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A useful year-end move to counteract capital gains.

Even though 2016 may have ended up being a subpar year for stocks, you may realize short-term capital gains. What will you do about them? You could do what many savvy investors do – you could “cash in your losses” and practice “tax-loss harvesting.” 

Small-business owners must speak up about Olympia tax talk

Raising taxes on “the wealthy” might seem like a great idea until you realize that many of the proposals coming out of the state Capitol would apply to small-business owners who don’t meet most folks’ definition of wealthy.

Being successful means knowing what you want

Many years ago I worked with a company that was struggling. No matter what happened, they were disappointed. By many people’s definition, they were immensely successful: they had close to 100 percent market share, high inventory turn rates, very solid net profits, and a positive cash flow.

Wineman’s Toast | 10 wines for $50

Editor's note: This blog post originally appeared March 8. Given that the wine selection at Grocery Outlet varies week to week, not all of the labels, vintages and prices mentioned in this article may still be available. 

What could you do with your tax refund?

About 70 percent of taxpayers receive sizable refunds from the Internal Revenue Service. Just how sizable? The average refund totals about $2,800.

New nursing home regulations affect care

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued a “broad revision” to regulations that affect the care of more than 1.4 million nursing home residents across the country including over 16,000 people in skilled nursing facilities in Washington State according to SkilledNursingFacilities.org. 

Prepare for changes to the state law regarding sick leave

Most employers are aware that the voters passed Initiative 1433 in November, increasing Washington state’s minimum wage, effective Jan. 1, 2017, to $11 an hour and establishing additional graduated minimum wage increases each year. 

Shaping up to lead others

I realized today that there are significant similarities between the tools of a good personal trainer in a fitness club and a manager or supervisor in a business.

What happens in the ‘other’ Washington matters, too

Last month, two dozen business leaders from Washington state headed to the “other” Washington to meet with our state’s congressional delegation and hear from key insiders about what to expect on everything from trade and health care to environmental and immigration policy.

New law addresses financial abuse of seniors

With more baby boomers aging into their later years, many are likely to show the effects aging. Two of the most common effects are less mobility and declining cognitive functions. This reduction in physical and mental ability make seniors more susceptible to abuse. 

A new horizon for Washington’s minimum wage

On Nov. 8, Washington voters passed Initiative 1433, which set, among other things, a new minimum wage for Washington employees of $11 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2017. 

Court restricts use of exempt wells

A recent Washington State Supreme Court ruling impacts the responsibilities of counties within the state to review permit-exempt (household) wells in connection with building permits and subdivision applications.