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Turning heads at Pak-it-Rite

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Arlene Kaufman arranges a window display at The Garden Porch at Pak-it-Rite in downtown Wenatchee.

Pak-it-Rite, downtown Wenatchee’s gift and shipping store, offers customers some of the most tasteful and visually-interesting displays in the Wenatchee Valley.

How do they do it? Owner Adam Campbell and display coordinator Arlene Kaufman offer a few tips on crafting in-store and window displays that turn heads and bring customers through the door.

Q. What elements make for successful in-store merchandising and window displays?

A. The first priority in window and in-store displays is simplicity. Let us say that again for emphasis: Simplicity.

Second, it’s often advisable to use one or two large items, maybe even something unusual that you wouldn’t expect. That’s something you can really fiddle with depending a store’s scope and can make window displays extra-original and eye-catching.

Third, and this applies to both window and in-store, the items in a display need to relate visually (colors, shapes, sizes, etc.) and thematically.

Last but not least, since people need to see what they’re shopping for, you need good lighting.

Q. What are two or three very definite no-no’s when it comes to displays?

A. The three biggest no-no’s in any display are:

• Arranging a hodge-podge of unrelated items.

• Using very small items in window displays, which makes them hard for shoppers to see when passing.

• And layering too many items in a display, which makes it difficult for customers to focus on any one item. It also makes it logistically difficult to remove any one item.

All these discourage consumer interest, regardless of the merchandise you’re selling.

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