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Editor’s Note | When a need is there people are prepared to step up and help

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Cover Story | 'Good grows here': Community Foundation at root of giving in NCW

Cover Story | ‘Good grows here’: Community Foundation at root of giving in NCW

WENATCHEE — The devastating wildfire summers of 2014 and 2015 sparked generosity from across North Central Washington, the nation and the world. Donations of food, clothing, building materials and money poured into the region to help ...

There is no season of giving in North Central Washington. When the need is there, we give, no matter the season. This has been demonstrated time and again.

When wildfires destroy our neighbors’ homes, we give. When the food banks are running low, we give. And yes, when the holidays roll around, we give to make them better for others.

So, though this is the December edition of Business World and we report on the good things being done by our many nonprofits, we could do so any time of year.

Trying to get a handle on the number of nonprofits in our area and what they do is dizzying. They do this, they do that and they do everything, it seems.

There is no bigger nonprofit in North Central Washington than the Community Foundation of North Central Washington. It is like a headquarters for good deeds and it just keeps growing.

We have a feature on the foundation, how it has grown, what it does and its plans for the future.

First, however, I should acknowledge that the foundation is not, in fact, the largest nonprofit. That would be Confluence Health and its many affiliations. Thus is the challenge of reporting on nonprofits. There are so many, and many of those aren’t what you’d think of when you hear nonprofit.

The important thing is, nonprofits are vital components of our communities. They are there, in many cases, to assist those who need assistance. It is testament to who we are that they receive such outstanding and consistent support from the community.

The Wenatchee World partners with the Community Foundation each holiday season to raise money for selected nonprofits. We tell the stories of some of those beneficiaries and the good people of the Wenatchee Valley respond.

They do so quite generously, in fact, and a year later they’re back to do it again. It is inspiring and heartwarming.

And it reaffirms that we live in a special place with special people.

This being the last issue of 2017, I suppose I should find some way to wrap up the year about to end. First, it has been another great year for Business World. I appreciate all the comments I receive about this publication, good and bad. Mostly they are good. Readers seem to appreciate the positive approach we take to business news and the in-depth look we give issues each month.

And I very much appreciate the advertising support Business World receives. Without it, we could not continue. A big part of that is our presenting sponsors, whose logos you see on the bottom of the front page. They have been tremendously supportive and helpful.