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Make your goal to help others reach their goal

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As we begin another year, what do you think will be the trend of networking in 2013?

A new book, “Pendulum” by Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Dew, speaks about the transition points in our history. It explains where we have been as a society, how we got here, and where we are headed.

The rumblings of this transition from ‘Me’ values to ‘We’ values have been evident over the past decade. Once-successful business models that embraced exceptionalism and fierce competition are failing and going the way of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. These cycles influence the effectiveness of networking, too. In a ‘We’ cycle, the strength of an individual contributes to the strength of the whole. For example, when established professionals partner with newer, ‘junior’ professionals, both of the partners and the consumers each benefit from the relationship — win, win, win. Knowledge and wisdom are shared, and then blended with new ideas and innovation. This increases the value the end user receives from the relationship.”

How does all this impact you as a reader and person who wants to network? Given the hypothesis above, might I suggest that you ramp up your networking efforts this year? There is a move away from corporate structure that demands we begin to engage with others in helping each other grow our business. I see people every day who have the desire to achieve by helping others achieve.

Zig Ziglar, a renowned entrepreneur and nationally known speaker, wrote many books on how to achieve through helping others achieve. He died recently at the age of 84 but left a legacy of helping others achieve their goals, and as a result he achieved his goals. I had the rare occasion to talk with him one-on-one a few years ago. I was attending a conference on doing business by referral. He was standing by himself during a break and I walked up to him and we engaged in conversation. We talked about a few people we knew in common as a way of finding a common topic. I mention him here because the thing that struck me most about this titan of enterprise was that he was humble and completely present in our conversation, not looking around for someone else to talk to instead. We had a moment of connection as two people trying to help each other.

So, as you move into a new year, let me challenge you to find people who need your help, your expertise, who you can help. Find the joy in helping others achieve their goals and see if your goals aren’t met in a new way this year. Whether it is through your work, or personal life, you will find others drawn to you when you make it about “we” and not about “me.” Your community and your life will be more fulfilled in 2013.

Now go out and enjoy the new year … with others who need your help!

Doug Morgan is executive director of BNI Central and SE Washington along with his wife, Joyce. He can be reached online through http://www.bnicentralsewa.com or email morgans@bni.com.