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Chelan-Douglas Trends | Youth arrested for violent crimes

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The consequences to the victims of violent crime far exceed those of property crime.

Bodily harm, severe psychological trauma and death are the usual outcomes of events in this category. In addition, victims of violent crime are more likely to have an increased fear of and a reduced amount of trust in their fellow citizens.

Those who commit these violent crimes are often the subject of conversation throughout the community, where discussions involve questions and concerns about the psychological health of these young people and the quality of local family life. 

How are these children being raised? Is the community providing a good environment for them to be raised in?” Given the high recidivism rates, it is unfortunately likely that these young people will commit similar offenses again.

This indicator measures the number of youth ages 10-17 in Chelan and Douglas counties, both individually and combined, who are arrested for a violent crime, per 1,000 youth of the same age. Washington state and the U.S. are offered as benchmarks.

Note: Violent crimes are those crimes that fall in the following categories: robbery, rape, aggravated assault, and murder.

Where are we?

During 2015, the number of youth ages 10-17 who were arrested for a violent crime per 1,000 youth of the same age in:

Chelan and Douglas counties combined was 0.6, decreasing from 3.6 in 1995.

Washington State was 1.6, decreasing from 3.7 in 1995.

The U.S. was 1.5, decreasing from 5.2 in 1995.

— Source: State Department of Social and Health Services

The Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis is a multi-college program at Eastern Washington University. The institute, staff and students, gathered the statistical data, wrote the explanations and designed the Chelan-Douglas Trends website.