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Editor’s Note | Being ready for retirement means good early planning

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Cover Story | Ready, set, save: Business owners, employees have options when it comes to being ready for retirement

Cover Story | Ready, set, save: Business owners, employees have options when it comes to being ready for retirement

Baby boomers have begun to retire — and live longer through better health care — so financing an active, satisfying post-career life has become a top priority. 

Sometimes it seems like financial planners were put on this earth to scare you.

Sit down with one and start talking about retirement and a lot of times you’re hearing how ill-prepared you are for the days you’ll no longer be receiving a pay check.

Most people in this country are not in a good position for retirement, financially. But those financial planners are there to help you change that, even if it means hitting you with some cold, scary facts.

In this edition of Business World, we share some of that doom and gloom with hard statistics on how many of us have not adequately prepared. The days of counting on a Social Security check to get us by are gone. We need to save and we need to start now.

The wide variety of options for doing so can seem confusing for both employers and employees. The various plans out there have their advantages and disadvantages.

What will work best for you?

Before tackling this complicated subject, we invited people from Business World presenting sponsor Cordell, Neher & Co., to come in and talk with us.

It quickly became clear they knew what they were talking about but we were, perhaps, a ways behind on the learning curve.

This presented a big challenge. How can we examine retirement planning in a way that is easy for our readers to understand when we’re not so understanding ourselves?

But they were patient with us and helped us craft a strategy for cutting through all the options and variables.

What resulted was a list of questions we posed to various financial planners throughout the Wenatchee Valley. We tried to cover as many scenarios as possible, from the personal to business owner perspective.

We greatly appreciate their willingness to help us with this. Maybe we only scratched the surface but the beauty is that we can always return to the subject at a later date.

30 Under 35

This year, we turned our annual 30 Under 35 honors into a public celebration. We weren’t sure what to expect but what resulted was a great and positive event that drew a big crowd at Pybus Public Market.

The early morning event included a great breakfast, lots of conversations, a keynote speaker and the presentation of the 30 Under 35 Class of 2017.

Past celebrations have been limited to the honorees and their invited guests. What we discovered this year is that there are a lot more people in the community who wanted to enjoy this event and meet these bright young people.

Next year, we’ll be doing much the same and I look forward to it.