria G. Del Rosario-Mederos, 1012 Kittitas St., no valuation, basement egress window

Feb. 9

RLH Homes LLC, 885 Autumn Crest Drive, $187,346, single-family residence

Peter D. and Karen J. Rutherford, 2105 Ione St., no valuation, windstorm roof damage

Feb. 12

Timberwood Homes LLC, 229 Burch Hollow Lane, $259,001, single-family residence

James M. Heinlein LLC, 1108 Springwater Ave., $497,025, new commercial building

Jesus Gaytan Castro, 935 Princeton Ave., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Feb. 13

Complete Design, 426 W. Rolling Hills Lane, $270,597, single-family residence

Walker Family Holdings LLC, 6 Benton St., $109,000, new storage building

Daniel Van Polen, 24 S. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, new wall sign

Renderfrance I LLC, 201 N. Mission St., no valuation, new water service line

Teresa L. and Christopher J. Orendor, 912 Okanogan Ave., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Feb. 14

Lenssen Construction LLC, 4220 West Eaglerock Drive, $54,536, accessory structure

Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc., 407 Ridgewood Drive, Manson, $122,591, single-family residence

John W. and Cheryl A. Knudson, 512 Cedar Wood Place, no valuation, gas line

Victor Nunez and Guadalupe Sanchez et al, 502 First St., no valuation, residential backflow

Feb. 15

135 Holdings LLC, 135 N. Wenatchee Ave., $75,000, basement space buildout

Apple Hospitality LLC, 1921 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, steam oven

Feb. 16

Steel Structures America, Inc., 7100 Highway 971, Chelan, $32,400, accessory structure

Boyer Mountain Door & Pool, Inc., 300 Highway 97A, Chelan, no valuation, pool/spa

TTS Land Company LLC, 139 S. Worthen St., $75,000, basement and upper floor improvements

Wenatchee Valley College, 1300 Fifth St., $105,000, locker room reconfiguration

Feb. 20

E & M Cross Holdings LLC, 847 Methow St., no valuation, front and back porch

Leo and Martha Morton Trustees, 2115 Orchard Ave., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Feb. 21

Chelan County PUD, 1476 Rock Island Dam Road, Malaga, $2,549,525, new construction

Allison Miller Architect, LLC, 15361 Highway 2, Leavenworth, $500,000, new construction

Antonio’s Landscaping Services, 2824 Highway 150, Manson, $23,000, accessory structure

Greater Wenatchee Regional Events Center Public Facilities District, 1300 Walla Walla Ave., no valuation, building-mounted sign

Geoffrey T. Ping and Asia R. Dela Cruz, 146 Easy Way, no valuation, temporary gas line at meter to building heater

Women’s Resource Center of NCW, 206 Palouse St., no valuation, roof top units

Feb. 22

Jeffrey E. Kyllo M.D. and Linda L. Kyllo, 14280 Idlewild Road, Leavenworth, $16,672, accessory structure

Prestigious Patios, LLC, 352 Karma Kanyon Drive, Chelan, no valuation, pool/spa

McCue Construction, LLC, 2780 Methow St., no valuation, pool/spa

McCue Construction, LLC, 150 Upper Joe Creek Road, Manson, no valuation, pool/spa

Pershing Developers LLC, 180 Pershing Circle, $205,298, single-family residence

Edward F. Jacoby III and Julie C. Jacoby, 1101 and 1105 Red Apple Road, no valuation, demolition of two single family residences and outbuildings

Feb. 23

Elizabeth R. Talbot, 8102 Olalla Canyon Road, Cashmere, $86,688, single-family residence

Lopez Design, LLC, 106 Pheasant Canyon Court, $264,712, single-family residence

Lopez Design, LLC, 106 Pheasant Canyon Court, $60,888, accessory structure

Triple R Construction, LLC, 19 Joshua Lane, $224,229, single-family residence

Triple R Construction, LLC, 19 Joshua Lane, $37,800, accessory structure

Syndicate Smith, LLC, 72 Alpenhof Lane, Leavenworth, $177,450, single-family residence

Walker Family Holdings LLC, 1737 N. Wenatchee Ave. Unit B and C, $30,000, modifications

Redpine LLC, 215 N. Garfield Ave., $20,000, remodel/repair and update

Pershing Developers LLC, 191 Pershing Circle, $158,667, single-family residence

Pershing Developers LLC, 199 Pershing Circle, $158,667, single-family residence

Grant and Amy Florer, 512 King St., no valuation, HVAC replacement

Feb. 26

Rookard Custom Pool, LLC, 37 Merlot Lane, Manson, no valuation, pool/spa

David and Katelin Kratsch, 367 Whispering Pines Lane, Leavenworth, $303,892, single-family residence

Albert and Jackie W. Tsang, 1450 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, sign

Britt F. Dudek, 21 N. Wenatchee Ave., no valuation, commercial sign

Pershing Developers LLC, 203 Pershing Circle, $192,335, single-family residence

Lyle M. and Maria De Arment, 1507 Fourth St., no valuation, complete airhandler unit

Feb. 27

Neal Slatta, 132 Bradshaw Lane, Leavenworth, $189,440, single-family residence

First Free Methodist Church of North America, 1601 Fifth St., no valuation, three monument signs

Feb. 28

Boyer Mountain Door & Pool, Inc., 12579 Spring St., Leavenworth, no valuation, pool/spa

Stanley and Robin Engler, 11751 North Road, Leavenworth, $187,831, single-family residence

Beazley Construction, 4210 Highway 97A, Chelan, $38,000, dock accessory

Daniel E. Hanson, 877 Autumn Crest Drive, $183,974, single-family residence

McCue Construction, LLC, 859 Autumn Crest Drive, no valuation, pool/spa

Beazley Construction, 3182 Highway 150, Manson, no valuation, plumbing

Port of Chelan County, 210 Olds Station Road, $118,860, building repairs and improvements

Port of Chelan County, 210 Olds Station Road, no valuation, mechanical repairs and improvements


Douglas County

Feb. 1

Prime Properties LLC, 374 S. Nevada Ave., $221,011, single-family residence

Eric and Julie Pierson, 938 N.E. Nordic Lane, $460,329, single-family residence and shop

Feb. 2

Mark and Amy Semmons, 811 N. Keller Ave., $175,469, single-family residence

Fasteners Properties Inc., 478 2nd St. S.E., no valuation, signs for Fasteners

Dennis Lee Henne parcel number 28260710002, Highway 17, Bridgeport, $19,467, storage building

Lyle Triston Brender, 3904 N.W. Cascade Ave., $501,061, single family residence and accessory post frame building

Feb. 6

Pacific Crest Holdings, LLC, 711 Grant Road, $667,387, new Auto Zone structure

Feb. 7

Stephen Parkhill, 114 N. Georgia Ave., $13,800, update wireless tower

Feb. 8

Salcido Enterprises LLC, 474 Highline Drive, Buildings F and G, $16,993, mechanical tenant improvements to two buildings

Kellen D. and Sarah L. Parton, 609 S. Iowa Ave., $97,008, residential addition

Feb. 9

Ronald L. and Kathleen L. Berschauer, 2760 8th St. S.E., $59,501, garage

Hiland A. and Cheri D. Hoiland, 61 S. Meadowbrook Lane, $35,000, swimming pool

Timberwood Homes LLC, 1958 Legendary Lane S.E., $249,562, single-family residence

Robert S. and Sherry L. Van Patten, 67 Corral Creek Drive, Orondo, $269,992, single-family residence

Feb. 12

Jesus Aguilar Jr., 25 S. Lee Court, $136,752, accessory dwelling

Rodney M. Webber, 1010 S. Webb Place, $60,376, garage

Hanson Home Construction LLC, 619 S. Newton Ave., $279,494, single-family residence

Feb. 13

Hanson Home Construction LLC, 644 S. Newton Ave., $262,429, single-family residence

Lange Construction LLC, 820 S. Lamplight Lane, $282,312, single-family residence

Feb. 14

Jason D. and Kyla L. Denton, 2402 Anita Place, $29,750, post-frame storage building

Russell Scott Clark, 200 Vineyard Drive, Orondo, $36,532, joint dock

Feb. 15

Washington Solutions, 349 Industrial Way, $60,000, carbon dioxide extractor and air filtration system

Steve J. and Laurie D. Stupakis, 145 W. Marine View Place, Orondo, $38,143, residential addition

Daniel M. and Leslie S. Bigos, 2810 Akamai Way, $5,000, HVAC installation

Feb. 16

Eastmont School District No. 206, 905 8th St. N.E., no valuation, fire alarm system for Eastmont Junior High School

David Diehl, 225 19th St. N.E. No. 11, $5,000, install glulam beam to allow removal of load-bearing wall

Reid Halstenrud, 1724 Country Club Drive, no valuation, two new egress windows

Doug and Kristi Brown Fox, 180 E. Marine View Drive, Orondo, $51,857, interior residential remodel

Charles D. Ostrem, 600 Entiat Place, Orondo, $270,813, single-family residence

Feb. 20

State of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, 54 Moe Road, Brewster, $12,240, lean-to enclosure

Liana Lind Howard, 426 S.E. Elva Way, $5,000, fire restoration

Feb. 21

Geraldine Samuelsen, 1379 Tedford St. S.E., $159,530, new contractor for past permit

Feb. 23

Theresa and Craig Kunz, 2515 Fancher Field Road, $35,000, swimming pool

Timothy K. and Stacy S. Goodman, 832 S. Lamplight Lane, $35,000, swimming pool

George A. and Tina O. Musgrove, 3192 Martin Place, $351,663, single-family residence

Feb. 26

Actapio Inc. FKA YJ America Inc., 207 N. United Sakura Drive, $6,534,047, Actapio Inc. data center

Thomas H. and Tawna Gill, 267 North Shore Drive, $36,376, joint-use dock

Ackerman Construction Inc., 411 S. Mason Ave., $218,453, single-family residence

Feb. 28

HCD Homes LLC, 1601 3rd St. S.E., $145,739, single-family residence

Brandon Korter, 626 12th St. N.E., $32,303, master bedroom addition

Confluence Health Foundation, 609 Highline Drive, $238,011, interior tenant improvement