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Is a SIMPLE IRA right for your business?

Do you want a simple retirement plan? A plan you can implement easily as an independent contractor or small business owner, without a lot of paperwork? A SIMPLE IRA may be the answer.

How the family and medical leave law will work

On July 5, Gov. Inslee signed into law (SSB 5975) a historic paid family and medical leave insurance program to provide employees with a portion of their wages when they need to be away from work to care for a new baby or a sick family member.

Leaders must have a vision for others to follow

As a business advisor for the last 13 years, the topic of leadership has emerged as a common thread. We all know we need to lead, but almost all of us fall short of our own expectations.

AWB’s rebranding reflects larger role

A lot has changed since the Association of Washington Business (AWB) was founded 113 years ago. Innovation has sparked new industries, many of them unimaginable even a generation ago, changing the way we live and work and drawing millions of new residents to our state. 

Rideshare service liability unclear

With the increased use of rideshare for automobile transportation by patrons of Uber and Lyft also comes the resulting increase in the number of injuries riders and pedestrians sustain from Uber and Lyft drivers. For both riders and pedestrians this raises serious questions about insurance coverage for drivers using Uber or Lyft rideshare software. 

Overtime versus compensatory time: What are the options?

Most employers know that most workers, who are paid an hourly wage and work more than 40 hours in a seven-day work week, must be paid overtime at time and one half the employee’s regular rate of pay.

Good retirement savings habits before age 40

You know you should start saving for retirement before you turn 40. What can you start doing today to make that effort more productive and to improve your chances of ending up with more retirement money, rather than less?

How much home can you afford to buy?

Does buying a home make sense for you financially? It may or may not, depending on some financial, career, and lifestyle factors. Your savings, your credit, your salary, your level of disposable income, and your housing preferences all count. 

What to do if ICE shows up

As evidenced nationwide for the past several months, dealing with immigration issues is front and center on the national agenda.

A useful year-end move to counteract capital gains.

Even though 2016 may have ended up being a subpar year for stocks, you may realize short-term capital gains. What will you do about them? You could do what many savvy investors do – you could “cash in your losses” and practice “tax-loss harvesting.” 

Small-business owners must speak up about Olympia tax talk

Raising taxes on “the wealthy” might seem like a great idea until you realize that many of the proposals coming out of the state Capitol would apply to small-business owners who don’t meet most folks’ definition of wealthy.

Being successful means knowing what you want

Many years ago I worked with a company that was struggling. No matter what happened, they were disappointed. By many people’s definition, they were immensely successful: they had close to 100 percent market share, high inventory turn rates, very solid net profits, and a positive cash flow.