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Everyday Business | RadioShack to pull the plug

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Radio Shack to close
RadioShack at Wenatchee Valley Mall in East Wenatchee has announced it will close by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Oh no! Our favorite place to buy 3-to-12 volt 2500mA high-power AC adapters and 4-packs of 3A 250V 5x20mm slow-blow glass fuses is about to pull the plug.

Managers of RadioShack at Wenatchee Valley Mall in East Wenatchee announced Saturday that the 2,500-square-foot electronics-and-gizmos outlet will close this Tuesday or Wednesday (the final day hasn’t been pegged yet). Until then, you can get some great deals — 10 to 40 percent off — on gadgets and display fixtures.

“My favorite deal at the moment is the 40 percent off headphones,” said Store Manager Roselynne Ramirez. “But customers really need to take a look around the entire store — there’s some great stuff on sale.”

Including all the gear that keeps our connected lives, well, connected. You know: cords, plugs, cables, adapters, couplers, extensions and scads of other wire-y things that often cost staggering amounts of money. All discounted.

Sadly, the store’s four employees will have to search for other jobs. Associate Joceylane Cardenas has worked at the mall RadioShack for just over 20 months. She got a position there in 2015 after the Wenatchee RadioShack got the ax in a major company shuffle that closed nearly 1,800 stores. Now she’s applying for work at various places around the Wenatchee Valley.

“We got two weeks notice, so I’m really getting in gear to find another job,” said Cardenas. She said she’s applied, along with Ramirez, at Office Depot in Wenatchee — a place they can put their electronics know-how to good use. Cardenas also has plans to apply for positions at Wenatchee Valley College and Confluence Health.

Cal Hoskison, the company’s regional manager for Washington, Idaho and Montana, said higher rents are forcing RadioShack to reconsider where it locates stores. After closing hundreds of stores two years ago and selling many others to investors, “RadioShack is operating like a start-up company,” said Hoskison. “Operating lean, watching that bottom line.”

So maybe RadioShack can find a cheaper, better location for a Wenatchee Valley store? “It’s not out of the question,” said Hoskison. “It’s been brought up, but so far we have no plans for it, no action has been taken.”

The good news in all this is that RadioShack still has a presence in North Central Washington. Deep Water Electronics in Chelan is an authorized RadioShack franchise that carries lots of items with the company’s brand. Check ‘em out at 131 E. Woodin Ave. 682-4529.