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Ready or not, 2013 is here

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Having escaped the great Mayan Calendar Scare of 2012, we can look forward to 2013 with little fear of an apocalyptic ending, unless the Mayans made a rounding error. Hmm.

Anyway, most businesses began preparing for this new year long ago, despite any ominous apocalyptic warnings. They set their budgets, made decisions on capital expenses and prepared, we hope, for a successful new year.

Sometimes it’s all in how you define success. The past few years have had many businesses hoping to do as well as the previous year or simply stem the losses.

But solid signs of an economic recovery should put a little more spring in forecasting steps this year. Unemployment is down, consumer confidence is on the upswing and the innovative ways businesses have survived and thrived in the lean years should have many of them positioned well for better times.

Locally, the potentially disastrous fallout of a default on the Town Toyota Center bonds has been lifted and the city of Wenatchee’s budget seems on better, if not perfect, footing.

In this issue of Business World we turned to many leaders in the community to see what they think is in store for 2013. Mostly, they see good things ahead for the Wenatchee Valley.

Yes, there still is some trepidation about the knowns and unknowns ahead. Small business owners worry about government rules and regulations unnecessarily getting in their way. There also are concerns about federal and state governments and how they’ll eventually deal with their budget problems.

One of the big issues ahead is further implementation of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, as it’s commonly called. Businesses, health care providers, insurance agents and many more people are awaiting with varying degrees of enthusiasm or nervousness to find out exactly what the new law will mean to them.

In next month’s Business World we will make an attempt to unravel some of the mystery of that. It’s no easy task, considering the complexity of the sweeping changes coming and the political interpretations of what they will mean being bandied about.

But we’ll do our best and hope we can deliver useful information that will remove some of the mystery from the Affordable Care Act.

As we begin a new year it’s always wise to remember that even in the best of times the unknowns are always a challenge as businesses prepare for a new year.

Regardless, let’s hope we all have a successful and prosperous 2013.